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Scrapbook of the Plague Year 2: Prancercising for Fitnessing in Place

Nolte: Advertising Karma Hits Corporate Media and the New York Times Calls for Bailout Look at how much the Washington Post has collapsed into a smoldering pile of fake news upon the arrival of its sugar daddy, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos… Look at the destruction far-left CNN has wrought, not only to its own shattered ratings and reputation but in places like Baltimore and Ferguson, because it’s paid through a rigged cable TV system as opposed to having to court viewers.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders police and military to kill citizens who defy coronavirus lockdown

Revolutionary aside But the bubonic plague, as noticed in London, returned in much the same form, seventeen times between 1348 and 1666. It had already visited Europe in the time of Justinian, and returned frequently between 541 and 750 AD, each time carrying away thousands and millions of those late Byzantine-Romans, and bystanders throughout and beyond the Mediterranean. We still have no vaccine, incidentally; and it is still not dead. Only Communism can approach the aggregate body count.

How the Man Who Invented Xbox Baked a 4,500-Year-Old Egyptian Sourdough Blackley’s weekend sourdough was the culmination of a year-long passion project that produced a loaf of bread not eaten for millenia. By extracting 4,500-year-old dormant yeast samples from ancient Egyptian baking vessels and reviving them in his home kitchen, Blackley and his collaborators quite literally brought history to life, and ate it.

Maverick Philosopher: Why No Talk of the EMP Threat? ‘Sheltering at home’ is no big deal with a functioning grid and all that it makes possible such as working at home and ordering goods and services online. Would it be ‘racist’ of me to suggest that the Chinese might want to destroy our gird with an electromagnetic pulse attack?

As Rest of World Deals With COVID-19 Pandemic, China Ups Ante in South China Sea – American Greatness

The implausibility of a war with China | Armed and Dangerous The PRC leadership is evil and ruthless, but it’s also cautious and historically literate and can read maps. Accordingly, the People’s Liberation Army is designed not to take territory but to hold the territory the PRC already has. Its mission is not conquest but the suppression of regional warlordism inside China itself. The capability for it to wage serious expeditionary warfare doesn’t exist, and can’t be built in the near-term future…

CNN Fails to Place One Show in Top 20 During Q1 of 2020

Are you spaced correctly? : On a walk I took yesterday (you still can’t be arrested for that in Ontario) I passed the nearest licker store (or, “liquor” as some people spell it). The line to get in was spaced, I estimate, at one Roman pace between persons. (That’s five Imperial feet.) Two policemen rode by on bicycles. The more garrulous of the pair saluted this single file, congratulating its members for, “Good spacing!” This is what it has come to, I thought. He spoke as if they were kindergarten pupils, waiting patiently for their licker in the approved way.

San Francisco Reverses Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban California has been obsessed with the environment for a long time. Gov. Gavin Newsom banned “hotels from using small single-use plastic containers for shampoo and other toiletries.” State lawmakers hope they can ban all single-use plastic by 2030.

Fact check: Did Obama administration deplete N95 mask stockpile? Our rating: True. We rate this claim TRUE because it is supported by our research. There is no indication that the Obama administration took significant steps to replenish the Strategic National Stockpile after it was depleted from repeated crises during Obama’s tenure. Calls for action came from experts at the time concerned for the country’s ability to respond to future serious pandemics. Such recommendations were, for whatever reason, not heeded.

A Man In New York Was Allegedly Hoarding And Selling Scarce Coronavirus Supplies At Extreme Prices In one case, Feldheim sold a doctor from New Jersey about 1,000 N95 masks, 2,000 sterile gowns, hundreds of hazmat gowns, and other materials for $12,000 — a 700% markup from the typical price, officials said. The doctor got into contact with Feldheim in a WhatsApp group for health care professionals. When he went to a repair shop in Irvington, New Jersey, to pick up his orders on at least two occasions, the doctor said he saw “pallets” of critical supplies. “According to the doctor, the repair shop contained enough materials, including hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes, chemical cleaning supply agents, and surgical supplies, to outfit an entire hospital,” prosecutors said.

A dive into the most popular, wildest conspiracies surrounding the Denver International Airport   If there are no lizard people, are there at least aliens? “There are no aliens,” Renteria said. “This isn’t a place where aliens can land their ship. I guess that’s what we call them. No, unfortunately. I feel like that would be against FAA regulations for anything to land beside aircraft.” And how about the Illuminati, the world’s elites? Will members bunker in the tunnels during an apocalypse?

A Large Regular: Top 5 – Changes We’ll See After the Wuhan Virus Globalism and any cause that relies on political correctness shaming will lose vast support. People have had a glimpse of what’s behind the curtain and they didn’t like what they saw. Little to no patience going forward for people who believe they have their own “truths” that need to be listened to. People who think they can “shame” others because their beliefs differ are going to become the new pariahs as it is made clear that these folks really have nothing positive to add to society.

REBELLION: ‘This Is Not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia Where You Are Asked For Your Papers!’ Says Maine Sheriff | “We will not be setting up a Police State. PERIOD,” he wrote. “The Sheriff’s Office will not purposefully go out and stop vehicles because they are on the road or stop and ask why people are out and about. To do so puts our officers at risk. This is not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia where you are asked for your papers!”

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  • ghostsniper April 4, 2020, 10:29 AM

    I keep hearing mention of people getting outside to do exercises.
    Whales do calisthentics and jog?
    Clearly not much of that stuff has been done in the first place.

    That Duterte is strange lookin, no?
    Part spider monkey, part howdy doody, 100% doofus.

  • Lance de Boyle April 4, 2020, 11:58 AM

    David Brenner M to F? Who knew?
    Eric “Pumpkin on a stick” Schiff. Mincercize.
    Jerry “The Toad” Nadler. Waddle Down the Hall with No Neck to Speak of in High-water Pants Looking Like a Perfect Schmuckfacecize
    Eric “I’ve Always Drewst Of Being ays Dreamflower girl” Swallwell. . Hey, Guys. Let’s Drag the Little Prick Down the Hall By His Jockstrapcize

    Chuck “Toilet Brush” Schumer. Toss that Rat Bastard Out the Windowcize.

  • Jack April 4, 2020, 12:01 PM

    I think she’s prancing to Werewolves of London. Too bad there isn’t one around.

  • Lance de Boyle April 4, 2020, 12:03 PM

    Just what the hell?

    Eric “I’ve always dreamt of being a flower girl at a wedding” Swallwell.
    Yeah, much funnier. Even zany.

  • bilejones April 4, 2020, 1:16 PM

    And the future that awaits.


  • PA Cat April 4, 2020, 2:58 PM

    Chuck “Toilet Brush” Schumer. Toss that Rat Bastard Out the Windowcize.

    I’m all in for the Defenestration of Progs.

  • Casey Klahn April 4, 2020, 11:18 PM

    2 weeks ago my family wrote out a lockdown plan for the viral epidemic. We haven’t had to implement the extremes of it, yet. Remember the pioneer days, when gun cabinets where unheard of? Ahem. Tonight I made 2 dinners because i hate freezing fresh meat, and before I made my Costco run yesterday I had already taken 2 venison roasts out of the freezer. This is the fattest apocalypse I’ve ever experienced.

    War with China. I mentioned it a few days ago, and while I don’t know if it’s imminent, it is at least a greater possibility than before. China is the source of this problem. Fucking evidence is leaking out now that the wet market conspiracy theory is, well, wet. Now is their moment and if they have national objectives that include expansion of their influence, that big island that starts with a “T” is looking like the hammer’s nail. Amphibious operations are one thing, but ambition is certainly another. Wars have their origin as much in passion as in rational thought.

    I have argued for 30 years that when we forget the principles of war, we do so at our own peril. Mass is the one we omit from our strategic planning. In WW II, we had 16 million military members under arms, and today we might get up to the authorized strength, under emergency executive orders, of 1 million. How many China men are under arms? 2.5 million. Which side can muster more swinging Xis in a mobilization? Which side is closer to the potential theater of operations? Which side eats rice and fish?

    The Korean War was a great test bed for how things go when the USA and friends fight the Chinese. My Brother in Law, a Vietnam and Korean Wars army veteran, was telling me the story of Tet in Korea. Tet is Chinese for raise some hell day, and we knew the calendar. The whole of American firepower was arrayed, in overlapping ranges of fire, against the valley the Chinese were forced to attack across. Ever hear of the Fourth of July? American firepower ate the Chinese hoards for lunch that day. Meat, see grinder.

    They still fought us to a draw, even though we constantly handed them their asses on the battlefield. The trouble with China is, they got more ass than you can imagine, and this is called, in military terms, Mass. Good to know your military science.

    Feeling the war vibes?

    Time to make another family plan. Particularly if you live on the West Coast.

  • Jack April 5, 2020, 6:29 AM

    Communists of all nationalities are top-o-the-line assholes and under Mao’s depravity all that the world really knew of him was his hatred, his anti-imperialism, his deep romance with Marxism and with killing his own people. With his pudgy hands bloody at home and not a whole lot of money his fat ass wasn’t much of an expansionist.

    So, how much do we know about Xi’s temperament and is he a prudent asshole? Is he your basic run-of-the-mill homeboy strong man without international bluster or is he some long lost ancestor of Genghis, or a devotee of Hitleristic expansion with a yen to risk it all on a global scale?

    The world has come to the brink of WWIII a few times since II but the threat of MAD seems to be the line that no single communist dictator has the balls to cross. Yet.

    If MAD is what it takes to keep the lid on things, it is a damned sad commentary on the state of humanity but I guess it’s better than no lid a‘tall. I hope that the POTUS can turn down the heat and still slow cook the sobs.