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Saturday Night Live in America

Over four hours of livestream coverage of the riots across America. (You can click along on the progress bar to get a quick scan of the disease that needs to be cauterized very, very soon, by any means necessary.)

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  • PA Cat August 24, 2020, 12:52 AM

    Portland rioters must have been reading Gerard’s recent post: Madame la guillotine made her appearance in Portland on Saturday night: “On Saturday, a horde of black-clad rioters marched through a Portland suburb wheeling a guillotine and shouting at the people watching in horror from their homes. When they finally arrived, guillotine in tow, at their destination in front of a police precinct, they burned American flags as they rallied around their guillotine and cheered.” FWIW, they had a toy teddy bear attached to the guillotine; hasn’t anyone told them that Bears’ Lives Matter?
    Videos at the link:

    There is no indication that these cosplay sans-culottes sang the “Ça ira,” but then it’s doubtful that any of them know either enough history or enough French to attempt it.

  • Dan Patterson August 24, 2020, 5:14 AM

    We, the few sane remaining, saw the American world begin to tilt when we were in high school. The koolkids were blowing dope behind the band room and embracing the Little Red Book, telling each other how cool it will be when someday they take over. I mean, Jesus wore sandals and drank wine, right man? That was a long time ago, but everything has a beginning and that was the beginning of this. There have been iterations of rebellion of one sort or other since those post-Woodstock, pre-Watergate days and they all seemed to have a common thread of expansion of rights and re-defining norms. Beating on cars with sticks, burning buildings, starting fights with people, and dressing for battle does not have its origin in re-defining norms or fighting oppression, not at all. Its birth is the age old cancers of envy, jealousy, and competition for authority but this time there is something new, at least new to me.

    The spark for this uprising has been feminine, the power of estrogen stirring the jabbering tribes all competing for their queen’s attention. A photograph of a young black woman early in the war is definitive. She’s standing in a street littered with debris near the hulk of a burned car, eyes closed, head reverently down and fist defiantly in the air. What the hell is she celebrating? Why does she think the destruction of the very source of security and comfort for her is a good thing? If she were aboard a ship and she were responsible for its scuttling, why would she raise her fist to honor Mao/Marx/Che/Castro as she drowned? To proclaim what to whom?

    But to ask those questions presumes a foundation of logic and reason, neither are present in enough richness to serve the young segment of our population; those philosophical underpinnings of society were discarded by previous generations despite the pointed warnings of those who saw it coming.

    There are solutions to these problems, none are easy and none are quick, but the problem will resolve one way or another. After the election, when the Wuhan Lung Shredder disappears and the tribes are ever more committed to our destruction, we can expect either a surrender to the disease of communism or a grass roots response against it.

  • Jack August 24, 2020, 9:14 AM

    Back in March a very close friend who was obese and had cancer was fine one day and in the hospital the very next for covid. He died a few days later without coming out of an induced coma.

    Since then I have heard that 3 extended family members have been diagnosed with the virus but they all had mile symptoms and all recovered quickly. Three other members of that nuclear family who share the same space, as well as other closer relatives, showed no symptoms or response at all. Other than those folks, I’ve not heard of a single swinging dick coming down with this disease and like others I’m pretty well satisfied that this entire covid thing is 99% BS and purposeful for all of us useful idiots.
    Hell, I have pulmonary fibrosis and I’ve not contracted anything, nada, zip.sh*t so hopefully after the election, this farcical virus will slowly be cured when other useful idiots take the impending shots that are certain to become available within the next 2-3 months.

    So, that problem will be solved but the sh*t storm that will surrounds this election is another thing altogether and I truly do hope that I, we, us…viz all of us who are sick of these GD communist minded thugs and their BLM buddies…will get a chance to break out our equipment, offer no excuses and place some of them, er…several thousand of them….into eternal rest or Hell, whichever lies before them, in an opening farewell to the war and misery that they desire.

    Very few things in life could be more satisfying for an old veteran to fulfill the very thing he was trained for in the first place.