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Requiems for a Dying Culture

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  • Richard December 12, 2021, 7:55 AM

    My home has never felt more of a sanctum, then during this mass-insanity. So fortunate to not have to interact with these marching morons. Breuer video skewers the Covidiots quite effectively.

  • jwm December 12, 2021, 8:03 AM

    It’s not, “What has happened” to us. It’s, “What was done” to us.
    Most people have allowed themselves to become brain-dead, and tethered to the Masters’ voices coming across their smart phones and TV sets. It’s not a lot different from the old image of the drug pusher. “C’mon, kid, take it. It’s free the first time.” >”What a cool toy! See all it can do!
    The population has been propagandized, and rendered ignorant, compliant, fat, and frightened.
    The remnant will be those who are not enthralled to media.


  • Mike Austin December 12, 2021, 8:58 AM

    My absolutely and totally scientific guess—“Trust the science!”—is that this current derangement has hit its limit. Maybe 0ne-third or so of America is infected; the rest have been well-vaccinated against such idiocy. Thus the media and government agents screech ever more loudly, tossing unenforceable threats all around. And is anybody listening? The entire apparatus of COVID is falling apart. Witness the latest “the sky is falling” nonsense about the “Omicron variant”. Here is the CDC:

    “We don’t yet know how easily it spreads, the severity of illness it causes, or how well available vaccines and medications work against it.”

    Here is the CDC page dedicated to Omicron:


    Just for laughs, count how many lies, distortions and outright contradictions you can find there. Jussie Smollet makes more sense.

    Then what does the CDC know about it? Nothing—except that no one has died from it in the USA. Yes, no one. Yet the world media scary stories go on:

    “Omicron could cause 75,000 deaths in England by end of April, say scientists.”

    And don’t forget to “trust the science.”

    Even Chicken Little would be embarrassed to make such a claim.

    So what to do? Just live your lives with the knowledge that the US is governed—if that’s the right word—by raving lunatics, wild-eyed fanatics, demented pedophiles, greasy con-men, professional grifters, mal-adjusted incompetents, and rabid ferals. The centers of this madness are Washington DC, the megacities of the East Coast, the west coast of California, and a few redoubts in Red State country such as Austin, Texas. Ignore them as best you can, and understand that their time is coming to an end—something they know very well. Plan for an increase in the shrillness coming from our “elites”, and laugh at them every time you can. Demons hate laughter.

    • gw December 12, 2021, 12:27 PM

      Mike, I want to believe you’re right. However, I’d take the “under” on the bet. I think the reaction of the American public will be underwhelming for longer than we’d like to believe. A majority of Americans remain too fearful, weak, or dependent to fight this assault on our republic.

      There’s still too much daily COVID fear-porn giving pause to resist among many average Americans. The media incessantly repeats propaganda including meaningless, out of context statistics and dreadful anecdotal stories of COVID deaths and hospitalizations. Most people still think viable alternative preventive or therapeutic treatments don’t exist, other than in the minds of crazed supporters of our ex-POTUS.

      People in power who resist publicly are attacked professionally, and, or economically damaged. Their reputations are disparaged and their families become pariahs. Others who can tolerate such attacks are often not in positions of power to affect the direction of public health policy. Public health figures like Dr. Malone or Dr. Risch at Yale are not household names.

      Further, most people still rely on their local doctors for the great majority of their healthcare choices. Many doctors, because they believe, are paid to believe, or their employers believe, will tell you get the vaccine, or get out. Debating health care protocols with a doctor is something many people are unprepared to attempt.

      When some of these signs stop, and there’s widespread public and institutional acknowledgement and action to limit the use of the vaccines; and, generally offer other feasible courses of care, that would be a marker of change for me. But. In any case, I hope you win this bet.

      • Mike Austin December 12, 2021, 3:24 PM

        I have not watched tv for 43 years, and so am immune to whatever propaganda and nonsense the media and government spew out. As for “a majority of Americans remain too fearful, weak, or dependent to fight this assault on our republic.”, well, we cannot know that. Even my belief that two-thirds of Americans are immune to the propaganda is just a guess. A man who lives in a Blue State and pays attention to both media and government will have a tendency toward pessimism and fearfulness.

        One must be careful with terms like “most people” this, and “most people” that, because we have no way of knowing much about how “most people” think and behave. The propaganda organs are so loud and so omnipresent that they drown out every other input that might lead to Reason and understanding.

        Your writing of the state of American medicine is spot on. It is getting more and more difficult to find rational medical care. I myself have no use for the absurd incompetents who run Medicare and all its iterations: B, C, D and so on. I rely upon private medical care for which I pay monthly 0ne-half of what Medicare B charges, and the work is inexpensive and fast—and no damn government interference.

        As for “hoping I win this bet”, I will. But then, I am a natural optimist. Always have been.

        • gw December 12, 2021, 3:39 PM

          Mike, some good thoughts. Do remember, though, “most people” are already vaccinated. That is a factual indicator of belief and behavior.

          • Mike Austin December 12, 2021, 3:50 PM

            If that statistic is correct—and should we trust any such claim from the government?—it really says little about where a person stands. It just says that there is a natural inclination to trust the government. But such an inclination is eroding fast. Hundreds of thousands chant “Let’s go Brandon!” after all.

            A man who gets the vaccination says nothing about how inclined that man is to get another, and another, and a booster, and so on. We can tell a vaccinated man who is our enemy: He will point out his vaccine status as a badge of honor and will attempt to humiliate any of the unvaccinated.

            Unless the unvaccinated has a big iron in his hip, as I always do.

            • gw December 12, 2021, 4:14 PM

              I’m on your side. But, do not see society doing a full pivot on this issue now.

    • James ONeil December 12, 2021, 12:39 PM

      Centers of this madness? Add every University, each and every public school, all mainstream media outlets and most corporate entities to you’re list of DC & megacities. Include those and far harder to ignore, -but, realize, it is not impossible to do so. Why yes, I’ll buy something I need or want from Amazon if I can’t get it elsewhere. I’ll reluctantly buy from Amazon but I won’t buy into Amazon.

      • Mike Austin December 12, 2021, 3:37 PM

        Not every corporation, school, university and media outlet is corrupted, though certainly most are. But that cannot be a reason for despair. We have examples of where every single media outlet, every educational structure, every corporate endeavor and every possible private behavior was closely monitored by the State and compelled to teach and say only the Official Narrative. Those examples would be the Third Reich and the USSR. How did that work out for them again?

        Universities are hot houses of perpetual immaturity and enforced infantilism. I pay them no heed. To think such institutions are important is to buy in the media mentality. It is still quite possible to attend college, ignore the nonsense, and get a firm grounding in the fundamentals of Western Civilization.

  • Tom Hyland December 12, 2021, 10:23 AM

    George Orwell found the recent invention of the flickering electronic tube to be an auspicious harbinger of evil to come. So he placed the devise throughout his novel 1984 and described its inescapable intrusion factor upon everyone’s lives. The Academy of Ideas has been delivering astute and rational observations of the world disintegrating into totalitarianism. I’ve viewed every one of their videos. This one was immediately removed from youtube because Zuckerberg’s tool is only one of the primary villains in this piece. Here’s a 12 minute video that helps illuminate the madness of what caused the “What Happened To Us” video above….

  • TN Tuxedo December 12, 2021, 11:07 AM

    “Jesus, what happened to us?”

    That’s a question generally asked, shortly after arriving at a terrible place, by people who paid absolutely no attention during the trip there.

    • Mike Austin December 12, 2021, 11:30 AM

      A worthy and perceptive comment. When someone asks, “How did we get here?”, the proper response is another question, “Where the Hell have you been?”

  • Annie Rose December 13, 2021, 6:56 AM

    The saddest thing is seeing how easily your own family is swept into the fear and compliance when out in public. So many of us have been trained by our parents from a young age to follow the rules and to be caring toward others. Even if people know they are being played, there are enough of them who will still follow along like a sheep.

    Entering into a restaurant in the deep blue Chicagolandia, I wear the required face burqa, passing tables of unmasked patrons who are eating. I then immediately rip off my mask. The masked waitress, forced to wear one, takes my order. Sometimes I get shocked stares or glares from other patrons for not wearing my mask as I wait for my food. We are all in the same small poorly ventilated place. How is it safe for them to be unmasked and eating and talking, yet unsafe for me to be sitting and waiting for my food unmasked?

    No one but me and perhaps one other awakened soul in these places sees the craziness of it all. I no longer mask up to leave a restaurant either. No one demands I mask up. The saddest thing is when a young child, who is always masked up now, sees my unmasked face. At first, their eyes light up; then they stare at me with confusion, trying to figure out perhaps why I am unmasked while their family is all masked. I hope I inspire them to rebel.

  • Dirk December 13, 2021, 7:54 AM

    The World? I manage my world, not them. Ha ha.