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On the Wrong Side of History: Via Abortions on Demand, Vasectomies, Self-Bobbitisation, Forced Sterilization of Children, Selfism, Autofornication, Autofellation. . .

. . . Pre-Adolescent Gender Mutilations, Breast-Bobbing Mangina Implants, AMA-Approved Child Sacrifice, and Other Rituals of the Post-Modern Bolshevik Bidenistas, the ProgTards Are History.

“There’s no way you could have a child now. Not with the market the way it is.”

Buh-bye. CU. Wudn’t wanna BU. Que sera, sera, whoever will be will be… but it won’t be these inverted perverts.
At this point, I’ll take that Idiocracy future even if it means I have to shotgun Brawndo and manipulate a president who is the demon seed of Mr. Mike Obama and Joe Rogan.
Even Idiocracy’s cinematic update of “Brave New Diversity World” would be preferable to the current newly-crafted “shithole country” that we live in now; a place where schools proudly display “learning opportunities” such as this on their classroom walls: And the ABCs are taught by this walking cloud of moist phlegm:
Would American Idiocracy be better than the current heroin-laced pablum being shoved down the gaping maws of “lesser breeds without the law?” Some may call me crude. Others may say I have a mind tormented by demons of a future that will never be. I say that a sane man can only have one response to today’s “America. . .” I still say. . .


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  • Mike Austin September 7, 2022, 1:57 PM

    It is not some sort of “Idiocracy” I see in our future. It is more like the Bronze Age Collapse (1200 – 1150 BC). Every major hub of what we once called Western Civilization breaks down. Most will simply vanish into the pages of History, never to be seen again upon this earth. Those few that remain will be violent, brutal, stunted, impoverished and ignorant forms of what they had been. The weak, the cowardly, the degenerate, the corpulent, the pierced, the tattooed and the gender confused will have been burned away, leaving only a mass of natural slaves ruled over by a few Agamemnons and his acolytes. If you have weapons, access to food and are used to the outdoors it might be sort of fun. You will part of the ruling class.

    At that point Christ might just throw in the towel and initiate the Second Coming. Or He might just sit back and see if His pinnacle of Creation can possibly rebuild and begin the whole damn thing again.

  • ghostsniper September 7, 2022, 2:53 PM

    What Mike sed, cept, right now it’s impossible to plan too far ahead.
    I wargame the future all the time but eventually all the forks in the road become to much to keep track of. As it is, the endtimes seems to be gaining speed with each passing year. 2 weeks from today autumn will begin, what will that season be like next year? I don’t know.

    What I do know for sure is that for the rest of my life I will need water, food, and shelter so those things are what I am concentrating on the most. The 2nd tier of focus is weapons, precious metals, tribe, and methods for keeping warm and cool depending on the season. Each succeeding tier is less important than the previous, and much larger. The bigger picture becomes more focused when it is broken down into smaller chunks.

    • Mike Austin September 7, 2022, 3:34 PM

      Men like you and me are as well prepared as we can be, taking into consideration all that we can guess about the coming unpleasantness. We also know that there will be Black Swans and “unknown unknowns”, things that appear seemingly out of nowhere and bring with them their own set of difficulties and surprises. Remain flexible, keep your head on a swivel, never let down your guard and always—always—have a firearm withing reach. And enough whiskey to get through these entertaining times.

    • Terry September 7, 2022, 8:14 PM

      My view: The first tier must include your weapons. Without weapons & weapons support items you will be unable to secure your water, food and shelter. As the situation deteriorates, raw steel material, aluminum, copper, brass/bronze & etc., will be much more valuable than any so-called precious metals. The people looking for precious metals will be sooner or later devoured by the wolves without a care whatsoever of the past value of gold, silver, platinum . . . In plainer words, fabrication metals will most likely be more precious than the shinny stuff.

      Also, a secondary weapon consideration should be something other than a firearm. Consider the ancient bow and arrow. Crossbow’s are very effective and relatively quiet. Consider a battle axe, or a heavy brush blade. Ammo for firearms may be . . . unavailable. Sharp, shiny blades (bayonets, swords, axe blades, etc.) scare the heck out of some people. Many men in this town carry battle axes on their belts (in addition to concealed carry hand gun). The battle axe is easy to learn to be effective with if practiced a bit every day.

      A bayonet deployed on an empty magazine rifle will cause a filled diaper in many adversaries. I have an old rifle stock with a piece of black painted water pipe fake barrel, with bayonet attached. The longer the bayonet the better for fear factor projection. No NWO rules for any weapons in our defensive battles. Best get trained on effective bayonet use before attempting to take on a bayonet defense trained dude. Wear gloves and acquire dexterity for doing intricate work with gloves. No Medics on our side. You will be using your personal wound kit.

  • Rob Muir September 7, 2022, 4:16 PM

    Brawndo is weak. I drink only Powerthirst, and so do my kids who run like Kenyans!

    • Jack September 8, 2022, 7:05 AM

      Well I’ll be…. I always thought africans could run fast because of centuries of DNA alterations brought about by them running from hungry lions. Who knew?

  • Steve (retired/recovering lawyer) September 8, 2022, 6:02 AM

    I am feeling a kinship with the last residents/occupants of Gobekli Tepe. After creating a pretty interesting and complex (for the time) landscape, someone says, “You know what would be really cool? Let’s leave and throw dirt all over what we spent our entire lives building! When they dig it out in a couple thousand years, they’ll go crazy trying to figure out what happened.” A helluva prank, if you have enough patience for the reveal.

    • Mike Austin September 8, 2022, 8:47 AM

      How civilizations collapse is an entire discipline of the wider studies of History and Archeology. As things go, Göbekli Tepe is a rather miniscule pile of rocks along the lines of the vastly over-rated Stonehenge. How Göbekli Tepe collapsed is irrelevant to all but the most insanely dedicated archeologists. I doubt anything worth knowing could possibly be learned from that heap of rubble.

      But the reasons for the disappearance of other societies do indeed deserve our attention. The Maya, the Olmec, the Lost City of Z, Paititi, and the Chachapoya are just a few. The reasons for the fall of the Western Roman Empire (476 – 700) still leads to fistfights at conferences dedicated to studying such things.

      Perhaps in 1000 years some archeologist will pour over the remains of our own nation. What will he conclude?

      • John A. Fleming September 8, 2022, 11:29 AM

        I find it very interesting indeed that after 800 years, somebody burned Teotihuacan to the ground, and everybody left. Some decamped to the Maya cities where Teotihuacan influence started showing up in the arts. Likewise for Angkor and the Mayan cities. Many old cities are still inhabited, but they all went through waves of conquest and the ebb and flow of fortune. I think it’s the fortune of geography that some cities persist, while others rise and fall based on a cultural flowering that runs its course.

        Which big city in the USA will be the first to fall into ruin? Detroit was in the lead, but Baltimore and Portland are trying to catch up and surpass them, with the big dogs of Chicago and New York farther back by virtue of their size alone. “There’s a great deal of ruin in a nation”, said Adam Smith. As for cities. How does a city go under? Slowly, and then suddenly.

  • Mike Austin September 8, 2022, 1:44 PM

    I should have mentioned Teotihuacan. Today remains the incomparable Pyramid of the Sun—with a base that exceeds in area the Pyramid of Cheops—the Pyramid of the Moon, and a rabbit warren of roads and ruins. We have no idea of what happened to it. In its heyday 30,000 lived there. Long before the rise of the Aztec (c.1350) it had been abandoned. By the time Moctezuma II visited Teotihuacan, its only inhabitants were wolves, snakes, scorpions and vultures.


    I have visited more Mayan ruins than most specialists, some of which took days of solo backpacking through jungles to reach. Haunting they were, and eerie. What happened to those magnificent cities?

    How does a city go under? We have examples: Nineveh, Rome, Constantinople, Babylon. More than likely our own big Democrat-run cities where blacks run rampant will be the first to go. When these urban Hellholes fall, who will mourn? Who mourned for Nineveh, the great Assyrian city of a state that controlled half of the known world? It fell in two weeks (612 BC). What Nahum wrote about the fall of Nineveh could be written about the great metropolis of Americ and about the current regime in Washington DC:

    “Nothing can heal you; your wound is fatal. All who hear the news about you clap their hands at your fall, for who has not felt your endless cruelty?”