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Rant0matic: The DipoloMad asks and answers, “The ChiCom Virus: So, What Have We Learned?”

Don’t Trust Communists

I know, I know. That is a tough one, but, please try to keep in mind that Communists lie, and they lie big, real BIGLY. Their ideology and modus operandi rely on lies. Not only that, but you will find them more than willing, giddy, in fact, to see you and your family suffer and die in pursuit–“must break eggs to make an omelet, eh, Comrade”–of their goal to remake the world. Don’t believe me? See, for example, the nonsense spewed by Cheapo-Commie AOC and her cohorts. They seem dizzy with glee over the prospect of remaking the nation on the backs of suffering workers. They don’t want the economy to restart–but AOC, of course, won’t give up her six figure salary. Look over, also, the media and see all those “liberal journalists” happy that the economy has gone into a stall; see how they portray folks who protest the stall, and want to go back to work. The Commies hate them for it, and openly cheer for the virus….

Giving Totalitarian Crazies a Precedent

Diploson number two (DS2), who’s become quite a sage in a H.L. Mencken or Eric Hoffer sort of way, said that what worried him the most about the “lockdown” by government fiat due to a “health emergency” was the precedent it set. He noted that we could easily in the next few years get some enviro-wackos in control who would declare an “environmental emergency” and shut down the economy or those portions of which they did not approve.

I think Young DS2 has grabbed onto something quite real. We already see dramatic overreach in places such as Michigan and Virginia where Governors issue all sorts of restrictive edicts of questionable legality. The Mayor of NYC has sought to establish Cuban-style neighborhood watches composed of snitches. We have seen this sort of overreach before at the Federal level with Woodrow Wilson and FDR. Now, however, we have established that the whole country can be shut down on the basis of questionable “expert” information.

Time to end this and get legislation in place to make sure this sort of overreaction does not happen again.

Off to walk my dogs.

Walk over there and RTWT:The DiploMad 2.0: The ChiCom Virus: So, What Have We Learned?

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  • jwm April 29, 2020, 7:40 PM

    ^^ Very much on point. I’m beginning to like this site a lot even though much of it is over my (only slightly better than average) head.


  • Gnawbone Jack April 30, 2020, 3:43 AM

    J-Dub, I followed your link and confess I don’t know what to think. I am one of those in the Boomer phalanx who has broken ranks, dropped out long ago, and can hardly fathom the ruins of today… thanks, I guess.

  • Chris April 30, 2020, 4:22 AM

    Not bad until you get to the part about “we must have legislation in place” the hell with that. More govt in place,as we’ve always known is a damn disaster. Look where we are now. “We must have more gallows in place” is more appropriate. Live free or die already. Carry everywhere you go at all times and prepare to engage.

  • Joe Krill April 30, 2020, 6:37 AM

    Followed the link and enjoyed the entire editorial. Thank you for posting.

  • Casey Klahn April 30, 2020, 8:09 AM

    My family and I were discussing what changes brought by the Chinese Virus would remain as part of public life going forward. For my part, I see a terrible political battle that’s already here. Sure, the dems will attempt to run against The Donald between now and November but that’s going to be a hellacious loss for them. It’ll be funny to watch, except for the corruption they’re getting ready to roll out. I hope POTUS puts it straight up their collective asses just like he does to the press when they talk egregious and stupid shit.
    However, the dem governors, mayors, bureaucrats, et al., will be harder than hell to root out. Re: the Moses riff video posted down page. Funny that. AG Barr is attempting to do the Lord’s work now and I hope he succeeds. Anyway, there will be powers evolved to the dem statists that will remain, both in law and in precedent or in reserve. Their eternal love of fucking with the people is in evidence, and they will not change that shit easily. It’ll be a dirty fight, but I am hopeful that more Americans now see the handwriting on the wall: dems are shitbirds. They must be rooted out.
    I have a feeling that pathways to online work have become revealed, and more jobs will morph that direction. Just put my brain in a GD belljar and hook me up to a mainframe. Schools may become much, much more online. Can’t mass shoot an empty classroom, can they? Teachers and their ilk will try to hold onto old brick and mortar institutions, but in my opinion their act has gotten very shabby in the last 30 years at least. My sympathies do not lie with their old ways. Free the kids.
    Healthcare will be given more attention; it’s workers mostly seen in an heroic light. Deservedly so. The masked scrubs protestors notwithstanding (those fuckers), we will uphold our american health system, I hope. Obamacare was attempted murder of our healthcare system; I hope we have the good sense to unfuck that quickly. Free the medicos.
    Not the planners and prognosticators, though. Those fuckers have lost my trust forever. Especially the UW futhermuckers whose event profile model the USA listened to, and it was a big fail. They will get off scott free for that, and that burns me up. Anyone in industry or the military who messed up that badly would be fired and then hung. Academia – what a group of idiots.
    Cops. HFS they’re taking it in the shorts right now. Barney needs to get his act together fast, and I mean we are not very happy when we see beach arrests, and mom and son in the park, etc. Church harassment (deBlasio is anti jew now, and he’s the fukking NYC mayor) by cops.
    The military looks good, except for the civilian secretaries and their same shit is spraying onto the pantlegs of the uniformed chiefs, I hate to say. But, we relied on the military through this crisis, and they looked great, as usual, doing the work of increasing safety to Americans. Especially my alma mater, the Nasty Girls. Very proud of them. (National Guard).
    The public is also looking pretty good. They are protesting and pushing back. Yes, shitbirds abound, as always, but by and large people have done their part in this. Except for the hoarders.
    China. Don’t fucking get me started there.
    I think the supply chain is still in peril right now. I’ve never been gladder that there is a freezer full of venison in the pantry.
    Take care.

  • buddhaha April 30, 2020, 3:13 PM

    Chris – Rather than “we must have legislation in place”, it should be phrased as “the legislation in place must be modified to prevent the draconian orders many governors have issued.”

    These governors are not assuming power in the usual manner of dictatorships: seizing the tv stations and executing the opposition. They are using laws passed previously, sometimes on the books since the 30’s, that allow them to declare a medical emergency and then issue decrees.

    There needs to be a solid definition of ” medical”, and the operational period without legislative recurring approval needs to be defined as a short period.

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