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Rant0matic: Brandon Tatum speaks for me, and you, and 99% of all non-thug Americans

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  • M. Murcek August 28, 2020, 12:52 PM

    The real life Meldrick Lewis, but even better!

  • Armchair Sinner August 28, 2020, 1:53 PM

    This is what’s known colloquially as “real talk, yo.” Truth has a substantive cleansing power, provided the Lie isn’t re-circling the globe already. Hopefully, voting in November can solve something, but that Lie will be like Superman trying to reverse the course of time. It’s a fantasy:


  • Jack August 28, 2020, 2:40 PM

    White folks are consoled when a black speaks up but the nogs aren’t interested and they’ll hate him for taking this stand.

  • jwm August 28, 2020, 2:45 PM


    yeah… Thing is, you can keep up on current events, see the wanton destruction of the blm riots, the violence, looting murder. You see the madness all around. And you get to that mind set where you just say, “FUCK IT. NUKE THEM ALL TO HELL.”

    So, after charging up my anger with an on-line slog through current events I got out to the bike path this morning for a short cruise. It’s ninety degrees out in the sun, and I see some guy- way younger than me, probably mid-40’s, jogging into the parking lot, sweating like a pig, and all masked up like a sheep. I stared for a few as he got closer, and before I knew it I heard myself say, “In this heat? You’re wearing that filthy face diaper in this heat? He just stared at me and nodded, yes.

    I didn’t stick around or say anything else. He was not only way younger, but way bigger than my scrawny ass could handle.
    About a mile down the path I saw a black woman out for her morning walk.

    I smiled and nodded as I passed. I always give a smile and a nod to any unmasked walker or biker. She smiled back, and said, “Have a blessed day”.

    So where was I with the ‘nuke ’em all to hell thing…?

    Well, I mean… It’s complicated, y’know?


  • I Am Who I Am August 28, 2020, 3:03 PM

    Mr. Tatum, a brother American, speaks for me.

  • MMinAR August 29, 2020, 6:36 AM

    That’s all well & good from this gentleman. I never tire of listening to proud Americans of any flavor stand up for their country. Unfortunately for every sane man of this flavor, there are 20 of the same hue that wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire.

    There’s not a doubt in the world he would be a far better neighbor that some I’ve had yet after a lifetime of negative first hand experiences I’ve had dealing with blacks, I have lived in areas where even a sighting of one is rare.

    Consequences? No crime. No home invasions. No out of control public displays in Wal-Marts. laundromats or supermarkets. Freedom to walk my neighborhoods at anytime of the night without fear of a drive by or assault. Decent schools. No riots. No looting. No BLM bullshit, that simply will not be tolerated. And generally, local leaders that are of the same beliefs as the voters, imagine that!

    Sorry, fine upstanding black man, not your fault but millions of us feel exactly the same way I do. And those that didn’t, well, looks like a lot of them are awakening to reality now.

  • MMinAR August 29, 2020, 7:24 AM

    From Francis Porretto’s great site, Bastion of Liberty,

    Father, Stepdaughter Shot In Head Over a Fender-Bender
    Steve Sinclair Stabs White Man While Yelling “Black Lives Matter”
    Jayvon Hatchett Stabs White Auto Zone Employee 7 Times
    Marquise Asomani Accused Of Shooting At Trump Supporters
    Yamiche Alcindor Implies Madison Cawthorn Is A White Supremacist.

    The steady accumulation of evidence that black racial hostility toward whites is the real “racism problem” goes almost unaddressed in the media. It’s scarcely mentioned in major public fora. And of course, the Left, which needs “the racism problem” as an excuse for its campaign to disrupt American society, likes it that way.

    All if these and more just in the last week. Black on white violent crime is almost 11x the reverse. I’m cynical I know but when I see postings of good black men calling out the others, it comes off as an effort to say, oh look, blacks really are the salt of the earth, see here, what more proof do you need?

    Here’s what I need to see. I’m sure most of us watched the striking black woman’s ad who is running in Baltimore against Mfume. Did you know they had an election just a few months ago to fill Cumming’s seat? Mfume got almost 8o% of the vote and in Baltimore County(the black vote) he got 94% When I see that 94% drop into the 60s or lower, than I believe change can happen.

    Now? Not s fookin chance,

  • Aggie August 30, 2020, 10:26 AM

    I wonder. A lot of people saying, yeah, great – it’s one guy, big deal. I say without sarcasm, it is a Big Deal. Tatum isn’t the only fed-up black person, he’s just one of the only articulate ones talkin’ – with the exception of Big Monique, and the Hodges twins, etc.

    It is a big deal. Since we’re talking about numbers, then do the same for all the looting. How many? Now, how many, total in the city? I don’t know the precise numbers, probably nobody does, but should rotten apples of a few hundred, maybe couple thousand, defame the hundreds of thousands at home, shaking their head and ducking Mr. Drive By? It’s like COVID, don’t tell me the numbers, tell be the rate within the population.

    Try to be fair-minded both ways, is all I’m saying. Trump is going to take a much bigger portion of the minority vote, both black and hispanic, and then this nightmare of multi-generational conditioning will continue unwinding. It’s already on its way – lots of red pills taken.

  • MMinAR August 30, 2020, 5:12 PM

    Aggie you’re hoping for the best, I’m simply telling you what has actually happened as recently as April in Baltimore. 94% of the black residents voted for the dem. That despite the 4 year parade of wonderful black men attesting to President Trump’s courage as well as record employment numbers for blacks. Of course if you’re not remotely concerned with getting work and are just looking for next months free weave or nails, well…80-85 IQs are also involved here.

    Free shit trumps. They were offered the deal in 64 and took it, sadly millions of whites are too.