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Rant0matic: Author Joel Hirst Observes the Coronoa Death of American Marxism

FILE UNDER: “Who Says There’s No Good News?”

“It is amusing, and sad somehow to watch the continued desperate efforts of some to regain the hard-fought and rapidly-abandoned days of American Marxism through angry Twitter videos and fiery Facebook speeches repeating their tired (and now ignored) call to revolution. “We have won the ideological battle,” they declare, knowing full well that is a lie.

“Were we really just a month ago debating how many genders there are? Replacing bathroom signs in Target Stores now shuttered and policed by beetle-men masked and with batons, in front of which lines now extend for a carton of milk or an odd roll of toilet paper? Were we really debating the ancient origins of oppression in order to single out a sorry few for vindictive retaliation in a final revenge on their success? It seems foolishness now, does it not, the rantings of the economically illiterate comfortable lying fetid and hazardous upon so great a bounty as our free-market system had given us….”

RTWT AT A Fight That Unites Us | Joel D. Hirst’s Blog

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  • Uncle Mikey April 22, 2020, 4:49 PM

    Collectivism kills, and collectivists refuse to mind their business. Obliterate them and their works