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Rant-o-Matic of the Day: Remembering the Napoleonic Obama

“Obama wasn’t just a bad general or even an atrocious one. Consciously and/or unconsciously, he was on the other side.

“Sound exaggerated? Then ask yourself this — why would a man as intelligent as Barack Obama 1. telegraph his intentions and pull-out date to the enemy, 2. not keep a decent military presence in Iraq, leaving it wide open to the nascent ISIS or similar religious maniacs and 3. give so much money to the Iranian mullahs in pursuit of a chimerical nuclear deal with a result that they are now all over the Middle East, killing as many people as possible and perpetuating the endless Syrian civil war (with literally millions of refugees), while testing ICBMs for the day when that (sort of) deal expires? And that’s leaving out the red line, the complete punting on North Korea, etc.

“I thought this was supposed to be the smartest guy in the room. Well, if you don’t like America and want to see it neutered, maybe he is.

“But our media of course will not even go near this. They would rather attack Trump for whatever — in the case of his Afghanistan speech for using it to again downplay Charlottesville. (For an example, see the tweets from NPR’s oh-so-sophisticated political editor. These people are so fixated on Trump’s non-existent racism, they probably wouldn’t have even alter their views if half their families had been wiped out on Barcelona’s La Rambla last week. It’s almost a monomania with them. Two hundred hapless loser neo-Nazis with comb-overs are more of a threat than radical Islamists who have killed 1275, wounded 932, in 179 attacks in 25 countries in July 2017 alone!)”

Trump Makes the Right Decision on Afghanistan… and Pakistan | Roger L. Simon

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  • DiogenesLamp August 22, 2017, 11:22 AM

    ““Sound exaggerated? Then ask yourself this — why would a man as intelligent as Barack Obama …”

    Because he is not intelligent. He is an affirmative action fool who was never competent at anything except talking jive. His color got him into Harvard and his color and the media got him elected to the Senate and then the Presidency.

    Barack Obama “the Color” was a symbol.

    Barack Obama “the man” was an imbecile.

  • Casey Klahn August 22, 2017, 2:19 PM

    Obama was as close to a Manchurian Candidate as we’ve ever seen. Antipathy for America explains his every move. My son , who was born 11 days before 9-11, and about 8 at the time of Obama’s inauguration, reassured me when I told him the election results meant we would give up the wars in the MidEast: “It’s okay, Dad. We’ll just have to go back after Obama and next time, we’ll bring artillery!”

    I understood Trump to say, on Monday evening, that a new strategy would begin in Afghanistan, and that it would be a war strategy. This means it would not be Bush, whose intentions were good, but I’m afraid that only a pilot would go to war without artillery and f-k things up so badly. His SecDef was also a pilot – and history will record the dismal results of their approach to the war. It means it would not be Obama, whose very name gives you a clue as to his strategic directions.

    So, I asked myself what would I do, and I am a certified armchair general, after all. I opened the map of the region again and pondered. One thing we now know painfully well is that Afghanistan is not a nation as we reckon nations; not capable of organized intent. They are an amalgamation of tribes who mostly live by 8th Century standards of behavior. You can’t rally that. So, it is very good that Trump has decided to disenfranchise the Afghanis from the strategy. I think that is no small thing.

    Look at the map, pilgrim. I noticed something on Google’s map I never have before. Open it up to the region. The whole border of Western China and the region of the Stans is a dotted line: the Chinese are disputing their borders in S and SW Asia. Another news search reveals that China is moving troops and equipment around there. The key to the region is Pakistan, India and, in my estimate: China.

    Trump has engaged China in ways reminiscent of Nixon.

    All I am saying, is give war a chance. The alternative is opening a front in Kansas City instead of Kandahar. War is a fundamental test of wills.

  • Vanderleun August 22, 2017, 6:32 PM

    “All we are say…ing… is Give War a Chance!”

    Sounds sorta snappy. Maybe if you could set it to music…


  • Snakepit Kansas August 23, 2017, 4:53 AM

    Casey, I would prefer that we not allow a war front to open in Kansas City.
    Thank you, sir!

  • Casey Klahn August 23, 2017, 9:22 AM

    Snakepit, I hope I wrote it clearly: the results of inaction or capitulation is fighting the bad guys in America. I noticed a jump in Islamist actions here after Obama essentially closed down the overseas fronts. San Bernadino, for example.

    My problem with isolationists is they never address the fallout. In war, there is withdrawal, but then the guy who maintains the initiative (your enemy) gets to do what’s called the pursuit.

    Initiative in warfare is critical. Said again for emphasis: war is a fundamental test of will.