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Putin’s Palace’s Private Pole

It’s good to be king.

The most secret and guarded facility in Russia, without exaggeration. This is not a country house, not a dacha, not a residence – this is a whole city, but rather a kingdom. It has impregnable fences, its own port, its own guards, a church, its own access control, a no-fly zone and even its own border checkpoint. It is directly a separate state within Russia. And in this state there is a single and irreplaceable king. Putin.

First, you cannot imagine the true size of this palace. Secondly, there was no sale. This is a legal illusion – a production created through several bogus deals and an active media campaign. The only real owner of this famous place from the very beginning to the present day is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. And thirdly, looking inside, you will understand that the President of Russia is mentally ill. He was obsessed with wealth and luxury.

Can you imagine the Principality of Monaco? It is a small, but still a separate country. And here is a property the size of 39 principalities of Monaco. It was built so that it could not be approached either by land, sea or air.

According to the documents , this is the largest private residential building in Russia at 190,000 square feet

Thousands of people working there are forbidden to bring even a simple mobile phone with a camera. Arriving cars are inspected at several checkpoints, with the help of mirrors and pits with video cameras, trunk racks and glove compartments are searched.

About Putin’s Navalny Palace — Дворец для Путина

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  • Anonymous January 22, 2021, 4:47 PM

    No wonder the American left is obsessed with Putin. They want to BE HIM.

  • Jewel January 22, 2021, 7:46 PM

    So how’s the rest of the far flung kulaks doing?

  • Anonymous January 22, 2021, 9:13 PM

    And yet he doesn’t hate Ethnic Russians and work day and night for their demographic replacement.

    And his country is no-longer a happy hunting ground for Bankster looting and ‘Foreign Aid’ money laundering, unlike (say) Ukraine by the various Usual Suspects.

    Putin’s main crime seems to be that he and his cronies get to do the looting instead. Rulers are always going to loot… Might as well have rulers who build cathedrals and make pilgrimages to Mount Athos in between looting and keeping Haute Horlogerie afloat.

    Not a pleasant fellow to cross, I’m sure.

  • Zaphod January 22, 2021, 9:15 PM

    Oops.. that was me.

    Something tells me that Putin knows a thing or two about the reign of Diocletian.


  • MMinAR January 23, 2021, 4:38 AM

    Yep, bad actor for sure, the latest in a loong line of them in Russia. Thief, liar…got it. No gulags though, with millions being executed and worked to death. Baby steps I guess. After our thieves and liars actually steal a presidential election, some how their thief and liar just fails to tic my Give A Fuck Meter.

    From what I can see, he’s not allowing moslims or illegals from Africa to pour into Russia and that’s worth something.

  • KC January 23, 2021, 10:34 AM

    Putin came up thru the ranks of the KGB. That should give street cred. to how ruthless he can be when he feels the need. In 2020 I read several articles speculating on his health after public appearances. Now that Trump is gone, do not be surprised to hear Putin has select his successor. His family wants him to retire.

  • ghostsniper January 23, 2021, 11:27 AM

    The american communists perceive Putin as a man with Mt McKinley size balls and uses them to his advantage and that is why they are terrified of him. When considering anything at all about the american communists you must first filter everything through the notions of a very sissified young male with every mental defect you can imagine.

  • Auntie Analogue January 23, 2021, 12:03 PM

    Let’s see: a walled-off plush chunk of real estate exclusively for the powerful surrounded by armed, vetted security up the yin-yang.

    Doesn’t happen, can’t happen, here. Right?

  • Quent January 23, 2021, 2:15 PM

    They have Putin. We have wimps, simps, Intersectional Theory and…..Biden, not to mention the dregs of the Third World. Oh, and Fourth Wave Feminism.

  • Montefrío January 23, 2021, 3:14 PM

    Didn’t agree with his politics, but for my money the most worthy politician (now retired) of recent memory was Uruguay’s Pepe Mujica, who lived as a man without delusions of grandeur or the reality thereof. Would that there were more like him! Putin has just fallen in my estimation.

  • theduchessofkitty January 23, 2021, 5:58 PM

    Gerard, do you still have that link to the video of Putin on “Sopranos” “Blue Moon” mode? I must confess… I liked it.

  • Zaphod January 23, 2021, 8:17 PM