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ProgLibIsm vs “The New Right:” Go to your left your right your left…..

Nickle in the drink machine
Honey, honey
Nickle in the drink machine
Babe, babe

Down the hatch and never stop
Gonna drink until I drop
Honey, oh, baby, mine

Go to your left
Your right, your left
Go to your left
Your right, your left

Commentor Ten on ProgLibIsm: They Hate the Church More Than They Hate Life Itself // American Digest :

Dr. Jay asked, ‘Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me’?

Maybe simplistic is a better word. Consider the facts:

1. ProgLibIsm is self-evidently psychotic. Nope, I say that not as rhetoric; it’s a plain deduction that simply observes that the left’s tenets are The Lie and appearances-centrism, hallmarks of clinical dysfunction. They postmodernistically invent reality, frame any narrative pursuant it, reject objective reality, invent new moralities, steal from others, defraud everything, project onto The Other, and morally split like crazy. No pun; they’re apparently, evidently, religiously psychotic. They’re racist, sexist abusers and they’re way inside the house. Have been for half a century, rent paid.

2. The right, being ostensible, is all but completely codependent on #1. The right simply instinctively says and does the binary, polar opposite of the left. The right does not operate from principle or position but from its own mob’s instincts and from dumb cultural inertia. The right has no idea what conservatism is and by now actually actively rejects much of the founding structural architecture, preferring a list of statism a mile long.

In no particular order:

Federal “social security” and MediCare/Aid medicine plus prescription drug plans; the nearly $1T welfare state as some permanent, arbitrary, political, “safety net” percentage of all expenditures; central schooling, the two-income household, and the resultant progressive national morality as a component of the former; a NASA fetish – which is socialism for scientists; personal income tax as “skin in the game”; untaxed corporatism and the central corporate oligarchy that studies show has nullified the individual’s voice in Congress in favor of laws actually written by its lobbyists; overt congressional graft and campaign recklessness- calling it “free speech”; central banking and the casino bank – the “investment bank” is its sanctified, pro-“capitalism” title; the holy primacy of the stock market, which really is stock buybacks and incredible Fed subsidies, along with algo trading, HTFs, and elite market access; the utter, cross-linked abyss of financial derivatives built thereon; progressive monetary policy, fractional reserve – because “there’s not enough money” – fiat reserve currency, and monetizing everything; the petro-dollar; endless foreign entanglements; militarism and military expansionism; the industrial war complex; military and war culture fetishism; veterans culture and its socialized expenses; militarized police, the surveillance state and sacrificing 4A for “safety”; and instinctively identifying about half of tax-funded public servants as HEE-roes because they wear a uniform.

There’s probably more.

3. Given this, the ultimate horror is pending: Give the ostensible right the reins of all three branches, which we have, what will they do? They’ll forget entirely the national debt and will pump markets to bursting thus beating the dollar down to a literal penny, ending it, at which time the next collapse will justly have them alone in the national crosshairs. Then they’ll rummage around looking for a leftist to blame, all the while yelling hoorah or semper fi from their rec room or their pickup truck or something while waving a weapon of some sort and shrieking about 2A.
I don’t think it’s explicitly, inherently solipsistic in the cavernous rightist echo chamber (no disrespect to our erudite and artistic host whatsoever because it generally isn’t in here), however in there it is typically poorly reasoned, historically narrow and selective, jingoistic, smug, ignorant, arrogant, defensive, and not up for correction. The right, having assumed all the reigns of power only about a year ago, will proceed to do absolutely nothing to reclaim what it never should have lost.

4. The Current Occupant is therefore an accidental gift. He is an accidental gift the likes of which the ostensible right will first squander and then never, ever, ever see again. The psycho left will now proceed to encroach and encroach and the ostensible right will chortle and point and then go order another triple bacon combo death meal with super-sized Goliath fries and the four quart gulpie, run over some vegans and a windfarm to show he really means business, and finally capitulate into a smoldering heap while the American press JFK warned everybody about – before they ignored him completely – gets out tankers of ink and starts shoveling an entire nation over. When the right finally goes extinct, which it is hellbent to do, it won’t have a single valid defense to hang around its own neck. It did this to itself.

The American right is wholly incapable of being the American right.

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  • Richard February 11, 2018, 10:21 AM

    The denouement occurred long before this moment in time. Living life in real-time now instead of an illusion.

  • Roy Lofquist February 11, 2018, 10:31 AM

    As I remember there are about 950 verses to Honey Babe. They must have looked long and hard for enough clean ones to make a video

  • Casey Klahn February 11, 2018, 10:49 AM

    Battle Cry: Okay, but I liked Battleground better. It had a hard edge for its era.

    The economy, you say? I choose not to participate in that. ‘f-eye were a politician, today, I’d slam a door on my head, and look for real work that’s honest. No to democratics. No to republicans. Hell no to libertarians. All the rest: bite me!

    This is why Trump is my man, now. We have hope that he may be able to juice the economy so well, that the government’s full time squeeze becomes impotent. Uhh – that was a lot of metaphors. Good thing I don’t write for a living.

    Carry on.

  • Fletcher Christian February 11, 2018, 11:29 AM

    Just my opinion, but of those problems I think #1 is the financial system. This started as a system whose function was to recycle people’s savings into money to build businesses with (and buy houses, also worthwhile); it’s morphed into a vast apparatus for moving numbers from one database to another and another and another and another, while keeping some of the vast amounts on each transaction – thus accumulating enormous amounts of money for the people involved while doing nothing useful whatsoever. That’s bad enough – but the slightly more recent fashion of gambling with other people’s money, keeping the proceeds when it goes well and sticking the real economy with the losses when it doesn’t, is even worse.

    A start on fixing the problem would be to require, on pain of long imprisonment, that each and every share and stock transaction be physically signed, on a piece of paper, by an identifiable, living, breathing, human and the pieces of paper to be kept in an efficient filing system for at least twenty years. There’s more, but that would be a start. The next step might be to make any new derivative instruments, of any sort, illegal.

  • Anonymous February 11, 2018, 11:35 AM

    Solipsism: The theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.

    “Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?

  • Howard Nelson February 11, 2018, 1:55 PM

    Anonymous, that was very funny – and true if the non-Dualists are correct.

    The ProgLibs, like the Muslims, have systems of logic which support their views of the world and how they should behave to be true to their beliefs. As the world does not yet correspond to their expectations, rather than question their operating principles, they force their actions upon others believing they have improved their means, which have not been, or not now been adequate.
    The Jihadists were quite successful in the past; less so now, and resistance is developing. Their infiltrations continue, overtly and covertly.

    The ProgLibs are of more recent vintage and their ‘march through the institutions’ since the 1920’s has been deep and extensive — despite military defeats in WW2.
    We, the SRS, the Self-Respecting Selves, of the West continue to lose on the battlegrounds of ideas.
    Witness the ignorance of our youth: their absence of appreciation of founding values and principles, their embrace of Socialism, opposition to free speech, infantilism, … And who are the reformers reversing this mind-slide into the sewer of stupidity?
    We, the piners and whiners for the good old days, have benched ourselves, forgetting that if we’re not playing on the court, for us, it will never be, ‘never up, never in.’

  • Howard Nelson February 12, 2018, 6:43 AM

    And if you think things will improve without superhuman (man+AI+computer) effort, read the following:
    This is a blitzkrieg against reality! Believe it or not,