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Post of the Day: “No one needs an ‘assault rifle’! No one needs ‘large capacity ammunition magazines’! Evaluate owners, legislate, restrict… confiscate!”

This just in: From Over The Transom | Western Rifle Shooters Association

I have little medical training as it is not my field, however I have probably seen more human anatomy than most doctors… not less than multiple thousands of bodies on the ground and parts of them hanging from bushes, on rocks and lodged in tree limbs. Images of 206 dead lining both sides of a makeshift airstrip in the middle of nowhere once… most killed in about 45 minutes by a tribe with weapons, against a tribe without.

I know there were that many because I walked the airstrip drinking a beer and smoking cigarettes counting them. So many bodies, some ripped to pieces by automatic weapons fire, that there was a separate pile for arms and legs not matched to the dead. The elderly… men, women, children… babies. Maddening.

Firearms and 2nd Amendment rights are a contentious and volatile issue in America… but unknown to most Americans it is a pressing issue in other countries. I have lived in and spent extended periods of time in many countries. Usually covertly in the back bush illegally in countries.

The firearm is an issue overseas, not because of the many weapons there and carnage from, but who does have them, and the general populace not having them. Denial of a basic human right… that of effective self-defense… usually against government.

“No one needs an ‘assault rifle’!” so the saying goes. “No one needs ‘large capacity ammunition magazines’!” is the mantra. “Evaluate owners, legislate, restrict… confiscate!” …is the rallying cry of ‘progressives.’ But, I have witnessed first-hand how the initial simple registration and required legal permissions gave birth to total confiscation and allowed another… in a never-ending line of corrupt, violent, brutal and repressive police states in the world… to come to fruition.

White and black living in terror daily of being arrested with impunity, jailed, starved, tortured to death and flat out killed. Children tortured and mutilated in front of their helpless parents by governments the outside world supports… in prisons built with foreign aid by countries that loathe most of the donors. If the souls of those people could speak.

When a veteran BBC cameraman, accustomed to the carnage of battle zones, vomits while filming the remains of a tortured political opponent found in a ditch, it gives you an idea of the degree of barbarism that exists there. It gives new meaning to the term “get medieval on them.”

The six-month-or-so-old baby roasted over a fire in the dark hours of the night by ‘freedom fighters’ from the same tribe they are ‘liberating.’ Done simply to terrorize and create blind obedience and have the world blame others. At first, we couldn’t understand what we were looking at… we thought it was a piece of meat until we saw the remnants of protruding bones of what remained of the appendages. No skull. We couldn’t tell the sex or whether the two-inch branch it was impaled on was forced through its anus or vagina.

This is the world I have lived in and most of those members of my Special Forces Chapter have experienced… this is the realism of the existence of the majority of people of the world.

“Can’t happen in America!?” “America has outgrown the need for firearms!?” “We have a democracy… why do you need guns, are you afraid of the police?” You would be hard pressed to find anyone in most other parts of the world that harbor those illusions. They have experienced ‘progressive.’ They have experienced ‘government.’

59 innocent souls gunned down in Las Vegas!? That happens weekly and monthly in most parts of the world and we only hear about it if the American military is involved or American citizens are threatened or killed. So much ceremony, reverence and observance of death here… but absent in most of the world. The bodies are pushed in a hole and covered… then life, or I should say, their miserable existence, continues. A good share in Africa are killed with pangas… semi-sharp machetes. Those doing the killing, usually the authorities, have plenty firearms and ammunition… but they prefer this method because it inflicts much more pain and fear…

What I know people become by their nature, how tyrants rule and what foolish, illusionary ideologies decree and eventually forcefully impose on citizens at the point of a gun, strengthens my resolve that ALL citizens must have the unfettered and unrestricted right, whether they want to possess or not… assault rifles, large capacity magazines, fully automatic weapons and whatever else is in the realm of firearms and protection. Gun laws and even confiscation will not stop it… not flooding Americans with SSRIs such as Prozac and such poisons may diminish it.

The totally subdued, abused and terrorized citizens, comprising most of the world’s people, quietly and desperately clamor for the right to defend themselves against this barbarism, violence and injustice… but they can’t ‘legally’ own firearms because they were disarmed “For the good of public safety…”

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  • Alan Potkin March 1, 2018, 2:05 PM

    Not quite so morbid, but not altogether OT…

    One of the first corporations to jump onto the anti-NRA jihad bandwagon was the First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO), which is the parent company of my friendly community bank in DeKalb IL. Of the seven states in which FNBO or its subsidiaries operate —Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas— five went for Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Seems like they may have set themselves up for a nasty consumer boycott from here in the heartland. If you are a client/customer of an FNBO affiliate, I strongly encourage you to send a note explaining your likely future banking options to Mr. Kevin Langin : the FNBO PR flack handling what really should be a major sh*tstorm. You can tell him I sent you. Next up, I’ll see how far I get talking to United Airlines’s PR flacks at their Chicago HQ.

  • Bill in Tennessee March 1, 2018, 2:26 PM

    I just hope the left gets the timing wrong and the inevitable civil war breaks out BEFORE the gun confiscation gets started. I know quite a few in my neck of the woods who would take great delight in riding us of our leftists.

  • Pony Boy March 1, 2018, 4:59 PM

    Sheesh Bill. The old ‘left versus right’ B.S. mindfuck again. And again.

    By all means. Keep them fighting each other! Don’t let them get togeher and fight US for Gods sake!

    Propaganda? You’re soaking in it.

  • Vermont Woodchuck March 1, 2018, 5:41 PM

    Well Pony Boy, it won’t be the first pissin’ match twixt these sides and I doubt it will be the last unless there is no one standing on one side or the other. This isn’t a throw down between the Donkeys and the Elephants; this is pure ideologies having he final go at it.
    There can be only one!

  • Eskyman March 2, 2018, 11:54 AM

    Like Claire Wolfe said, quite a spell ago: “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

    If I should develop a fatal disease, I’ve already decided that I’ll take at least one with me; someone needs to pay the ferryman for the crossing. As Ko-Ko says in The Mikado, “I have a little list.”