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Poet and Essayist Andy Havens is Keeping a Journal on the State of Play in Seattle

It’s worth your time to follow one family’s experience with extreme Chinese Flu measures:The Perfect Vision Plague Diaries #1 – Andy Havens

So how is humanity keeping itself busy? Well, in a move that surprised nobody, certain names for the virus became racist this week, according to the people who used those names last week (and if carving out time for character assassination during a pandemic isn’t your clue that we might be a little too dependent on racism as a tool of socio-political expediency, then please, voluntarily and aggressively self-quarantine well after the “all-clear” is issued). I could make a list of things that are closed and canceled, but the links are pretty useful, and unless this crisis ends up deleting the internet, I think the info is safe (he said with a very “hold my beer” kind of feeling in his gut). Here’s the Governor’s coronavirus page, it appears pretty comprehensive and easy to follow, and it’ll have your state-level updates (until the capital is overrun by looters and Inslee is forced into the Olympia underground, eating rats cooked over fires of slow-burning hand sanitizer) (The Republicans will blame his liberal policies for the rats being there at all)(The Democrats will note, loudly, that there is a burn ban in effect)(The actual residents of Olympia will be going back out for sushi by then)

The Perfect Vision Plague Diaries #2“ Andy Havens

Ok, so I’ve finally done it. I’ve officially made hand-sanitizer. So what? Essential oils and everything. I’m like a chuffed-up CDC mommy-blogger or something. It was more out of boredom than anything else. I mean, we have hand sanitizer, though not in “bug-out bunker” quantities. And we wash our hands. So the homemade sanitizer is something of an extra, a plague-time accouterment. We had some rubbing alcohol on hand for first aid and general utility purposes, and any family with kids has aloe in a cupboard somewhere (even in the bleak Northwest). A quick google for the alcohol-to-aloe ratio, a healthy dose of lavender oil to dull the fumes, and Bob’s yer uncle.

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  • Gordon Scott March 17, 2020, 9:34 AM

    The wife told me last night that a week ago her office had two cases of large bottles of hand sanitizer. They’ve vanished. The ones that folks have on their desks are still there, for now, although many of her coworkers will be working from home.

    She also said that the Minneapolis PD requisitioned all of the sanitizer, masks and gloves from the city’s warehouse two weeks ago. They’re not sharing.

    I have been going to various locations of a certain brand of gasoline. Well, I was, but yesterday was told to stop. But many locations are reporting theft of toilet paper and paper towels from the restrooms.

    I ordered the components to make hand sanitizer today. Yes, I could have haunted CVS waiting for the truck to arrive, and spent less, but I spent too much time in CVS anyway.

  • ghostsniper March 17, 2020, 9:58 AM

    Hand Sanitizer.
    Is that a cheap trick or what?
    A play on words?

    The white wooden handrail on the deck on the northside of our house has a light green “film” on it. Algae. Algae doesn’t like sun so it goes where there is none. It grows in the sun too, but it grows more in the not sun. Anyway, the white paint on that railing is peeling and needs to be repainted. But that algae. I could just paint right over it, who would know, right? I would know. And you would too by mid summer. So the pressure washer will be dragged out, hooked up, and I’ll spend half a day or so saturated in white and green flecked water. Then that algae will be gone and the new white paint can be applied as it should be.

    No, I don’t do hand sanitizer and never have. Don’t believe in it. Once, in a Taco Bell long ago, I saw a young employee come in from outside, walked to the hand sanitizer machine on the wall, squirted a stout load on his hands and rubbed it in then went to the trough and started assembling the grub. With those nasty sanitized hands. I walked out. Whatever was on his hands was still on them cept now it was gooey and mixed with chemicals. Tell me again why anyone would want to eat that stuff?

    Before preparing food here at the compound I always visit with that BIG and ‘spensive white ceramic contraption there along the long wall in our kitchen (Kohler Dorsey single bowl if you’re curious – go look it up) and spend a moment or two in conference with Mr Hot Water and his associate Mrs Dawn dish soap and then a thorough rinsing with hot, clean, filtered water. See, I’m kinda against unnecessary chemicals. There’s already way too many chemicals floating around out there and they are usually over used, so yeah, I go out of my way to avoid them. Inwardly I believe they damage your natural immune system.

    Long story even longer. Using hand sanitizer to replace the longer but better practice of washing the hands is just plain lazy and damaging. Next time you’re getting ready to prepare a sando for lunch consider the other things you’ll be consuming along with it, good or bad.

  • Mike Anderson March 17, 2020, 10:39 AM

    ghostsniper nailed it–hand sanitizer is no substitute for a thorough handwashing. Check out the Texas-style explanation at my blog: https://therandomtexan.wordpress.com/2020/03/17/some-wu-flu-hacks/

  • Dr. Jay March 17, 2020, 11:25 AM

    Ive noticed that situations which seem tragic to one person, may be an absolute scream to another, especially after five or six beers.

  • James ONeil March 17, 2020, 11:44 AM

    There’s hand sanitizer and there’s hand sanitizer.

    I often use vodka (the cheapest 80 proof I can get.) as a hand sanitizer when brewing beer or making mead or wine.

    Really don’t want anything to contaminate the wort or the must.

  • John Venlet March 17, 2020, 11:44 AM

    I noted early this morning, that on the teevee, the hair on fire screaming heads were practicing social distancing, i.e. each hair on fire screaming head, while on the set, was segregated from the other hair on fire screaming head, as if they were broadcasting from their own individual booth. I could not help but laugh out loud and recall the Batman movie directed by Tim Burton, wherein the newscasters in the movie each day looked more and more disheveled as the Joker kept screwing with beauty products. Hilarious!

    Locally, here in West Michigan, the two local grocery stores I visited this morning around 0845 hours, one a Meijer, the other a D&W; had customers in the stores, none wearing masks, but the stores did have some empty shelves. Not much chicken available at that time; only 2 packages at the D&W; water shelves empty, for reasons I cannot comprehend no matter how hard I try, and very limited amounts of TP and paper towels. The few folks I found pondering those empty shelves, I offered a cheery good morning, and remarked that the empty shelves were meant to condition them to the realities of the socialism propounded by the likes of Bernie Sanders and the Democratic party in general. A few folks grinned at that remark, while others silently shuffled off.

    I purchased a few shoulder blade pork steaks, a Woodpecker Birdola for my woodpecker friends, a knee brace for my 88 year old mother, some wine for my Lovely Melis, and some protein bars for my regular mid-morning snack.

    Spring is in the air, too, as the Cardinals are lustily singing their morning mating songs, accompanied by the much less melodic robins; dang robins can start singing at 4:30 in the morning some mornings, I’m not a fan; and today the sun is shining brightly, though it’s only 44 degrees.

    Wash your hands, forego the hand sanitizers as Ghostsniper suggests, get some fresh air and sun if you can, stay away from sick folk if at all possible, and don’t fall prey to the misinformed media. Refuse to participate in the stupidity running more rampant around us than the Wuhan Flusteria itself.

  • Vanderleun March 17, 2020, 12:58 PM

    No hand sanitizer. Take a lesson from the ancient greeks and put some windex on it.

  • Ga Gator March 17, 2020, 6:26 PM

    Well, well, my Kroger is out of Windex.
    Why am I not surprised.

  • Casey Klahn March 17, 2020, 11:06 PM

    It’s a Paul Bunyon tale, but when I’d go shake rattin with my dad at age four, after peeing we would wash our hands with dirt. Dad went through the Great Depression, and it was better than nothing. I still do it if I’m afield. Otherwise, I wash my hands like an OCD man, even though I’m not OCD. Because I’m a dad is why I do it.

    Empty shelves. 2 or 3 packages of beef in the beef section at Walmart. 16 feet of empty meat shelf, otherwise. Eggs: zilch. Rice: nada. Paper: fuggedabowtit. I went to Yokes down the street and they did have some beef so I bought (who thinks about whether they’re hoarding? JFuckingC that is cuckThink).

    They had eggs, so I bought. But, lots of empty shelves, as well. I had the talk with my son about the look of a military op to secure and operate supply chains in America – how they’d go down, if they ever did, and the rest. What the various distribution points were and what they each do. Power grid, same. Yes, totally extreme and I don’t expect either, but here we are with the medical infrastructure essentially federalized, or very close to it. I wonder when they’ll give that sonuvabitch back?

    We live half like preppers, anyway. Without the histrionics. Now the true preppers are laughing at the rest of us, and I am definitely laughing at libs at the gun store. Goes around: comes around. People are stupid – bone-in stupid. I love everyone like Jesus told me to, but I’m prepared to dislike anyone for very little reason. Adam showed me that.

    We took some rather old venison from the freezer, and the word is frozen meat is safe indefinitely. Tasted great from the Dutch Oven in a stew. I am too lazy and/or gimp to have prepared really closely for a well without power, but it is doable.

    Fuhk that city. Hate that damn place. Sorry for the people in it, though. Seattle has done everything in its power to attract and incorporate homeless drug addicts. My friend there in nursing says her whole hospital is now druggies and homeless indigent populations. When I lived there it was a regular hospital. Keep in mind, that damn place has to be replaced for being out of service to the paying and working families in Seattle. see? They are all fukt seven ways to Sunday. That’s the bottom line.

    I was trying to recall the day that Trump called the national emergency. It was Friday. That is a bellwether date in our lifetimes, now. Yes, it is because of the Chinese Virus (becasue CChina Plague [1910] is already taken). Yes, it is a media-liberal hypefest. Until these tards are swept from political office, in detail, we are living and loving it here in TardLand. Roll the dice.

  • Ennis March 18, 2020, 1:41 AM

    I quit reading his blog when he talked about “those idiots in Tennessee” .

    Sneering, snarky, Seasshoe is going to be diseased, starving, and homeless after his fellow Seasshoites ransacked his home to redistribute his wealth and then burned it to the ground.

    On the other side of the country the “idiots in Tennessee” will be doing just fine. They’ll be barbecuing , sipping whiskey, and having a good time. The Bernie Bro types who tried to ransack their homes are all fly bloated carcasses tied to fence posts like scarecrows with a sign that says “You loot, we shoot” around their necks.

  • Andy Havens March 18, 2020, 7:28 AM

    Deep breaths now. These are two very specific idiots, and would be the same idiots no matter where they lived. Tennessee just so happened to win that particular honor in this case:


    I could have linked in my post, but as a man who pays almost zero attention to the news, I figured that if I knew about them, everyone else did, too.

  • James ONeil March 18, 2020, 11:11 AM

    For many Casey, the well without power conversion is gonna be quick and easy. If you’ve a surface, not a submersible pump you probably have a plastic suction line running form the pump down the well casing in to the water table. Most have a foot valve at the bottom of the suction line. Cut the plastic line at the pump, vigorously push the suction line up and down a bit into the casing, the foot valve opens, closes & water pours out the top.

    The old, deep well pitcher pumps worked the same way, my grand parents had one with about 50 foot of rod running to the bottom to open and close the valve.

    I suspect you already knew and understood that but I see no harm in passing the info along just in case it may be useful to anyone else.

  • Gordon Scott March 18, 2020, 12:24 PM

    You know, hand sanitizer is kind of useful when you’re in a situation where you’re touching a lot of things in public places like sales counters. The sink and soap may be all the way across the store, and the room it’s in is locked because someone is using it.

    For that matter, if it’s one of those rooms with blow dryers, and one has to touch the doorknob to get out of the room, that hand sanitizer starts to look a bit better, doesn’t it? I’ve made and sold a ton of food to people, and I well know about washing my hands. But there are times when a squirt of the goo beats doing nothing at all.

    Kind of like how a fabric face mask is not as good as an N95 rated mask, but it’s better than nothing at all.

  • ghostsniper March 18, 2020, 6:45 PM

    What’s that old saying?, An oz of prevention is worth a lb of cure., or sumfink.

    Rule 1, Avoid public places as much as possible and most likely very few people practice this part. Seems people are attracted to others as moth to flames.
    Rule 2, I first told my young son this when he was maybe 5 and we went into a restroom at a restaurant, “I don’t care if you squirt all over the wall, floor, urinal, wherever, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. He was way too young to understand why but he was smart to understand that Dad will do the heavy lifting. I’m 6′ tall and almost ALL commercial restroom doors open IN (so they don’t swing out and hit someone walking by) and therefore have a levered soft-closing device at the top which I can easy reach and open the door with. Blow driers? Please. No. Why would any sane person want biohazard jet propelled all over their hands, clothes, and lungs? Further, to get to that drier you first had to touch some other nasty things. The faucet – twice, maybe the soap dispenser, who knows what all. In the past I have went to the restroom to clean up after eating ribs, etc., and managed to never touch anything with my bare hands. If it helps, imagine everything in the restroom is 1000 degrees and will put you in the ICU if you touch it.

    Rule 3: I have never shit in a public facility in my life and I haven’t pissed in one in at least 3 decades. It has never been an issue. The only difficulty in this is that one must learn how to be in tune with their body, and, PISS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE!!!! Let’s make a game of it, everytime you discover you are in a public place and you just HAVE to take a piss, immediately after you return home you must send 1 fat C note to PO Box ghostsniper@hell.com, Everywhere, USA In less than 6 months you will have learned a valuable lesson.

  • ghostsniper March 18, 2020, 6:53 PM

    Hit send by mistake.
    If you are too short to reach the closing device at the top of the door use a paper towel to open the door and as you swing the door open you let loose of the paper towel and it will hit the floor behind the door. In time, after enough people practice what I preached, the management will move the waste receptacle over to the door so that the used towels won’t need to be picked up from the floor. The best thing though is to just avoid the nastiest place in the building all together. When you think about it, a whole bunch of people gathering in a commercial building to group eat, piss, and shit (primal body functions) together is a pretty strange thing. If you’re over the age of 60 you probably remember a time when people rarely did that.

  • Gordon Scott March 19, 2020, 1:16 PM

    I’m six months short of sixty. I remember quite a few places that folks gather had a fancy version of a two-holer, AKA a latrine. I also remember a female former friend who would go camping with our group. The campground had been built by the CCC, although I think the bath house was a couple of decades newer. She would not poop all week.

    Of course we didn’t have nonstop flights from China then, either.