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Passages, Secret and Otherwise

Type III Propaganda Is How The Media Denies Left-Wing Terror In The West – Just like the Republicans spent years arguing over who exactly was responsible for 9/11, by keeping the base of the Right confused as to what exactly occurred after a terror attack, the Left removes the primary weakness of terror tactics: their ability to unite the opposition against the perpetrators of terror.

Sometimes, the attack is too large or too obvious for the Left to deny as terrorism. The information on social media makes it impossible sometimes to control the narrative and deny that terrorism has occurred. In that situation, Type III propaganda can still be utilized to cover for the causes of left-wing terrorism. False Definition is not applied to the act but to the person who committed the act and works by defining away left-wing motives.

Certainly, everyone is familiar with a simple pattern, wherein the media initially identifies the suspect as a white, male, right-wing, Republican NRA member. As the internet begins to organize and share screenshots of the suspect’s social media, layers eventually begin to peel away from the mainstream media dossier. The suspect usually loses the attribute “Republican-registered” first. When a long history of left-wing politics emerges out of social media, the narrative shifts to “white rage” or “toxic masculinity.” Often, the suspect’s race has to go, as it emerges that he was Hispanic, Arab, or central Asian. When the information about the suspect becomes clear, the media consensus emerges: it was the gun’s fault.

” They are nourished by upheaval and sedition without care, as poverty is easily maintained without great expense.”Sallust by Quintus Curtius: A Review – Stares at the World

On the 365th day : Essays in Idleness But it was just an election. One cannot know what will come of such things. The winner will have little control over events in his coming term. He has a character that may or may not show well in the circumstances. Trump has many personal flaws, but his innate, very American, candour and optimism are showing well so far. I suspect many who remain formally appalled by his existence are secretly rooting for him; and those genuinely appalled are afflicted with incomprehension. A year has passed, and they still can’t believe it. They still think his victory can be reversed, forgetting perhaps that he has a large and very powerful Right “base” who wouldn’t take that quietly. (And who are better armed.) They are insulated from this base in the big cities, and within the liberal media warp, where what is not compatible with their prejudices is simply not reported. Verily, Trump’s “fake media” trolling resonates with his supporters, and some of his less urbane opponents, because they believe it to be true. Also, one might add, it is true.

Liberty’s Torch: Mask Slippages Dept. I wrote, back at Eternity Road, about the phenomenon of eminent conservative figures who find abridgements of American’s€™ right to keep and bear arms perfectly acceptable. Such persons tend to share quite a few “cultural markers”€ with left-liberal enemies of American’s Second Amendment rights. They live along the coasts, usually in or near large cities. They’€™re well to do if not wealthy. They work in one of the communications trades, often as writers or opinion-mongers. And their social circles overlap heavily with their supposed ideological opponents. Such persons tend to be conservative in the original sense: i.e., the sense expressed by this lapel-button joke: Conservative — Someone who thinks nothing should be done For the first time. Such “conservatives”€ are hardly of the classical-liberal / Constitutionalist / Americanist bent. They’€™re concerned with preserving the status quo, most particularly their piece of the status quo. Their sort largely goes unarmed. If there are firearms near to them, they’€™re in the possession of the hired security guards at the apartment tower doors or the villa’€™s wrought-iron gates.

The Deadend Men | The Z Blog Conservatives keep getting up on the same horse, an image of Reagan on their shield, prepared to dash into the nearest food co-op, in the name of ordered liberty. The fact that the food co-op closed down years ago and their horse and shield are paid for by a 501(c)(3) tax shelter, supported by a billionaire oligarch, makes no difference. Even the fact that their trusty side kick, the libertarian Sancho Panza, is now hanging out on Gab, posting identitarian and Pepe memes, has had no effect on them.

When Prophecy Fails is a classic work of social psychology, from which we get the concept of cognitive dissonance. It is the study of a UFO cult in the 1950’€™s led by a charismatic named Dorothy Martin. She predicted the end of the world would occur on December 21, 1954. That did not happen, obviously. The study is about how the group handled this reality. One of their observations is that the group drew closer together and became more committed. They even began to proselytize about their beliefs being correct.

Conservatives seem to be going through something similar. They went into the final years of the Obama presidency with a narrative about how the next phase of their thing would unfold. Their “principles”€ said they needed to embrace multiculturalism, globalism and open borders. That was the future. Then Trump came along running on the exact opposite of those things. His victory was the nullification of the narrative. Instead of accepting it, they seem to be committing themselves to an renewed version of the narrative.

Kate Bennett on Twitter: “ok so hope hicks wore a tux last night to the dinner in Japan and I’m dead thx bye. https://t.co/d81waurCNO”

The Forgotten Great American Male: Who’s Your Daddy? – American Greatness Manliness or traditional masculinity, i.e., being courageous and direct, or—as the true authority on the subject, the Harvard political philosopher Harvey Mansfield, Jr., suggested in his controversial book, Manliness—being assertive, is just plain dying off. The synonym, virility, has all but disappeared from general usage. The notion that an etiquette exists wherein a man respects himself and earns the respect of others has surely dissipated, except perhaps in the fictional “Game of Thrones.”

Come on, name me a definitive act of valor you have witnessed in real life recently? Is there such a thing as self-sacrifice any longer in the “Me Generation” or its descendants? Certainly, we’ve seen some examples in the late wars. Yet the old-fashioned idea that we are here to serve others (men, women, the elderly or children) seems to have flown away.

Selfishness is the norm and the expectation nowadays. But these other, older values, used to be the themes of true manhood.

The War on Guns: Sky Whiting

Reflections on Terrorism, Dumb and Smart – American Greatness The billions of dollars in barbed wire, badges, intelligence, and policing inflicted upon America since 9/11 have neither prevented nor thwarted any plans to attack the United States with the sophistication and on the scale of 9/11. The primordial fact is, no one has tried. America’s physical vulnerability is unalterable. Inflicting simultaneous catastrophic damage on ten oil refineries, or truck bombing ten large schools, would take less planning and coordination than did 9/11. There may well be zealots who dream of such things. But translating them into reality requires a state sponsor. Since 9/11 no state has chosen to make war on America in this way. Perhaps what the American people pressed the U.S government to inflict on the Taliban in 2001 and on Saddam in 2003 helps explain why.

John Derbyshire: The New Sectionalism — Elites Don’€™t Just Hate The South, They Hate America This new sectional division is all over. Like the old one, it’s mainly whites against whites, with other races in supporting or auxiliary roles. That’s why I’ve been calling our current cultural conflict the Cold Civil War. Today’s Johnny Reb, though, is as likely to be a Minnesota machine-tool operator as an Alabama farm boy, as likely to be a computer programmer in New Jersey as a stevedore in New Orleans. The dividing line between the sections is no longer the one drawn by Mr. Mason and Mr Dixon; nowadays that line runs through every state, every town, perhaps every street in the nation.

The passions are as strong as the old sectionalist ones, though. Have you had one of those encounters with a person you didn’t know well, where it somehow emerged that you are a Trump supporter, and the other person flushed angrily, pursed her lips, perhaps said something vituperative, then turned on her heel and stormed off? I had one just the other day.

The awful thing â€” I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the tragic thing â€” is that those fomenting this new sectionalism, by for example striving to demonize, or re-demonize, figures like Robert E. Lee, are un-stitching a fabric that was sewn together, very deliberately and painstakingly, by Americans who had actually been through the Civil War.

A Master Class on Diabolical Narcissism with Rape Monster Extraordinaire, Kevin Spacey | Barnhardt Diabolical Narcissists are all about POWER, and nothing is a more diabolically satisfying manifestation of power than the commission of a heinous crime in open, plain view, knowing that no one will ever say a word. This is why Spacey, Weinstein and pretty much everyone in Hollywood, the Federal Government, and yes, the Vatican, get away with their satanic behavior in plain sight, often, like Spacey, committing sexual assaults in plain, full view of dozens of people.  I am reminded of the stories of Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd openly sexually assaulting waitresses in restaurants – it was called “waitress sandwiches”. One of the big lessons in all of this for normal, “flyover country” folk is the fact that “open secret” criminal activity is so, so very common amongst these self-styled “elite” castes.  THOUSANDS of people know and have seen with their own eyes capital crimes being committed by The Clintons.  TENS OR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people have seen with their own eyes capital crimes being committed in the financial and corporate sectors. 

Jimmy Hoffa’s Disappearance: 7 Wild Theories That Could Be True 5. Hoffa was shot with a stun gun, ground up at an ironworks, placed into a steel drum, and shipped to the Everglades, where his remains were disposed of. Some accounts note that he may have been partially digested by alligators.
6. According to Mafia chauffeur-turned-stool pigeon Marvin Elkind, Hoffa was kidnapped, killed, and then buried in the wet concrete foundation of Detroit’s Renaissance Center. Elkind noted ominously to the New York Post in 2011, “practically every union carpenter in and around the city was called in to rush the construction of wooden forms needed for pouring concrete at the Renaissance project.”
7. Hoffa was stabbed in the head with a hunting knife, placed in a steel drum, set on fire, buried, then dug up and compacted inside a car and shipped to Japan as recycled scrap metal for use in new cars. As investigative reporter Jerry Stanecki wrote noted in The New York Times, it was “the ultimate insult — a nonunion market.”

Bob Lutz: Kiss the good times goodbye     A minority of individuals may elect to have personalized modules sitting at home so they can leave their vacation stuff and the kids’ soccer gear in them. They’ll still want that convenience.

The vehicles, however, will no longer be driven by humans because in 15 to 20 years — at the latest — human-driven vehicles will be legislated off the highways.

The tipping point will come when 20 to 30 percent of vehicles are fully autonomous. Countries will look at the accident statistics and figure out that human drivers are causing 99.9 percent of the accidents.

Of course, there will be a transition period. Everyone will have five years to get their car off the road or sell it for scrap or trade it on a module.

Man Who Exchanged Fire With Texas Shooter: ‘I Was Scared To Death’ : The Two-Way : NPR “I was scared to death, I was,” a visibly shaken Willeford told the television station. “I was scared for me. I was scared for every one of them and I was scared for my own family that lived less than a block away.” Willeford said he loaded a magazine in his rifle and ran across the street without even taking the time to put on his shoes.

When he saw the suspect, identified by police as Devin Patrick Kelley, the two exchanged gunfire.

“He saw me and I saw him,” Willeford said. “I was standing behind a pickup truck for cover.”

“I know I hit him,” Willeford said. “He got into his vehicle, and he fired another couple rounds through his side window. When the window dropped, I fired another round at him again.”

Kelley was reportedly wearing tactical gear and wielding a variant of the AR-15 assault rifle.

When the gunman sped away, Willeford saw a pickup truck and quickly explained the situation to the driver, later identified as Johnnie Langendorff, and the two set off on a high-speed chase to run down the attacker.

Langendorff told KSAT that Willeford “came to my vehicle in distress with his weapon” and said “‘we need to pursue him. He just shot up the church.’ ”

Philip Mould on Twitter: “A remarkable Jacobean re-emergence after 200 years of yellowing varnish 1/2 https://t.co/yBGNGDcNd7”

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  • Casey Klahn November 7, 2017, 10:32 AM

    Seen on Twitter after the Texas atrocity: “I’m glad the hollywood actors are taking a break from raping one another so they can school us on prayer.”

    On a tech note, watch the Stephen Crowder interview of the hero who traded shots with the killer in a gosh and by golly real shootout. At 30 yards, the perp with his pistol vs the citizen with an AR-15 with a reflex sight. I can hit a bowling pin at 30 yards with a pistol, but under those circumstances it’s nearly impossible. The good guy had a carbine with a close-fighting optic – the exact right tool at the exact right place. Makes the case for the AR platform, contra the confiscator’s pap.

  • Gordon November 7, 2017, 10:48 AM

    Ann Barnhardt missed the connection between Chris Dodd, who assaulted waitresses with Ted Kennedy, and Hollywood. Guess who is chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America?

    Former senator Chris Dodd.

    One can be forgiven for not knowing. Dodd has been utterly invisible since this crisis broke.

  • Monty James November 7, 2017, 10:51 AM

    Man, Hope Hicks is quite the stunner, isn’t she?

  • ghostsniper November 7, 2017, 1:31 PM

    “…AR-15 with a reflex sight…”

    Right, the best for FAST target acquisition.
    I keep a Barska 0-6X on a quick detach mount on my best AR all the time.
    From the range bag to the mount, in less than 10 seconds, the QD Burris Fastfire III can be changed out.
    At 100 yds, the Barska can put 3 holes in paper that can be covered with the thumb in 10 seconds.
    At 100 yds, the Burris can put 3 holes in paper that can be covered with the palm in 3-5 seconds.
    The properly adjusted gas block and tuned buffer/spring helps tremendously on follow up shots.

  • John the River November 7, 2017, 6:53 PM

    It’s not “OK” to be white…
    It’s Magnificent!