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Open thread 8/21/23

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  • ghostsniper August 21, 2023, 9:06 AM

    “…the devil is more concerned with increasing the number of sins than with hiding them.”

    When the bubonic plague struck Geneva in 1530, everything was ready. They even opened a whole hospital for the plague victims. With doctors, paramedics and nurses. The traders contributed, the magistrate gave grants every month. The patients always gave money, and if one of them died alone, all the goods went to the hospital.

    But then a disaster happened: the plague was dying out, while the subsidies depended on the number of patients. There was no question of right and wrong for the Geneva hospital staff in 1530. If the plague produces money, then the plague is good. And then the doctors got organized.

    At first, they just poisoned patients to raise the mortality statistics, but they quickly realized that the statistics didn’t have to be just about mortality, but about mortality from plague. So they began to cut the boils from the bodies of the dead, dry them, grind them in a mortar and give them to other patients as medicine. Then they started dusting clothes, handkerchiefs and garters. But somehow the plague continued to abate. Apparently, the dried buboes didn’t work well. Doctors went into town and spread bubonic powder on door handles at night, selecting those homes where they could then profit. As an eyewitness wrote on these events, “this remained hidden for some time, but the devil is more concerned with increasing the number of sins than with hiding them.”

    In short, one of the doctors became so impudent and lazy that he decided not to wander the city at night, but simply threw a bundle of dust into the crowd during the day. The stench rose to the sky and one of the girls, who by a lucky chance had recently come out of that hospital, recognized| what that smell was.

    The doctor was tied up and placed in the good hands of competent “craftsmen.” They tried to get as much information from him as possible. However, the execution lasted several days. The ingenious hypocrites were tied to poles on wagons and carried around the city. At each intersection the executioners used red-hot tongs to tear off pieces of meat. They were then taken to the public square, beheaded and quartered, and the pieces were taken to all the districts of Geneva.

    The only exception was the hospital director’s son, who did not take part in the trial but blurted out that he knew how to make potions and how to prepare the powder without fear of contamination. He was simply beheaded “to prevent the spread of evil”.

    Apparently the Geneva doctors didn’t initially understand that excess mortality statistics would give them away either.

    It is said that Bonivard’s work is not well-regarded by historians. I have no doubt that is the case. But that does not mean that it does not provide a faithful and true account of the events it relates. What historians believe to be credible is often a very false and unreliable metric. The abhorrent behavior of the sixteenth-century Geneva doctors is much easier to believe in the immediate aftermath of the Covid pandemic and the mass vaxxassinations of their twenty-first-century counterparts.

    And it’s interesting to see how the hospital bureaucrats were in on the murderous Geneva scheme too.

    • GWBnyc August 21, 2023, 3:55 PM

      “…the devil is more concerned with increasing the number of sins than with hiding them.”

      -and Hell ain’t half full.

  • Casey Klahn August 21, 2023, 9:24 AM

    To those following: the Gray Fire near Spokane has, for all intents and purposes, stopped expanding, and the weather and wind are cooperating. The route from Seattle to Spokane, which is Interstate 90, had an epic-long detour through numerous small farming towns, and I’d say it added North of 2 hours to anyone’s travel, has been reduced to a much shorter detour, and crews are working today to remove 30 downed trees hazarding the freeway. Two fatalities from the fire, but the size of the fire and the devastation to one city are similar in impact to the Paradise fire, and the management problems I witnessed had me thinking of the Lahaina mismanagement the whole time.

    My internet is back on, the rains are coming, we feel our daughter is safe in the fire area – the worst is over. Thanks for those who were praying and showing concern her on AD.

    • DT August 21, 2023, 3:24 PM

      I’m only a few hundred miles south of you but 1000 miles north of the main storm – we’re getting hit in spite of the distance. If you get the rain we’ve been getting (new records set), the fire should be close to finished. Bad stuff – I was a wildland FF for a number of years. Hard for some people to imagine just how difficult containing such a fire can be. Glad to hear you and yours escaped the worst.

  • ghostsniper August 21, 2023, 11:12 AM


    “Good faith people are willing to be corrected because the Truth is important; not so the liars of course (they know they are wrong) or the ideologues. So the ideologues therefore don’t act in good faith, though they think they do.” — Truman Verdun


  • Anne August 21, 2023, 9:17 PM

    Glad to hear things have calmed down over there and DD is safe! Now, you on the other hand would probably be well served by a good night’s rest!

  • ghostsniper August 22, 2023, 7:08 AM

    Well isn’t that special?
    Apparently the red bearded hillbilly singer is fake and believes diversity is our strength.



    Are they actually faking the non-ticket takers now?

    Promoted algorithm boosted “based” red beard hillbilly song guy was faking his accent and says diversity is our strength.

    Never forget that it’s strategic doctrine for a certain group to always seek to control the opposition. And it’s also customary for that controlled opposition to use apparent euphemisms in the place of direct and more commonly-used labels. Hence “great architect” and “rich men north of Richmond” and so forth.

    Now, I don’t have an opinion on whatever the guy’s name is because a) I don’t listen to country music, b) I purposefully avoid whatever the latest conservative enthusiasm is because it’s usually stupid, insipid, or fake, and c) absolutely nothing is going to save the United States, not a politician, not a law, and definitely not a singer. Not even the Second Coming will save a state that is no longer a nation.

    Anyhow, it appears that Big Bear continues to bat 1.000. The lesson, as always, is this: everything viral is manufactured. Everything. Nothing goes viral in the mainstream without preparation, authorization, and approval.

    From SG: Will you retards learn from this or will you ONCE AGAIN fall for the next obvious ticket taker that says some mildly true things? I’m gonna guess the second thing.


  • jwm August 22, 2023, 7:27 AM

    My list of trusted sources gets smaller each day. Somehow, Vox keeps rising in the cue, while one after another gets the axe. Nobody out there is flawless, but I trust Vox with all his flaws over most all of the rest of them anymore.


    • ghostsniper August 22, 2023, 9:02 AM

      Until he gets on one of those “rants”, then I want to kick him on his ass.

      • jwm August 22, 2023, 3:18 PM

        His boomer rants are 90+% shtick. He loves to troll the F out of us, but I don’t take it seriously. Trolling his fanbois is a hobby for him. I’ve had a few exchanges re the Lost Era stuff, on Arkhaven, and others back from the Sad Puppies episode trolling the F out of SFWA. He’s always been a great guy to deal with.


  • Anne August 22, 2023, 9:38 AM

    Continuing the conversation about kitchens here are some thoughts regarding the design of kitchens. Check out Sippican Cottage today!

    • ghostsniper August 22, 2023, 12:41 PM

      He actually hits on some good points.
      Maybe I’ll expand on this later.
      Problem is, I have been doing this so long that I don’t know if I can unravel it so that I can write so that others might understand.

      Suffice to say, that in the early 80’s I saw a trend approaching where everything was being “opened up” to the point where the separate kitchen-dining-living room became the “Great Room Concept” – one big room with a variety of subliminal means (flooring types and ceiling conditions) that defined the various areas of the larger space. Yes, I said space. I’ve never felt comfortable designing from that perspective as it seemed fake, or put on. I do my best when I am able to be me. Too much wasted effort pretending to be someone else – exhausting really.

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