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Open thread 5/15/23

I took this photo of Gerard fooling around:

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  • Joe Krill May 15, 2023, 10:16 AM

    Is this a subliminal question?

  • ghostsniper May 15, 2023, 11:49 AM

    But an election contest between RFK, Jr. and Donald Trump would be a most salutary exercise for our country. Both of them want to dismantle the overgrown surveillance apparatus and severely reform the agencies under the executive branch. That is, they are both intent on disarming the security state and the Censorship Industrial Complex it spawned. They are both against the stupid Neo-con wars. Trump versus RFK, Jr. would bring the people of this country together and refocus the nation’s attention on things that matter. It would also be the Baby Boomers’ last stand.


    • DT May 15, 2023, 4:25 PM

      Do you really think either of them would remain alive if by some weird circumstance, either won the election? I’m not sure either will be alive before the election if they get nominated. Be interesting to see the VP candidates if we do have a 2024 election.

      I still think Mike Obama will be the D candidate – and “winner” … but if the Ds should lose, they won’t go down simply because of election results; it will come down to ugly.

      I wonder what J6 2025 will look like if it’s the Ds protesting the electoral count.

      It sure seems like it’s going to be an interesting 9 months or so.

      Don’t forget that neither Joe nor Nancy (nor a few other) are Baby Boomers.

  • ghostsniper May 15, 2023, 5:40 PM

    “I wonder what J6 2025 will look like if it’s the Ds protesting the electoral count.”
    One more thing I get to fantasize about.

  • Anne May 15, 2023, 8:55 PM

    You folks, are still working under the assumption that the “new voting machines” will be honest.

    • DT May 16, 2023, 3:34 PM

      Honest? Of course they’re honest. As honest as the FBI. As honest as ol’ Joe himself. And he’s the President – honest by definition. Congress wouldn’t have certified the election if it hadn’t been honest.

  • ghostsniper May 16, 2023, 6:48 AM

    A big rig just now (9:30am) went up the road with a lead vehicle.
    The rig had one of them premanufactured 1 car garages on it.
    Must have been 12′ wide by at least 24′ long.
    Ripping up tree branches along the road.
    I wonder how many illegal (criminal) aliens can be housed in that thing?

    Yeah, that’s a thing, in case you haven’t been paying attention.
    You should be watching this place everyday, if you know what’s good for you.

  • jwm May 16, 2023, 9:49 AM

    I agree with the sentiment in the photo.
    Stop go. Don’t let go go. Get go gone.


  • Casey Klahn May 16, 2023, 7:32 PM

    Maybe it’s just fresh meat for my political news biases, but I did like today’s news of MTG filing articles of impeachment against Wray, at the FBI. It’s a good start, unless they spill his legal blood and then that satiates DC when instead a complete disbanding of the Federal Bureau of Intrigue would be more on target.

    Trump promises to release the Kennedy Assassination files if he gets elected. I have slept through most of the Kennedy conspiracies all my life, but I don’t think there’s a man on Earth that doesn’t want to see that shit. Charles wants to see it. Putin and Xi want to see it. Everybody wants to, and when it does come out, heads at the CIA will quit literally explode from the sunlight hitting them.

    I wish the CIA and the FBI all the best, and just love them to bits. Those are some nice agencies they’ve got there, and it’d be too bad if something were to happen to them all officially and legally-like.

    Cue Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower…

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