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Open thread 5/10/23

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  • ghostsniper May 10, 2023, 8:37 AM

    DHS essentially planned out government-funded instruction videos for creating a modern Stasi class where citizens are encouraged to report on one another – even when no laws have been broken.


  • Casey Klahn May 10, 2023, 11:47 AM

    Gladys Kravitz better keep her beaky nose to herself.

    I don’t think most people would believe this Nazistyle reportage on your neighbors if we hadn’t lived through the plandemic first. Now, one can see it’s plainly obvious. I wonder if there’s a nose-profile card that describes what a raysist looks like? You know they did that in 1930’s Germany; you ratted out your neighbor for being Jewish if their looks matched a little propaganda pamphlet with nose profiles in it.

    Again, I polish off the tried and true invective: Kiss My Ass.

    • ghostsniper May 10, 2023, 12:35 PM

      I’ve heard that delivery drivers of every sort have been told the same thing – “See something, Say something.”

      A country of snitches, find themselves gutted in rural road ditches.
      Burning like lava from gallons of diesel, next to a sign saying, “Death to all Weasels!”
      –gs, 2099

  • DT May 10, 2023, 3:54 PM

    “even when no laws have been broken”
    I doubt that anyone can get through a day without breaking some law or another. And if some damned bureaucrat finds something NOT against the law, a new “regulation” will soon be in place.

    A bureaucrat lives in fear that someone, someplace is doing something not regulated.

    Before the lawyers – get the secretaries.

  • ghostsniper May 10, 2023, 5:43 PM

    25 years, for taking out the trash
    The noose is tightening.

    The prosecution requested a sentence of at least 25 years in prison, highlighting a stream of racist and inflammatory social media posts Perry wrote prior to the shooting. Prosecutors also said the defense’s own analysis of his mental disorders and mindset showed he was a “loaded gun ready to go off.”


  • Casey Klahn May 10, 2023, 9:52 PM

    I figured out how to secure my online activities once and for all. You all use Norton and VPNs and such. That’s for rotters. I’m going to hire the one guy whose laptop and cyber security are guaranteed by the DOJ, the NSA, and the FBI: Hunter Biden. Hunter will secure your laptop like no one else can, and the threat matrix you fear will dissolve before your eyes.

    Be safe online. Go with Hunter Biden laptop security. His motto: “What Laptop?’

  • John A. Fleming May 10, 2023, 11:43 PM

    I used to think “how much damage can a corrupt but feeble president do?” It turns out an awful lot. This is a pretty solid demonstration of what very bad leadership looks like. This is not a case of ineffective leadership caused by enfeeblement. This is much worse. He’s corrupt, so his people are corrupt; he lies, so his people lie and all the time; he does not “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”, so every government department doesn’t either. He is not held to account for any of his actions, so his people think they will never be held to account, so they do as they please. He knows the elections are unfair, and his people know it, and they are all glad. He wants the laws to be used against his political opponents, and so they are. He believes that he has the power to stifle speech against current government policies, as if that is in pursuit of saving the Republic, in direct defiance of the First Amendment. And his people enthusiastically jump into it, forming cells in every government department dedicated to driving into oblivion any speech not approved by themselves, “partnering” with equally enthusiastic commercial communication service providers.

    The Congress is completely ineffectual in reining in any of the rogue departments, instead they just keep giving them more and more money. Apparently they are all in this together, and against all of us. Their duty is clearly defined: Article Four, protect the States against invasion; and they all welcome the invasion. And the people still do nothing.

    That idiot Bill Barr thought and still thinks the people of the Justice Department are noble and true and faithful to the Constitution. The foul creatures that inhabit the Justice Department wear it like a skin suit, demanding respect and proclaiming their fealty to the Constitution while destroying equality under the law. There is no equality under the law, there is no justice. What Barr and all his ilk in their blinders fail to understand is that left to themselves, without vigorous oversight and control and swift discipline, the practitioners of the law will and always fall into perdition, consider themselves to be the King’s Men, and persecute all who dare question their actions. It must be a universal character defect in all who practice law, they lust for unrestrained power.

    The rot is spreading. It is now obvious that it is impossible to get a fair trial in DC or New York. The judges are openly partisan, the politicians support unequal justice. The people support unequal justice. They always say that jury nullification is a bad thing, but what is worse by far is jury faithlessness.

    The spooks who signed that bogus letter proclaiming that Hunter’s laptop was a Russian disinformation campaign, they all knew it was bogus but signed anyway, and it came out today that they high-fived each other proclaiming that what they did was them nobly saving the Constitution and the Republic. Against Trump the Harmless, the controlled opposition? Sheesh, how can it be that to save the Constitution, government folks must bald-faced lie to the people?

    Recent history can inform us. The Soviet leadership became ossified, clung to power till the very end, the whole nation became enfeebled, eventually the true-believer Gorbachev thought he could save the regime, but it was too late and the rot was too deep, and it collapsed around him. While the Euros and the Federals were enchanted by him, the Russians knew the truth: all talk, all lies, and no action. They were disgusted by him. When Mao and Chou en Lai became enfeebled, China too went into a period of stasis, with various factions fighting for control, with the losers being arrested and shot, e.g. The Gang of Four. The nameless people around the Fraudulent and in the departments are more like the Chinese in the twilight of Mao’s reign, soon factions will develop among them.

    We will not be like recent examples. Our path will be uniquely ours. As it always is everywhere anytime. Collapse comes, but it’s always the same and always different. All those single males pouring across the border, they are fodder. These are people without prospects, coming from their *hole countries to our *hole cities. They are going to be disappointed. Somebody is going to get the bright idea to organize these angry folks, and then arm them. After all, the legal precedents are already in place: they can attack and intimidate us by brandishing deadly force with impunity, while we cannot defend ourselves or we will face those same faithless juries.

    So no, we are in the midst of the consequences of malign leadership. Leadership chosen by a great many of our countrymen.

    Oh, and one more spark. The Treasury today threatened that if the debt ceiling is not raised, Social Security payments will be disrupted. Hey, SS is not the government’s money, that’s our money. As any idiot can figure out, if they have to borrow to pay SS, that clearly means the SS Trust Fund is empty, bankrupt, insolvent, looted, kaput, the cupboard is bare. Do they really want to go there? What will those crazy boomers do in their last golden years on this Earth?

    • Joe Krill May 11, 2023, 7:33 AM

      John, O’Biden corrupt but feeble? No. Bill Barr an idiot? No. Pure Evil, YES. Are they are 100% DEDICATED to the destruction or our Republic —YES. They get all the shade they need by people calling them names and attaching labels. Skip the names and labels and realize what they are doing. We are staring at the end of our Republic and it is all planned, coordinated and pimped by the lackeys of the god of this world. If you wonder who the god of this world is, “Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; 9And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.”

    • Terry May 11, 2023, 7:34 AM

      Bill Barr. Best research this POS. A place to start is: One Nation Under Blackmail, Vol. 1, by Whitney Webb.
      I could not put this book down. Vol. 2 on order.

      Also, Barr called the shots at Ruby Ridge here in Idaho and Waco, in Texas. Trump made a fool of himself by not vetting this POS. At least in my view. Whitney Webb is a national treasure.

      • DT May 11, 2023, 4:01 PM

        North of Grand Canyon, south of Canada, west of the Divide, east of the Sierra/Cascade crest (except the university and “ski” towns) – add Wyoming and the western Dakotas – maybe parts of the deep Appalachians (though the folk I know there are still thrilled with “FDR’s party”). Tennessee is only acceptable to people that left CA or NY. KY maybe less so but still … are for the most part are the last places left to pretend the old America lives on.

        Even highly touted Florida and Texas are leaning purple and regulatory. Personally, I wouldn’t move to either one. AZ is a WTF territory. Might as well give (force) NM back to Mexico. I’m sure there are other isolated spots and it would help if these areas were co-joined but split apart as they are? “They” will get around to us; bigger fish to fry first. East goes down first, then they’ll look west.

        All Ruby Ridge did was show them how to control the narrative (and showed “us” that “getting away” is not getting away). Waco showed the nation that “they” really don’t care what you know or what you think.

        I wish the problem was just Joe Biden but the Tree of Liberty has Dutch Elm Disease … or maybe a Pine Beetle infestation. The disease has spread too far, the tree is dead at the trunk; that fact just hasn’t gotten to all the branches yet.

        Meanwhile, I’ll pretend I don’t see the flames in the distance. Nothing I can do about it right now anyway.

        Don’t forget to stock up on Hoppes.

        • ghostsniper May 11, 2023, 6:08 PM

          I have a 30 gal drum.
          You have a decent finger on the pulse.
          Saw something the other day at WRSA that resonated:
          “Your tribe are the people standing next to you.”
          Sadly, my Real Eyes seeing Real Lies, means I stand alone.

  • Casey Klahn May 11, 2023, 7:32 AM

    Good leadership is not only beneficial, it’s essential. I learned this in the army, as I’m certain you did in the navy, John. When you know this from experience, you shun bad leadership like the plague it is. I appreciate your phrase “malign leadership”. Once your leadership is out to get you, you’re well advised to pull the pin on that relationship.

    Thank you for the broadness of this comment/essay. The Soves applied their form of tyranny in cunning and brutal ways. They believed that peace was the absence of opposition to Marx. When you ask the libs of today to make sense on any matter, that phrase might provide clarity. My comeback to many of the bad and circular arguments from the Left often involves the question: “what does ‘X’ do for the state”? What does CO2 do for the all powerful state? What does the state need with transexuals? When The State gets ultimate power, all of your hobby horse issues will disappear into the gears of the state.

    I used to think of myself as a nerd for studying WWII, and history in breadth and depth, but now I’m just angry at those who didn’t. You might as well know the playbill for the slow roll into slavery that you’re experiencing.

    Biden is a bumbling idiot, and a menace as a doddering old fool. The malign leadership is hidden behind a curtain, and this puts the chill down my spine.

  • John A. Fleming May 11, 2023, 10:24 PM

    That chrysalis picture sent me off on a wild internet goose chase, learning all I could about all these disgusting worms and caterpillars that pupate themselves and emerge to become beautiful butterflies and moths. How come I never learned and they never taught me in school what I learned in the last half hour of intensive reading? Those evolutionary biologists proclaim that 500 million years and countless species is more than enough time to evolve the eye into the glory that it is today. But the caterpillar – butterfly transformation seems almost too good to be a product of random evolution.

    Quickly, what I learned is that the caterpillar wraps itself up inside a cocoon or chrysalis, digests itself back to a glob of protein and calorie rich goo in which float long-lived “imaginal disks”, tiny clumps of cells that act as the seed structures with which to reform itself.

    Now where did evolution come up with that? An organism digests itself and reforms to something else. Now that’s crazy. The butterfly is a magic gift, so beloved by all children and all adults. A gift from who, from where, from what? As Mr. G once said, we are probably too immature and young to truly understand the universe in which we live.

  • ghostsniper May 12, 2023, 4:41 AM

    John axed: “How come I never learned and they never taught me in school what I learned in the last half hour of intensive reading?”
    Your BEST learning happens AFTER you unass the heavy yoke of the public school system.
    PS was never about learning, it was about programming.

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