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On the Real Virus

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  • Joe January 9, 2021, 2:33 PM

    The demoncrats applaud this evil while the reptilians offer them food and foolish smiles. Americans had better turn off the tube and start prepping for what is coming on very fast.

  • Stargazer January 9, 2021, 3:48 PM

    It is all about power. Pure and simple. Everything else is a distraction.

  • Auntie Analogue January 9, 2021, 6:00 PM

    My dear Stargazer, you get it.

    In what remains now of what used to be Western Civilization today’s putative Left are merely useful idiots for the Open Border$ Globo-Capitali$t $ellout E$tabli$hment to manipulate to suppress, oppress and persecute those who are not useful idiots. Once the $ellout E$tabli$hment will have found no further use for those useful idiots it will turn on them faster than stink on you-know-what.

  • gwbnyc January 9, 2021, 6:57 PM

    it’s already here.

    they’re already calling for social scoring of Trump associates; denying employment.

    Forbes Magazine.



  • Anonymous January 9, 2021, 11:38 PM

    ChinkCold 1984 has a 99.7% survival rate.

    What is the survival rate of communism?

  • Gnawbone Jack January 10, 2021, 4:05 AM

    To everything there is a season; it was true then as it still is…

  • ghostsniper January 10, 2021, 4:33 AM

    What virus?
    You mean that silly gov/media rumor?
    Grow a fuckin brain stem already.

  • EX-Californian Pete January 10, 2021, 10:53 AM

    I just got home from a huge gun show today, and was at another one yesterday.
    There’s still plenty of “scalper pricing” on ammo & stuff, but I did see a pretty good amount of “lowered” prices, too. I even saw some great deals and took advantage of them.
    It makes a big difference when you make friends with the vendors and buy in bulk, and sometimes call them a few days before an upcoming show to secure an order or purchase.
    Case in point- I bought so much once-fired rifle & pistol brass from a vendor yesterday that my buddy and I had to make two trips to carry it all to my car.

    That’s the good news.
    Now for the bad news.
    Check out the anti-gun laws they’re pushing even before “Joe, the Commander In THIEF” crawls his slimy carcass into the White House- https://www.guns.com/news/2021/01/07/and-here-come-the-anti-gun-bills-for-2021

  • ghostsniper January 10, 2021, 6:03 PM

    Hey Pete, didn’t you move to the midwest recently?

  • ghostsniper January 10, 2021, 6:03 PM

    Oh, and gun laws? They don’t pertain to me. For reference see 2A.

  • EX-Californian Pete January 11, 2021, 6:33 AM


    Yep. I moved back east a little over 2 years ago.
    Bought my home for 1/4 of what it would have cost in Commiefornia, and paid for in cash, in full.
    Smartest thing I’ve done in a couple decades.
    The cost of living here is (average) 28% of what it was in NorCal.
    And the quality of life is 100 times better than what it was in NorCal.

  • ghostsniper January 11, 2021, 11:29 AM

    What state are you in?

  • EX-Californian Pete January 11, 2021, 8:03 PM

    Right now, I’m in a state of angry hostility towards the commie Liberals.

    Location wise, I live in the state named after part of a deer’s face.

  • Dirk January 13, 2021, 8:35 AM

    Oddly enough, nothing’s changed on this mountain in years. If I want to get puffed up, I hang out at WRSA. I’ve been shying away lately, I’m tired of being angry.

    Was amused to discover Americanpartisans been clubbed. just something unsettling about patriot related stuff, flashed, via the tools of the left.

    Tic Toc