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Of Course They Are

The weapons policy of Santa Fe High School in Texas makes clear that no firearms, imitation firearms, BB guns, or ammunition is allowed on campus.

The Substitute Teacher Handbook says, “Employees, visitors, and students, including those with a license to carry a handgun, are prohibited from bringing firearms, illegal knives, or other weapons onto school premises or any grounds or building where a school-sponsored activity takes place.”

Santa Fe High School Weapons Policy: Firearms, Ammunition Prohibited 

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  • ghostsniper May 18, 2018, 1:53 PM

    The inneresting thing about the “gun free zones” is that they are self correcting.
    If you are intelligent enough to not participate they can’t hurt you.

    Know why guns were invented?
    To keep criminals from harming you.
    The american communists want you to believe guns were invented to harm people even though they don’t believe it themselves. Notice their armed body guards.
    Never forget, above all else, american communists are liars.
    You cannot believe anything they say, ever.
    Limit your exposure to them.
    Ridicule them mercilessly.
    (like they do you)
    Clandestinely beat them bloody.
    (before they beat you)
    Make them fear normal people.
    (like they want you to fear them)
    Make it uncomfortable for them to live in this country.
    (as they are doing to you right now)
    Make them flee for their lives.
    (because your principles won’t allow you to enslave them as they want to enslave you)