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“And the moon rose over an open field. . . .”

From a discussion at The Chinese Communists’ Attack on America: 2 Commenters Gone to Look for America

Joe Krill Yesterday: It would be refreshing if ThisIsNotNutella was a little more direct. Just say what is on his/her mind. Being direct can be refreshing if not enlightening. Based on his/her earlier comments I would assume that he/she is not even an American citizen. I feel it would be worthwhile for any or all people who are interested in the Bible, to study the lives of the leaders and prophets. You will quickly come to the conclusion that most of them had a lot of major flaws. Maybe that is why God used them.

ThisIsNotNutella: I’m not an American Citizen. I’m a subject (there are no Citizens in the current year, Citizen) of one of the slavish, crotch-sniffing Anglosphere satrapies of the GAE (as in the Global American Empire).

Born a White South African, so I know a thing or two about capital R Reality vs. Bullshit Feel Goods.

I live in China and have lived in other parts of Asia and South-East Asia for most of my adult working life. This does not make me a shill. It makes me more able to see small and large differences in outlooks and outcomes and worldviews. Doesn’t always make me right, but the one-eyed man in the land of the blind and all that…

Far from being insightful or a prophet and often wrong about things, but still there’s something to be said for being a Stranger in a Strange Land. Do that long enough and you see everywhere else with fresh eyes.

For a good deal of this overseas life I, too, drank the Western Civ Rah-Rah Kool-aid. But eventually, I just couldn’t help registering the contrasts and dissonances between what media and all right-thinking (hah) people told me and what I saw all about me.

So no, I’m not an American. I have visited America and quite like the place and the ordinary people. As a teenager and young man, I saw you people as near as anything to gods bestriding the earth. Now I just feel immense sadness and anger at what you have done to yourselves and will, in your national death-throes do to the rest of us all.

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  • Dirk December 8, 2022, 1:24 PM

    What We Have Done To Ourselves!,

    brilliant, “Nut” we here in the US have allowed this shit show to go on far to long. Their is no voting our way out, “ All though I still do, I feel duty bound, its in me”, their is no talking our way out, their is no spending our way out, God isn’t coming to save us, God did give us rational thought to apply vigorously.

    It was the founders whom provided a legal solution. I’m not a War monger, I see only a hint of light at the end of this short tunnel. That’s going to require unimaginable violence!.

    I mean using unlimited war on govt. DC sold our nation for a few bucks, and we, including me set back talk shit.

    Then we a have different class of shit talkers, the blog daddies. These are the real cowards, their solution, shit gets badder? Talk even louder, bolder.

    Make no mistakes I know many of em, I like these people, I would NEVER even consider joining or allowing them into our system. I wish em luck, those boys are east of the Mississippi River. Their flat fucked, sadly.

    What was the old saying ahh yes, “ Shoot A Commie For Mommy! I like it!

  • Jack December 9, 2022, 6:34 AM

    I enjoy Nutella’s comments but more often than not he’s so cryptic that I cannot follow him. Being wise or bright, at least for me, has no joy or benefit unless I can occasionally share it. Besides, on this blog you can generally say what you’re thinking in a manner that leaves little or no doubt. Viva AD