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Noted in Passing: Thursday [Updates as they happen]

The DiploMad 2.0: Woke Lies & Wars The bumbling, incoherent nature of our “leaders'” on their march to war leads to even more concern. We see them call for the world to destroy Russia, not just to promote regime change, but to destroy completely Russia’s economy, and its ability to function as a modern state. We have prominent individuals, right and left, calling for direct US/NATO military action against Russia, i.e., war. They seek a potentially nuclear war in Europe. Would that war remain there?

On the topic of wars, the wokesters not only push war with Russia. They simultaneously push a variety of interrelated wars at home. We see a war on women. The wokesters cannot even define “woman” except that a man gets to decide if he’s a woman (?). Women don’t exist. Sorry about that.

We also see an ever-intensifying wokester war on children. I have written about this before. The progs/wokesters hate children and families. They want to turn children over to the state, at least, those children they don’t insist on killing. They want to “sexualize” children from the earliest possible age to accept LGBTQRSVPCRAP as normal. They want teachers talking about sex, in graphic terms, to children in kindergarten. They want judges to go light on child porn and pedophilia. They now have one of those on the Supreme Court.

Why trust anything these people say?

Two inmates at all-women’s New Jersey jail are PREGNANT after both had sex with transgender prisoners: ACLU won battle to house 27 trans inmates there

Gregory Crewdson Beer Dreams from Twilight

Who says there’s no good news?

WOKE in Tokyo. The US Nukes Cool Japan Out Of Its Existence || So, if a hostile power, say the US colonial office, wanted to damage Japan’s culture…then that power would strike here!

It would sabotage everything, use all the methods of modern psychological warfare: gaslighting (reality distortion), framing, the Hitler smash, racism, sexism and much more. And Japan has no media, no newspapers, that could possibly retaliate across national borders.

Eventually, the desperate Japanese would be labeled deniers, maniacs, or just bad losers.

A revolution or emancipation from the USA after more than 70 years of foreign rule is hardly conceivable. There would be a massacre if the US declared Japan a “rival” for a fourth or fifth time in history.

The USA needs a new deadly enemy every few years or so: be it the Vietnamese, the Soviets, the Iraqis, the Germans, the Afghans, the Cubans, the Ukrainians, the Russians, the Chinese or (again) – the Japanese!

Yes, but why would the USA, as a comfortable occupying power in Japan, want to intentionally harm the Japanese? Japan after all went along with everything:

      1. De-Japanization;
      2. De-Militarization;
      3. Democratization;
      4. Capitalization;
      5. Americanization…

Is there more?

Yes, there is always more! A new brutal ideology has emerged in the USA: the ideology of Wokeness.

Wokeness actually just means “psychopathy”. In this deadly ideology, anything successful, competent and orderly is just the result of systematic racism, sexism, or discrimination.

With the Wokeness ideology we can sabotage, brainwash and, ultimately, cancel entire nations and peoples – friend or foe – i.e.: wipe them out.

Even the traditional genders, male and female, the father-mother-children family, national borders, the laws, the sciences —everything can and must be erased. That is the stated goal of woke or wokeness.

Everything is already “woke” in America, especially the White House, the big cartels, the ruling castes, Hollywood and the Jewish media. They all want to collapse the multi-polar world and then – after a restart – take over the planet completely.

Japan was a decent and dependable vassal from 1948 until today, 2022. It has ceded all powers of its industries, politics, education, banking and trade, and especially energy and food supply, to the USA.

Nonetheless, exotic Japanese culture is a tough nut to crack mainly because of the language barrier: There just aren’t enough Americans who know or want to learn Japanese. So, there’s a lot happening here in Japan that the Americans wouldn’t tolerate and wipe out at the first opportunity – if they could!

For example, they would like to mix the Japanese with other races. They would die for orchestrating mass migration to Japan. The country is very homogeneous. That’s why there are no ghettos here, no social parasites, hardly any crime, and almost everyone has good manners – citizens behave well, respect the elderly and so on.

The US would like to have black neighborhoods here, huge drug markets, racial unrest, chaos and violence – that would be ideal. Then the West could, just like in America and Europe, torment people at will, lock them up, release them, catch them again, confiscate everything, privatize public services, moderate social security systems, print fiat money.

The Plague | |  Many who chanted “fake news” during the Trump years are now festooned with Ukraine symbols and carrying on like the remaining Biden supporters. In fact, the most fanatical supporters of the regime are people who used to be Trump partisans. Sean Hannity, for example, is demanding nuclear war over Ukraine. He repeats whatever is in the mainstream media regarding Ukraine as if it is gospel.

The Limits of Cynicism | An example is from the chief messenger, Jen Psaki. Note that she struggles to read the catchphrase of the day. It turns out that saying “Putin price hike” out loud sounds rather silly and childish, even to someone without a soul. The expectation is the official media organs will use the phrase while reporting on the inflation numbers and the general narrative will be that the cause of inflation is Putin. The Democrats probably plan to campaign on the slogan “Putin price hike” this fall.

Think about the cynicism on display. Psaki knows what she is saying is a lie and everyone in the room knows it is a lie. Further, she knows that no one thinks what she is saying is anything but a lie. The stenographers in the press pool know that she knows that they know she is lying. When they work on the official narrative at their respective media organs, they will know they are participating in the lie. In other words, everyone knows everyone is lying but they keep lying.

In America, we may be seeing similar signals. The cynical politics of the Clinton machine gave as a degenerate (Clinton), a simpleton (Bush), and a vacuous airhead (Obama) as president, all with the claim that they were accomplished men. If not for Trump the fourth in that series would have been the wife of the degenerate. Now we are being sold a mumbling vegetable as the most popular man in history.

In California this thing drops the “Ass” into “AssemblyWoman” Cristina Garcia Representing the 58th California Assembly District
Assemblymember Cristina Garcia Reintroduces Bill to Incentivize the Conversion of Public Golf Courses for Affordable Housing and Open Space
Assemblymember Cristina Garcia Assembly Bill 453 on Nonconsensual Condom Removal/Stealthing
Assemblymember Cristina Garcia Introduces Assembly Bill 1778 to Prohibit California from Funding or Permitting Freeway Expansion in Environmental Justice Communities
Assemblymember Garcia Announces $2 Million Menstrual Product Pilot Program: Today at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank Assemblymember Cristina Garcia and members of the community discussed the importance of access to Menstrual Products and announced a pilot program for a menstrual product bank for those in need.
CA may spend nearly $1 million on men’s menstrual products

Knocked off of Youtube but only if you are in America. This is where this channel is found. In Russian with a schedule: Star online. Live broadcast of the TV channel

Today’s Morning News from Moscow (in Russian and they don’t give you an English translation) Russia 1, online archive. Recorded TV shows of the channel

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  • Dirk April 14, 2022, 7:52 AM

    Yup, the real enemy is Washington DC, the govt just happens to be centered there. Great read

  • KCK April 14, 2022, 8:23 AM

    Perhaps we need to recognize the need for an expeditionary army, ready to win a two front war, and then recognize the need for a force to fight the 5th GEN “war” that is underway on the home front. What that looks like is anybodies’ guess.

    War is hell, but actual combat is a motherfukcer. (sic)

    Don’t look at me. I’m still waiting for the army of California hippies to “Free Tibet,” as the bumper stickers on every VW van there proclaim.

    • Dirk April 14, 2022, 4:32 PM

      Casey good point, I read a lot of this stuff, my spider senses tell me our mils being dumbed down. Your point of a two front war in my mind is a minimum.

      I’ve had all the gen V stuff studied at the mil academies, on my shelf. It’s relevant, I’m just cautious. In the recent past we’ve had our asses kicked by lil slant eyed folk, and just five months ago, by another group who wear sandals, refuse to fight in winter.

      My point the ability to apply “ instantly”. All styles of war is critical. Part of my library,,,,,,

      Total Resistance. Von Dach.
      Guerrilla Warfare manual. Wimberley
      4th Gen Warfare handbook. Lind/ Thiele
      The Coming Anarchy. Kaplan
      SunTzu & Machiavelli. Sloan.
      Counterinsurgency, Modern warfare. Marston/ Malkasian
      Monkey Wrench Gang. Abbey!
      Tactics of the crescent moon. Poole
      Internment and resettlement operations. US Army
      Light infantry Tactics. Larson
      The art of war and military thought. Van Creveld
      The transformation of war. Van Creveld.
      The future of war. Freedman.
      Strategy. Freedman,
      A history of Strategy. Sun Tzu to S Lind.
      Smiling thru the cultural catastrophe. Hart.
      The Tigers way. Poole.
      War of the flea. Tabernacle.
      Fry the brain. West.
      Propaganda. Bernay’s
      Retreat security and small unit tactics. Kobler &Goodwin.
      Te rise and decline of the state. Van Creveld.
      Left of bang. Van Horne & Riley
      Pussycats. Van Creveld.
      Counterinsurency Warfare. Galula.
      Total resistance. Von Dachshund
      Blood year. Kilcullen.
      Irish Republican Army manual.
      The communist manifesto. Marx& Engels
      On guerrilla warfare. Mao
      Conquest of bread. Kropotkin.
      Global Warfare. Poole
      On war. Von Clausewitz.
      Counter insurgency exposing the myths. Porch.
      Black book of communism.
      Mercia. Baldacchino.

      Are just 1/2 a shelf on my book cases. Include stuff like, where their are no drs, dentists. And perhaps one of my more important books is titled “ I’m dead, now what”, all my important stuffs in this one book, purchased from Amazon.

      Someone who knows he’s going to fight eventually should be responsible enough to have all this stuff in one location. One should also have insurance other important documents squared away. It’s the right thing to do, so my wife, our children. Won’t have to do the messy paperwork. My wife has her own. I’m dead book aswell.

      Wills dated signed and an attorneys review. Is just wise.

      Sorry, I’m in no hurry, I’ve always studied this stuff. I’m guessing theirs another 150/200 of these books on the shelf, or at one of the places.

      Have a good one

      • Casey Klahn April 14, 2022, 10:19 PM

        An enviable bookshelf. I have one to add to yours but I’ll be damned if the library hasn’t grown over with time. I need a miner’s lamp and a pick to get in there. I will find it and send asap. The last I heard we had a win on one front and hold on the other national defense policy, and so my stance is rather hawkish. However, where I live, the hawks do kill and eat the doves, and I mean that literally.
        I still am noodling over whether GEN5 is “war,” but I know it’s something. Far be it from me to introduce linearity and logic into any philosophy discussion. (that is aimed at the awful logic of DiploMad2. If logic were lemons, he’d make grape juice)

    • Danny’s prosthetic leg April 14, 2022, 7:49 PM

      sheeeit, I just got that. I always thought “Free Tibet” was the name of a band.

    • ThisIsNotNutella April 14, 2022, 8:37 PM

      How about just getting it out of your system at home with a nice cleansing civil war? I can’t help but feeling that the USA stepping up to the plate to yet again utterly and totally selflessly save Humanity from the Weevils of the Current Thing is really not a good idea.

      • ghostsniper April 15, 2022, 4:48 AM

        Correct. Maybe later this year the emporers nakedness will no longer be hideable and it’s ability to reek terror everywhere will be nullified. “We the people” need to clean up the mess that has been created by the criminals.

  • Gordon Scott April 14, 2022, 10:43 AM

    I am under no illusions that Elon Musk is a free speech conservative.

    Butcha gotta like the guy. Oh, yeah, I’m running a successful car company, solar power/electrical storage company, I showed everyone how to effectively and efficiently tunnel under LA, and I am on track to make putting a pound on the moon for the same price as we pay now to fly a pound to Australia. Oh, and I’ve decided to take over the most important political social media company, because Tuesdays were a bit slow around here.

    Casey, the Tibetans could have held off the Chinese in the mountain passes for pretty much forever, but the generals sold out to the CCP. They could still block the passes and whatever forces China has there would starve. They don’t need Javelins or Switchblades, they just need some levers to make the rocks fall. You know this, of course. Richard Gere doesn’t.

    • Casey Klahn April 14, 2022, 12:16 PM

      You absolutely right about the tactical advantage Tibet would enjoy. I just enjoy my mental image of soy-powered Cali hippies wandering around Tibet looking for the right acid to drop that makes them 30 feet tall and the Chinese army 2 foot tall.

      Magical thinking is what I am way behind on. I need to close that gap.

      • Gordon Scott April 14, 2022, 4:22 PM

        Casey, it seems that praise for magic mushrooms is rising in all quarters. They can cure addiction, generate new ways of thinking, and clean the scale out of your coffeemaker.

    • Vanderleun April 14, 2022, 12:47 PM

      I’m stealing the Musk bit. . . because.

      • Gordon Scott April 14, 2022, 4:24 PM

        Well, good. Perhaps you can word that pound-to-the-moon sentence in a way that doesn’t leave the reader gasping in confusion. I sure didn’t.

  • TrangBang68 April 14, 2022, 11:25 AM

    The screeching with Conservative Inc. cons like Hannity and Mark Levin to go to war with Russia would be funny if it wasn’t so potentially dangerous. Hannity has always been an empty suit, a low intelligence puppet spouting the party line, but Levin is kind of a surprise. He has been good on constitutional issues. He doesn’t seem to grasp he’s jumping on the SS Globohomo ship heading for the iceberg by going all in Ukraine.

    • Mike Austin April 16, 2022, 6:02 AM

      Yep, Levin is “good on constitutional issues.” As if those matter anymore. Name one politico who pays attention to that ancient parchment? Levin is thin-skinned, petty and argumentative. And as you wrote, he has jumped on the Good Ship Globohomo. All aboard! First stop: Ukraine. And the last stop as well. Levin parrots the words of Biden, Pelosi and the media. He publicly recommended the assassination of Putin. We’ll see how that turns out for him.

      As for the well-fed Hannity, every time I hear his voice I reach for my revolver.

  • James ONeil April 14, 2022, 11:42 AM

    Reading through the links; yep, spot on but, yep, yep, yep.

    The woke in Tokyo;
    The only fault, in my opinion, is Pattberg’s contention the U.S. is the arch villain. Just as he sees Japan as an American vassal state, more and more I see the U.S. as vassal to the Davos group, global oligarchs, international elites.

    Take the bad China Cold for example; A world wide lockdown, jab, grab isolate, arranged and implemented by our duly appointed leaders in Washington? Sorry no matter how much I stretch my imagination/paranoia I see such as far beyond Washington’s reach. The wink wink nudge nudgers, swamp creatures, yes, but a broader deeper swamp than D.C.

  • Casey Klahn April 14, 2022, 12:23 PM

    That sinking feeling you get, when the flagship cruiser (today’s equivalent to a battleship) Moscow, with a compliment of 510 swinging Ivans aboard, explodes in a ball of fire, and you recall vividly how you mocked Ukrainians for saying “Russian ship at sea, go FUCK yourself”. Extra oily bonus points when you realize the Russians disclaim enemy action, which means…the Russian ship did, indeed, fuck its own self.

    Seriously, I’ve been waiting for some actual naval action in the Black Sea, because on the one hand kinetics on water widens the war, unless it shrinks the Russians’ pee pee to the waterline. Putin is a naval power man, and this event hurts him to the toes. It’s an embarrassment. It has decisive effect.

    I need another vodka cocktail recipe. This war is for serious drinking men. (Popeye’s laugh…yakakakakak) Down the hatch!

    • Klaus April 14, 2022, 5:40 PM

      You could try my go to… in a pint glass with one large ice cube put three shots of Finlandia a splash of apple cider and I fill the rest with my excellent well water that’s been put through the soda stream.(or plain seltzer) works for me .

      • ThisIsNotNutella April 14, 2022, 6:32 PM

        Finlandia + BDS-worthy Soda Stream… it’s an allegory in a glass.

        All you need to top it off is some Kampot Pepper (best there is!) from Pol Pot Land.

      • KCK April 15, 2022, 5:39 AM

        HFS! Cambodian hot peppers? Nutella and Klaus, thank you kindly for the cocktail recipes.

        What I did was pour an uneven shot of Stolichnaya Soviet over ice, add Ocean Spray white grapefruit juice (prefer pure GF juice but this is Biden’s America), and a wedge of lime.

        I yam what I yam. Oh! The name of my cocktail is: (long form) Russian ship at sea, go FUK yourself! Or, shortened to Go Fuk yourself. For the ladies with proper mouths, you could call it a Moscow Ship.

  • Free To Rise April 14, 2022, 2:59 PM

    Wokeness is Cultural Marxism from the CCCP loving fellow traveler CPUSA or democrat comrades who have been out to burn it all down better since the 1860’s.
    Japan proves that economy is not the destroyer it is made out to be as they have limped along since the 1990’s, being an island that has hardly any immigration helps.
    The Ukraine lovers are Clown World on steroids as they rally around a country 8000 miles away and want their borders sacrosanct as our borders are wide open.

  • gwbnyc April 14, 2022, 4:53 PM

    Star TV…

    I got “Amuz and Androv Meet the Honeymoonskis”.

  • jwm April 14, 2022, 5:23 PM

    Just checked in at Ace of Spades. It seems the powers that be aren’t happy about Mr. Musk buying their most tightly leashed platform. They’re gonna sic the SEC on him. “Bring him to heel”, as they say.
    This could get interesting.


  • Gordon Scott April 14, 2022, 5:44 PM

    Don’t underestimate the Feds when they want to take you down. They jailed Conrad Black on charges no one could even understand.

    However, I am still entirely in awe of the fact that after six years of digging, they have not been able to indict a guy who built buildings in NYC. I would have bet money that they would find something. But no, and not his kids either.

    • ThisIsNotNutella April 14, 2022, 6:40 PM

      I’d have to imagine that Trump has his own Kompromat on Chucky and the rest of the Cabal, which has helped keep his various attack dogs from making more than symbolic moves to take him down. Plus daughter’s strategic marriage. Plus imagine his family businesses are spreading a bit of gelt around here and there to the right law firms, trash contractors, etc.

      As Rupert Murdoch once supposedly said, you can make it in New York if some of the Eskimos are out to get you, but you are mightily @#$%ed if they’re *all* out to get you. Only most of them want Trump in a jumpsuit.

  • Hyland April 15, 2022, 7:06 AM

    New Jersey has been experiencing an exodus of its citizenry to states and countries beyond. Several good reasons posted here. I never joined Twitter or Facebook but I’ve been permanently banned from commenting at my local NextDoor and the local newspaper, too, for telling the truth.