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Noted In Passing: The “Trust in the Democratic Concept” takes a bullet

Try to remember that Despair is a mortal sin.

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  • talgus May 8, 2021, 9:55 AM

    those that got it correct got shamed by their ? friends?
    the dumbing of the United States has been achieved

  • julie May 8, 2021, 10:41 AM

    I have to think (for my own sanity, if nothing else) that either he found the dumbest-looking people he could find for these questions, or he cherry-picked the results to show only the worst. Young people hanging out with their friends at the malls have always tended to be among the dumbest people one can find anywhere, so the pickings had to be pretty good.

    Old guy on the scooter hasn’t heard the ton of feathers vs. ton of bricks question before? Really??

  • Kevin in PA May 8, 2021, 10:54 AM

    Vacuous twats.
    If an EMP hit us these would be among the first to perish. Woefully ignorant about almost everything, as far as I can tell. They cannot reason. They are unprepared for any of the rigors faced by previous generations of adults. Idiocracy has arrived.

    But I must believe that there are others, a remnant, who will survive and rebuild.

  • PA Cat May 8, 2021, 11:15 AM

    Hadn’t heard of Five Times August (aka James Skistimas from Texas) until I came across his music on Bookworm’s blog last night. Here are two of his songs: “Jesus . . . What Happened to Us?” and “God Help Us All”:



    Gerard is right, though– despair is a mortal sin.

  • james wilson May 8, 2021, 11:35 AM

    Despair may be a mortal sin but optimism is cowardice.

  • EX-Californian Pete May 8, 2021, 1:12 PM

    At this point in time, I see no option other than a 2nd Civil War or American Revolution.

    And as I’ve stated before, I pray I’m wrong, and I’m wide open to any other suggestions or solutions.

    An illustration I keep thinking of- the “termite infestation” syndrome.

    And to me Liberals are exactly like termites.

    When a small number of termites are found in a structure, they must be dealt with immediately. They’ll do a little damage, and minor repairs will be needed.

    The longer they’re allowed to remain, (or are “tolerated”) the more they breed and spread destruction, and the more repairs will need to be done- at a much higher cost.

    If left completely unchecked, they will completely and irreparably destroy the structure-from within.

    Then the home must be demolished or burned down.

    And if that last step isn’t taken, they will spread to other structures, and with time, the whole town is lost.

    To James- Optimism doesn’t equal cowardice unless its combined with inaction.

    I hope you don’t prefer pessimism, as the majority of pessimists I’ve known seem to rely heavily on alcohol or antidepressants.

  • Jack May 8, 2021, 4:14 PM

    I’ve always said that anyone who is permitted to vote should be required to pass a test comprised of questions related to US history and not the ‘who is the president of the US’ kind of pap, either. Further, if you don’t own real estate and pay State and Federal taxes you shouldn’t be permitted to vote or hold any kind of office.

    These ‘people’ are friggin’ idiots.

  • ghostsniper May 8, 2021, 6:45 PM

    Pete sed: “At this point in time, I see no option other than a 2nd Civil War or American Revolution.”
    Neither will happen because they require balls and there ain’t but 3 of them left in the entire country.

    I see the whole thing continuing to degrade little by little, and the gov’t throwing more fuel on the fire the whole time. While this is going on individual people will deal with their own personal calamities as they see fit. If you lose your job you’ll find another way to earn what you need. If the stores close you’ll find another way to attain what you need. Freelance and black market and barter.

    There will be many casualties along the way to the bottom but as time goes on the weak will be culled and the remainder will get stronger. Eventually, the population will have been halved a few times and gov’t employees will be part of the trimming process, resulting in gov’t at all levels is greatly reduced.

    Other than the IRS, the fed gov is mostly irrelevant to most people, so it could vanish today and most people would be better off. If the IRS vanished all working people would have a huge boost in disposable income that is currently being wasted by gov’t on things that further hinder the workers. If the fed gov was gone, yes the treasury would be gone too, so new currencies would be created at the local level. How often do you presently spend money outside your own county or state? When I lived in Germany I was paid in US currency and I would convert it to German money at the German bank. I’d do the same thing if I was wanting to go to other states – convert my state-issued money into money for the state I was visiting.

    Basically, a huge unraveling needs to occur because the current way has been unstable for a very long time. There are far too many parasites and not enough hosts to support them so the hosts must be deloused.

    You need to look around and determine who is a parasite and who is a producer, in your own family, and in your friends, fellow workers, and associates. But especially your family, and more specifically your immediate family, those that live with you. See, the change that coming cannot be altered and if you swim too close to the sinking ship it will drag you down with it, so you need to create distance between your producing self and all the foot-dragging parasites. They will kill you trying to save themselves in the most devious ways. Ways you cannot yet imagine.

    Swiveling heads with hundreds of eyeballs all around all of the time.

    It’s exhausting being a freedomist, a patriot, a survivor, a futurist, a winner.

    But somebody has to do it, just like they always have.

    I’m one of them.



  • Lance de Boyle May 8, 2021, 11:57 PM

    Guy on the street. “Hey, who wants to go to the abattoir?”

    Sociology major. “Me! Me! Pick me!!!”

    Guy on the street. “Okay, right through that doorway marked ‘abandon all hope’.”

    Disabled Black Lesbian Midget Studies major. [Mustache optional] “Abandon? I don’t need a bandon. It’s just a paper cut.”

    Gay studies major. [Bring your own KY.] “Band? What band? Oh, I hope it’s Terry and the Tampons.”

    Ghetto Studies major. [Nasty-ass wig optional.] “Sheeeet. Terry and the Trampolines ain’t worth spit. Now, you take Tanya and the Thermites. They are really hot!”

    Lived experience major. [Minor in Tsetse flies.] “Termites? We got termites, boy howdy! They chewed through Granny Suggins’s peg leg. She stood up, spun 360, and fell onto a darning needle. Poked out her third eye, it did.”

    Colon Studies major (bring your own bucket and hose). “How do you poke your eye out with a darling beagle?”

    Center for Zulu Appreciation Studies major. “What’s darling about a bagel?”

    Education major. “I was reading Hegel just the other day. Also one of Locke’s books. [Yeah, here it comes.] A case of Locke’s and Hegels.”

    [I could go on, but the scotch is wearing off.]


  • ghostsniper May 9, 2021, 4:53 AM

    That’s clever!

  • Alexx May 9, 2021, 4:56 AM

    I know these videos are edited to show the outrageous answers of how people are stupid, but I die a little each time I watch people making these moronic responses. It just confirms the dystopian future that awaits us all.

  • Dr. Chaotica May 9, 2021, 5:40 AM

    This is what you get when you have public schools and universities that abandoned education decades ago, and are now devoted to leftist political indoctrination.

  • John The River May 9, 2021, 9:26 AM

    My two sisters and I all went to the same High School.

    I came out a reader, five or six books a week. I’ve found that the ability to sit down and read allowed me to learn anything I needed to learn.
    My (six year younger) sister reads but not much. No library in her house.
    My (sixteen year younger) sister is not a reader. And believes everything she sees on the TV or the Web. Both are Democrats and we don’t talk anymore. Both felt the need to say some very nasty things to and about me, all because of the difference in our politics. There were other issues but that’s the start of it all. Couldn’t talk about it with them, because it wasn’t something they could actually discuss. They. Just. Knew. The Truth.

  • EX-Californian Pete May 9, 2021, 9:45 AM


    I think you may have under-counted the “3” number just a tad.
    At least in my area (and surrounding counties), there’s a sizeable number of people getting together in groups who’ve had it up to here with the libtard crap, and are getting game plans together.
    In my county alone there’s 2 militia groups that I know of, and maybe more that I don’t know about.

    At the American Legion in my town (and the next one over) we’ve been having “discussion groups” about the topic, and I guarantee there’s no lack of testosterone going on in the meetings. It gets pretty heated.

    I hit the local shooting range at least one a week, and lately 2-3 times a week. I’d say 9 out of 10 people there are hardcore patriots who are dialing in scopes and sharpening their skills for the possible SHTF, and aren’t shy about relating that. Also noticeable is the incredible amount of brass I’ve been harvesting there over the last couple months. AND an increasing number of heavy-caliber rifle brass.

    And don’t take this as a brag, but you wouldn’t believe the number of rifles and pistols I’ve worked on just since January. And I’m not the only “smith” in the area. Most just come in for a “Lube & Tune Up,” others for repairs, and a small number for cosmetic and custom work. Without fail, every customer angrily discusses the “libtard problem,” and it being the reason for getting their work done.
    BTW- I refuse service to Liberals, (though they’re rare in these parts) and it’s kind of a trademark now.

    I think if you just get out and take a closer look, you’ll find a refreshing number of folks that “got yer 6.”

    BTW- why did my previous post get all double-spaced? Weird.

  • Joe Krill May 9, 2021, 5:14 PM

    Welcome to the world of “Unionized” teachers.

  • Chris May 10, 2021, 2:42 PM

    None of these idiots are capable of actually getting out of bed and voting… they would NEVER be able to find a voting location.