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Noted in Passing: The Gaying of Disney Deepens

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  • Nothing As It Seems November 28, 2022, 4:25 PM

    There are all kinds of sexual innuendo scenes if you go back and look.
    The land of Hollywood PR make believe can’t handle truth or reality.
    Bernays, Goebbels, and Freud got nothing on the smoke and mirrors.

  • ghostsniper November 28, 2022, 5:24 PM

    2 more things that have evolved me out of their existence, movie theaters, and movies.
    Last week we watched “Once Upon A Time In The West”, if you haven’t seen it, do.
    Beware, it 2hrs & 45mins long.
    Bronson at probably his finest.

    Harmonica: “Did you bring a horse for me?”
    Snaky (grinning): “Looks like we shy one horse.”
    Harmonica (shaking head): “You brought two too many.”

    • Vanderleun November 28, 2022, 7:57 PM

      Great, great film.

    • John A. Fleming November 29, 2022, 1:31 PM

      OUATITW didn’t do very well in the USA in its theatrical release. Who knows why? The vagaries of the movie biz. Some said audiences didn’t like Henry Fonda playing against type as a bad guy. Maybe the 1960’s audiences had had enough of dreary spaghetti westerns, where the anti-heroes battle the bad guys and the normal folks get caught in the cross-fire. Cheyenne: “Gonna be a beautiful town, Sweetwater.” Jill: “I hope you’ll come back some day.” Harmonica: “Some day”.

  • Casey Klahn November 29, 2022, 7:43 AM

    The Dizzy Channel. They gone straight to hell, and I mean that in the corporate and economic sense.

    Nahh. Who’m I kiddin’? They’ll write the loss off as a diversity policy investment, and keep on truckin’. Just like Nike gave Americans the big F. U. with their BLM support, and won at the cash registers.

    I’ll end with my best Disney-themed joke. When I said that Minnie was fucking Goofy, I didn’t mean that she was crazy.

    Ba-Dumb, Tish. Thank you, I’ll be in the bar all night.

    • John A. Fleming November 29, 2022, 3:03 PM

      There’s still a lot of ruin left in Disney, and the true believers, the Board and Iger and his acolytes are more than willing to burn it to the ground rather than throw out their beliefs and start making entertainment that people will pay good money to see.

      Rand wrote that up 70 years ago in her description of the collapse of the Twentieth Century Motor Company, where the children of the founder went woke and turned it into a communistic worker’s paradise. When Rearden and Taggart found the wreckage of the factory, they met an old crone living in the ruins, one of the children, still bitter about how it was the fault of everyone else that 20CenMo collapsed, she did nothing wrong, her motives were ever true and correct, it was all the selfish people that destroyed it.

  • ThisIsNotNutella November 29, 2022, 6:10 PM

    Disney was OK until (((Michael Eisner))), followed by (((Robert Iger))) did their thing. Gentile Robert Chapek seems to have just been ‘bad at the bottom (no, not that bottom!) line details’ according to the official tale, but reading between the lines seems he may have gotten the boot for not promoting the Gayness enough (see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disney_and_Florida%27s_Parental_Rights_in_Education_Act )
    and now, (((Bob Iger))) is back in charge and making sure that perversion will pervade. What’s not to like?

    The best legal thing to do with Rootless Cosmopolitans and promoters of perversion is to trigger them.

    I find this imagery tends to work a treat:

    Bolshoi Junior Choir:

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