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Noted in Passing: The ass-kicking and name-taking has begun. Local nomenklatura take note

This photo is starting to turn up across social media. Too soon?  The Nomenklatura are going to have to beef up their security plans. Those that can afford them that is. The others, all the little people in the towns; the nomenklatura of the cities, the states, and the nation that make up the bulk of the nomeklatura?

Would You Have Done Well in the Nomenklatura? 

In the Soviet Union, 1.5 percent of the population had very important jobs. Or at least they pretended to. They were known as the nomenklatura, a professional class of high level bureaucrats and Communist Party members.

And they were the ones with the power.

The Communist Party’s patronage system got them jobs based on political loyalty, thanks to a well established system created by “Comrade Filing Cabinet” Joseph Stalin in 1922. Similar to the Roman patronage system, members of the bureaucracy could not advance without the help of a patron. In exchange, they would execute the policy of their patron. Accordingly, the government was managed by two million people who knew they only held their jobs because high level party officials favored them, and their jobs lasted only as long as their loyalty.

So essentially, the Soviet Union was ruled by people who were constantly struggling for power and influence, collaborating only to oust their coworkers and fulfill the economic plans. Policy was only made and carried out with the threat of being kicked out of the party or the hopes of getting promoted.

It was a totally dysfunctional, wasteful, and inefficient way to organize a bureaucracy. And it was the only reason why the Communist Party stayed in power and the Soviet Union a state.

Thanks to the nomenklatura, almost every single person in a position of authority, from the Party’s most power person, the General Secretary, to local factory managers and transit police, were “elected” to power because of the Communist Party. The nomenklatura was essentially a ruling class, with the only difference being that they did not own any productive resources, but rather took their shares before everyone else….

To be a member of the nomenklatura you would have to be great and dealing with the internal politics of an organization. You had fulfill the policy of a patron using your position, reaching out to other members to use their experience and authority to fulfill the policy. You had to make sure to be the patron’s favorite, and enhance your chances of promotion while also reducing your rivals.

You also had to expand your influence downward, becoming a patron to the highest number of clients, in order to build a base of loyalists.

If you think that you would want to work efficiently with impartial and fair organizational structures, the nomenklatura is not the right place for you.

Finally, you would have to keep your priorities in mind. Your purpose in the nomenklatura would have been to increase the power and influence of yourself, while obtaining more resources and power over the common population. You would have had to dominate the politics, military, industry, and the entire state with a parasitic bureaucracy controlling every aspect of life. And, you would have had to it in the most inefficient way possible.

If you believe in personal liberty, or in Weberian bureaucracy, the nomenklatura is not the right place for you.

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  • John Venlet January 29, 2022, 10:28 AM

    If you’re interested in a darkly comedic look at how the nomenklatura operated, and wonder how the nomenklatura may be operating here in the U.S.A. currently, consider watching The Death of Stalin, which my Lovely Melis and I watched last night.

    • gwbnyc January 29, 2022, 10:36 AM
      • Mike Austin January 29, 2022, 12:20 PM

        I have been a student of Soviet History now for 40 years. Lenin and Stalin were my specialties. That essay perfectly sums up Lenin and the system he built.

        • John Venlet January 29, 2022, 12:55 PM

          That was a well written essay. Thanks, gwbnyc.

          • gwbnyc January 29, 2022, 3:53 PM

            appreciated, both.

      • Nimrod Maroon January 31, 2022, 7:33 PM

        I have been recommending that essay by Gary Saul Morson since I read it in December of 2019. He gets the reader inside the minds of Leninists, and real “Leninthink” is almost unimaginable to anyone who has not been indoctrinated. However, many such real Leninists in the United States are having measured success at ushering in the permanent State terror of the Soviet Union under Lenin. “Memoirs of many ex-Communists, from David Horowitz to Richard Wright, confirm that, more than doctrines, it was the Leninist style of thought that defined the difference between an insider and an outsider. And that way of thought is very much with us.”

    • Mike Austin January 29, 2022, 12:14 PM

      Watched the trailer. I’ll be watching the film for sure. Sometimes the only way to deal with terror is to laugh. Incidentally, Stalin’s last moments had him screaming in horror as he thought he saw a pack of wolves running across a snowy field to devour him.

      Another good one is “Stalin” with Robert Duvall. Not funny. Not funny at all.

    • Casey Klahn January 29, 2022, 2:58 PM

      Great movie! It’s both funny (Monty Pythonesque) and truth-telling at the same time.

      • Mike Austin January 30, 2022, 7:52 AM

        It has Michael Palin in it. “Pythonesque” indeed!

  • gwbnyc January 29, 2022, 10:28 AM

    “And they were the ones with the power.”

    -in a terror state, as long as they were allowed it.

  • John G Condon January 29, 2022, 10:44 AM

    ” Your purpose in the nomenklatura would have been to increase the power and influence of yourself, while obtaining more resources and power over the common population. You would have had to dominate the politics, military, industry, and the entire state with a parasitic bureaucracy controlling every aspect of life. And, you would have had to it in the most inefficient way possible.”

    The Pandaemonium of Screwtape (Milton/Lewis reference).

    • John G Condon January 29, 2022, 10:55 AM

      “Your liberties aren’t dying, they are being killed by people with names and addresses”

      Pinkslips & Permanent-Ban for all government workers and their relatives. Weed out all Ideological socialists/communists in the military. Start over by contracting out all government services other than the military. The government is disfunctional enough now that the common man will barely notice the difference.

      That is the last stop before the deluge.

      • SemperFi, 0321 January 31, 2022, 6:15 PM

        We’re at a point where it’s like hunting cockroaches, they have to be eradicated.
        The theft, corruption and laziness of gov’t workers puts them on par with any 3rd world shithole, we need to burn it to the ground and start over. A slap on the wrist won’t suffice either.
        They aren’t going to fix themselves. This will require some serious discipline and the will to see it thru, but not on a Soviet level either, or they’ve won again.

        • Chas January 31, 2022, 6:46 PM

          Not just govt. Marine. Lots of their minions and lackies will need exterminating…. Lots of them. Don’t forget those EX govt. bastards….

  • Joe Krill January 29, 2022, 11:00 AM

    Nomenklatura is very much alive, shall I say “thriving’ here in America. We call them bureaucrats, you know, the ones who are concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people’s needs. Sadly, as soon as we the people give a bureaucrat a little authority they almost instantly become mythological demigods. Sadly, you will find most school boards in America crawling with nomenklatura who are mostly over educated while severely lacking in common sense and feigning phony concern for the kulaks while they push their evil agenda on America’s school children.

    • Mike Austin January 29, 2022, 3:03 PM

      I was in the teaching racket for 27 years. I can assure you that school administrators and board members are in now way “over educated”. Their degrees are in Education, a discipline remarkable only for its vacuity, its vagueness, its simplicity and its worthlessness.

      “In short, some of the least qualified students, taught by the least qualified professors in the lowest quality courses supply most American public school teachers.”—Thomas Sowell

      And these teachers move on into administration and running for school boards. The level of banality and ignorance among administrators and board members is simply striking. Almost all of them are rock solid Democrats and believe in all the required nonsense: CRT, global warming, LGBTQ rights, abortion and all the rest of that dreary and irrational lunacy.

      Their agenda is as you wrote, evil.

      • SemperFi, 0321 January 31, 2022, 6:27 PM

        Totally agree.
        I’ve been involved with college level sciences for a decade now, I’m a late level student at 67, and the garbage that is presented as science is mind numbing. The kids are so indoctrinated into the faux science they’re like evil little robots spewing forth nonsense, and the professors are self taught, cramming on some global warming books and then teaching the next semester’s classes, no idea what they teach but it’s PC and keeps them working.
        Grade school teachers here are barely a grade level above their own students, no homework and constantly wanting more pay for as little work as possible, being the students BFF is more important than teaching them life skills and the 3 R’s. Shocking how many graduate and can’t fill out a job application or a simple tax form.
        The whole system is rotten from it’s foundations, and hopefully will crumble soon.

        • Retired and tired January 31, 2022, 6:43 PM

          So you can appreciate the mathematical truth that I posted over at WRSA. I taught concrete mathematical knowledge for 37 years without any bullshit. Thank you for your service, sir!

      • Hudson H Luce February 4, 2022, 1:05 AM

        When I was in grad school, I taught a section of organic chemistry lab. The students from the School of Education were the absolute bottom of the barrel, not a one could finish a proper Chemistry degree. And there were two or three who were near illiterate and one – who was the valedictorian of her high school graduating class in Liberty City, was utterly and totally illiterate. She had been cheated out of the most minimal sort of education by “teachers” who simply passed her through without even trying. I’m not sure how she got through Freshman Chemistry, but I assume that a politically-correct grade was assigned to her. I told her privately that before she attempted the course that she’d have to learn to read and write, which got me a stern dressing-down from the well-intentioned white liberal professor in charge of the class, who I think was barely competent to teach his class. He had three explosions that semester which sent three students to the hospital with burns and cuts from broken glass, I had no accidents whatsoever. And I’m sure he passed her right through with the rest. Perhaps she got an “A” in his Honors Section. Whether she ever learned to read or write, that’s beyond me. And she may have just retired from a career in teaching for 30 years…

  • Think Like They Do January 29, 2022, 11:28 AM

    Apparatchiks are subhuman vermin.

  • Richard January 29, 2022, 11:32 AM

    “…while they push their evil agenda on America’s school children.”++++

    We are truly living in very dark times. As most already realize, children are the least affected by the Wuhan virus and its scariants, so why the obsession to vaxx them? No longitudinal studies addressing the possible long-term untoward effects of any of these substances exist. With their immature immune systems, what potential life-long altering harm is being done to these children? Can these genetic “therapies” induce anti-body deficiency syndrome? A horrible malady which will result in a life-long dependency on the pharmaceutical industry that ensnared them in the first place? Who can say? These genetic concoctions haven’t been around long enough to know anything, other than, they appear to be essentially ineffective at preventing the disease for which they were ostensibly developed.

    • Terry January 29, 2022, 12:53 PM

      Something to keep in mind about this whole attack on people worldwide is the fact that the “injections” have been tested and perfected over some years, decades possibly in far away lands. Our enemies are much more lethal than most people seem to realize.

      Injecting children has NOTHING to do with protecting the children. It is all about control and genetic manipulation/sterilization. Your children will be the ruling elites slaves and sex toys. I cannot understand why most people do not understand this. Mass psychosis is truly dominant.

    • Anonymous January 29, 2022, 1:41 PM

      “…so why the obsession to vaxx them?” One thought: condition them to be fearful, uninformed, compliant automatons, who will view the resistant or hesitant as public health threats and enemies. It’s not about healthcare.

      • Mike Austin January 29, 2022, 3:05 PM

        “Vaccines” are about health in the same manner that “education” is about learning. The purpose of public schools is to indoctrinate children into the ideology of the State. Nothing else matters at all.

  • ghostsniper January 29, 2022, 12:01 PM

    This is a setting that I would fail at immediately. I don’t suck ass, brown nose, or boot lick very well. In fact I avoid it and resist it, whenever I encounter it. That’s why the army was mostly repulsive to me as it is built entirely on that concept. Merit? Not needed. To succeed in all things gov’t you must be enthralled with the taste of shit.

    “I have tasted freedom, and it drives me.”
    –gs, 2099__the Raging Patriot__

    • Mike Austin January 29, 2022, 12:27 PM

      Ghost, I have been reading your comments for years. No one could ever call you a “boot-lick”. When you go you will go down swinging—and shooting and kicking and slugging and cursing and stabbing and blowing shit up. When I go I want to either die peacefully in bed or quickly at the hands of my enemies. “I could never be a saint, but I could be a martyr if they killed me quick.”

    • SemperFi, 0321 January 31, 2022, 6:40 PM

      2 yrs USNR, 7 yrs USMC, finally had my fill of incompetance and ass kissing. People that stayed on for the full 20 had it figured out, either land a job where no one messed with you, or learned to be a prole and submit. I wasn’t cut out for that, spent my adult life flying by the seat of my pants and failing a lot, but it was me at the wheel, not some brain dead superior doing his best to play whack a mole with my body and spirit. Some folks were always meant to be barnyard animals, can’t see out of the paddock.

  • Dirk January 29, 2022, 2:14 PM

    And I’m amused, not one of you will lift a finger, fucking cowards!


    • John Venlet January 29, 2022, 2:23 PM

      What finger are you lifting, Dirk?

      • ghostsniper January 30, 2022, 7:31 AM

        Sure got quiet around here.

    • Joe Krill January 29, 2022, 6:49 PM

      Dirk, My name is Joe Krill. As you can see, I do not hide behind a pseudonym, and you are seriously flawed in your thinking that no one is lifting a finger. It is with the fingers that one writes.

      • Dirk January 31, 2022, 8:38 PM

        I said that wrong WE are all fucking cowards. I read Dailey awaiting anything, all I hear is crickets. I understand one persons not going to make a difference. The sacrifice will be huge.

        So keep talking, you bad asses, please call should someone here grow a set of balls!


  • Mike Austin January 29, 2022, 3:12 PM

    I find it odd and irrational that the American nomenklatura keeps harassing, oppressing, lying to, attempting to pervert, insulting, slandering and threatening its 150,000,000 citizens who own firearms. Do they not understand human nature? They are writing their own obituaries.

    • ghostsniper January 30, 2022, 7:34 AM

      No I don’t think they understand, Mike. I’ve actually spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about this very thing. I might post some thoughts on it here in the next few days. I believe your point is built into the cake but has gone mostly unnoticed until recently. I’ll expand later.

      • SemperFi, 0321 January 31, 2022, 6:48 PM

        They’ve never been punched in their nose, never suffered the consequences of bad actions, so for them, it’s a free for all until somebody gets hurt. And so far, the gun owners haven’t had the balls to put their oppressors in that position. We come from a white, Christian European society that keeps turning the other cheek and can’t figure out why they won’t quit abusing us, the brown’s, blacks and yellows would have rioted ages ago, but we’re taught from birth to be gentle and civilized, to our own deaths, it appears. And they don’t seem to be waking up either, waiting for someone else to come rescue them. As I keep repeating, it’s going to be a bloody learning curve.

      • Georgiaboy61 January 31, 2022, 8:54 PM

        American leftism – communism, Cultural Marxism, whatever you choose to term it – is like all ideologies, a closed, self-referential system. Some have called it a surrogate religious faith for the atheistic and secular, and they are not mistaken.

        A person whose mind is well-grounded in reality, in evidence, facts, observations about the world around him…. adjusts his mental map of reality when it and observable, testable reality do not agree. The ideologue, the ‘true believer’ as Eric Hoffer termed him, does not do this. When his mental map and reality disagree, he blames reality and not his worldview and ideology, since they are – by definition – above reproach.

        Because leftism is a closed loop, or nearly so, most of its adherents live in a sort of bubble which walls them off from “contamination” by the reality to which they object and whom they reject. They associate only with other leftists and true believers, to the extent possible, and they all watch the same programs on PBS, CNBC, and CNN… and read the same insider publications such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the like.

        Ronald Reagan, himself an actor before entering politics, was famous for calling Hollywood “an island of fantasy surrounded by a sea of reality,” but the Gipper’s observation is applicable to leftism in general. It is certainly applicable to the bi-coastal nomenklatura and their counterparts in Washington, D.C. They exist in a vastly different “reality” than the vast majority of the people in this country, meaning in the rest of the United States. They call the vast sea of ordinary people around them “deplorables,” but they may as well have said “space aliens” or “zombies,” since that is pretty much how they think of the great unwashed out in Flyover Country.

        • SemperFi, 0321 February 1, 2022, 11:44 AM

          The bubble anology works both ways.
          I know a lot of conservative Christians who live in a closed loop bubble too, they barely interact with anyone outside that bubble, and their world view is very skewed due to the lack of outside information. They refuse to see or hear anything that contradicts their belief system. And it also answers the question of why nothing is being done today, they patiently wait for a savior to come along and rescue them.

  • Andy Texan January 29, 2022, 4:22 PM

    When and if the troubles start they will occur similar to the nasty little war in Kansas during the 1850’s following repeal of the Kansas-Nebraska act. Both side hated each other much like today. Small extemporaneous skirmishes giving no quarter.

    • Mike Austin January 30, 2022, 7:48 AM

      Ture. And that unpleasantness in “Bleeding Kansas” gave rise to those great humanitarians William Quantrill, “Bloody” Bill Anderson, John Brown and Frank and Jesse James. Those types are waiting in the wings today. Quarter should neither be asked nor given.

  • roger m January 29, 2022, 6:08 PM
    • Mike Austin January 29, 2022, 6:30 PM

      Both were Democrats. I hope the arsonist is an illegal alien.

  • James ONeil January 30, 2022, 10:39 AM

    -31° F. here this morning atop the world.

    Guess I’m getting soft in my old age, I’d like to wait for a wee bit warmer weather before going revolting.

    Having said that, I have hunted caribou at this temperature, if push comes to shove, I’ll still get out and about if necessary.

    • Mike Austin January 30, 2022, 12:44 PM

      Yikes! The coldest I’ve been in was -18—and that was with wind chill. And I was on a bicycle. Wee!

      • SemperFi, 0321 January 31, 2022, 6:57 PM

        Headed for Dr. appt in Jackson Hole on Wed, low will be about -20’F, we used to see -35’F a few yrs ago, but the global warming 🙂 is keeping it closer to 0 these days. Looking forward to the bison along the highway, you really appreciate living indoors when you see them all frost covered.

  • KCK January 30, 2022, 6:59 PM

    I had to watch The Unforgiven (for what? the 4th time, I think). Certainly in my top 10 Western movies of all time.

    Kid: “I-I-I g-guess he had it comin’!”
    Clint Eastwood: “We all got it comin,’ Kid.”
    Elsewhere in the movie, I think it’s Gene Hackman who responds to the line: “he was innocent!”
    GH: “Innocent of what?”

    Commie-ism will get much less traction in the parts of the country that still revere the Code of the West (much of it myth, but that’s the form of it). Lenin would get exactly 2 steps into town, and BANG!

    • Mike Austin January 31, 2022, 3:31 AM

      The “Code of the West” would be a fine replacement for the Constitution—which anyway no one today reads or abides by. Imagine a society where every man carried a big iron on his hip, and every insult was met with lead. Politeness would return and most of those on Twitter would be dealt with in a permanent fashion. Decorum and outward respect would be the norm.

      Here are just a few parts of the “Code”. It was not written down, though every man knew it. Those men on the frontier who ignored it were dealt with—trees and ropes and Mr. Colt.

      1. Don’t inquire into a person’s past. Take the measure of a man for what he is today.
      2. Defend yourself whenever necessary.
      3. Look out for your own.
      4. Don’t make a threat without expecting dire consequences.
      5. A cowboy doesn’t talk much; he saves his breath for breathing.
      6. Do not practice ingratitude.
      7. A cowboy is pleasant even when out of sorts. Complaining is what quitters do, and cowboys hate quitters.
      8. Always be courageous. Cowards aren’t tolerated in any outfit worth its salt.
      9. A cowboy always helps someone in need, even a stranger or an enemy.
      10. Real cowboys are modest. A braggart who is “all gurgle and no guts” is not tolerated.
      11. Be there for a friend when he needs you.
      12. A cowboy is loyal to his “brand,” to his friends, and those he rides with.
      13. Honesty is absolute – your word is your bond, a handshake is more binding than a contract.

      Do any of the degenerates who claim to rule over us follow any part of this?

  • Tired and Retired January 31, 2022, 7:08 PM
  • Scotpatriot January 31, 2022, 7:31 PM

    There are a myriad ways name taking and ass kicking can happen but it’s been many years building and the last 2 has done it. Let’s roll.