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Noted in Passing: Stand not upon your going, but go at once.

HT: The Timewasting Genius: daily timewaster: Sneaker Wave in Oregon

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  • Mike Austin December 7, 2022, 2:21 AM

    Oh no! A few Oregonians washed away by the sea! How will the world survive? One would think that Mother Nature can do better than this. And she can! There are several earthquake fault lines and subduction zones running all along the coast and the Cascades in Oregon and Washington. One of these goes right through Portland. Imagine waking up those nervy bastards with a 7 pointer right under their homeless camps and Antifa redoubts. Rather than take those noisome West Coasters out a few at a time, give them a good shaking and take out hordes. Make the Cascades the new coastline. Seattle, Portland, Olympia, Salem and Eugene would all become parts of a mini-Atlantis, and would point a moral and adorn a tale.

    So does this show me to be heartless, vengeful, cruel and mean-spirited? Why, yes. Next question?

    • Hoss December 7, 2022, 5:22 AM

      Mike- Think we can make the new coastline to be anything north of the Umpqua river? Those of us in Southern Oregon would like to stay and do not count ourselves to be of the same bent as the oh so tolerant of the North part of the state.

      • Mike Austin December 7, 2022, 6:08 AM

        Agreed. Having lived in Portland off and on for 30 years, I tend to equate all West Coasters with Portlanders. As long as Portland, Salem and Eugene are condemned to the depths, I’d be content.

  • John Venlet December 7, 2022, 4:23 AM

    A severe lack of situational awareness right there.

    • Mike Austin December 7, 2022, 6:20 AM

      What has brought me situational awareness has been two things: having years of experience alone in the outdoors in “wild, weird climes lying most sublime, out of space, out of time”; and carrying a gun everywhere all the time since 2005. These things tend to focus my thoughts about where I am and what’s around.

      It is difficult these days to teach such things. While I do not believe that “most men lead lives of quiet desperation”, I do believe that most men wander through life blithely unaware of where they are in space and in time. In any tough circumstance such men have a chance of survival that approaches zero.

  • Jack December 7, 2022, 6:22 AM

    Of course the clip was too short to tell but it looked like the dude in the dark outfit crawled out of that unexpected bath upon his hands and knees but I didn’t see anything of the other two. With our overt concern for safety, I’ll wager that there are plenty of signs to advise and warn strollers and gawkers.

  • ghostsniper December 7, 2022, 7:45 AM

    People like that are the reason the gov’t puts signs on every dam thing.
    My take is, stop with the signs and let the idiots die off.
    In this case, the orca’s hafta eat too ya know.

    • Mike Austin December 7, 2022, 8:08 AM

      Yep. Those who need signs to keep them safe prove Darwin had a good point.

  • Casey Klahn December 7, 2022, 2:52 PM

    That’s for passing 114, M-F-urz.