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Noted in Passing: Satan’s Posh Private Grooming Academy

Rocking the Mario Look is always attractive to young boys.

BREAKING: #ButtPlugDean Joe Bruno Flees Scene and Hides Inside School When confronted by O’Keefe

On How Roaches Run When the Light Come On

Groomer Bruno with bizarre Oprah altar

Chicago school at center of Project Veritas hit offers affinity groups for pre-K, says White kids can’t attend
“Segregating students by race at any age is immoral, but to do so to 4-year-olds — at a school that charges $40,000 per year, no less — boggles the mind,” she told Fox News Digital. “Rather than teaching small, innocent children to be kind to all people, authority figures who these and their parents trust are instead teaching students to view all human interaction through the lens of skin color.”

Parker | Chicago | Clubs and Activities Pride Alliance
The Intermediate School Pride Alliance strives to ensure a safe and inclusive school for students of all genders and sexual orientations, in part by using and promoting positive and inclusive language. This group will use articles in the news, videos, discussions, and other activities to raise awareness about freedom of gender expression, gender-based stereotypes, and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning/Queer (LGBTQ ) issues.

NB: This “club” is available to the schol’s children beginning in the 3rd grade.

Leaders of the Lower School Invite You to Contact Them with Any Concerns About the Quality of Grooming at this $45,000 per year “school.” [All mailboxes currently full, kids.]

In addition, the “proud” school has deleted its Twitter page and the following email is no longer found:

Your message wasn’t delivered to jbruno@fwparker.org because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.

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  • Balzoa December 8, 2022, 11:15 AM

    I never thought I would agree with Muslims…. These people should be thrown off the fifth story roof.

    • Mike Austin December 8, 2022, 7:04 PM

      Let the Muslims do away with the sodomites. And the trannies. And the lesbians. And the fat, tatted up females with blue hair. After all that, we do away with the Muslims.

      But to do away with pedophiles, we cannot rely upon the Muslims. Half of them enjoy young boys. And young girls. And young animals.


      • Jack December 9, 2022, 6:38 AM

        Yep. I’m part of the group that would happily take them out. Catch them at Starbucks, PF Chang, Walmart….it wouldn’t matter. Cleanup on Aisle 11.

  • mmack December 8, 2022, 11:36 AM

    Well Gerard, CPS is full of Commies and Socialists (but I repeat myself), why shouldn’t private schools in Chicago be full of weirdos too?

    I don’t condone this garbage, I’m just not surprised.

    Homeschool FTW folks.

  • Walter Sobchak December 8, 2022, 2:13 PM

    FYI, Francis Parker is the fanciest private school in Chicago.

    My 4 grandchildren live in the City of Chicago. Their respective parents are set on sending them to public schools.

    I have dropped any notion of arguing with them about schools. They live in relatively safe parts of the city. At this point in history all you can hope for in schools is that the kid won’t be physically injured.

    • ghostsniper December 8, 2022, 5:27 PM

      They’re already mentally destroyed. Unfair and unfortunate.

  • Anonymous December 8, 2022, 8:02 PM

    “but also a strong sense of belonging. This is central to our mission.”


    • Anonymous December 8, 2022, 8:17 PM

      “Joe Grumo”,

      -unlike me to miss such an obvious boffo laff.

  • Karen December 9, 2022, 10:42 AM

    What struck me was the fourth paragraph implying physical threats to the community and an increase in security measures and greater police presence outside the school. They won’t do anything to protect the physical safety of their students from crazy gunmen but will damn sure protect the pedophiles inside! -Karen-

  • Dirk December 9, 2022, 4:27 PM

    I laughed gleefully, that Peter puffer, sashayed off like the pussy he is. Not only are these people sick in the head, their cowards on top of it. Giving dildos to children.

    I enjoyed the big buck swaggering out like he gonna get some. A lite tap on either kneecap, he’s down for the count! I promise.