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Noted In Passing: In the alien corn

“Of course you know this means war.”

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  • John Venlet July 4, 2021, 6:52 AM

    That improved cornstripping rifle would’ve come in handy back in the days when my Mum would freeze fresh sweet corn. She’d buy 800 to 900 ears of fresh sweet corn on a beautiful summer morning, filling the family station wagon to the brim with ears of corn, and then my brothers and I would have to shuck all those ears, while she would man two large boiling water cauldrons to parboil each ear. After parboiling, Mum would dunk those ears of corn in an even larger cauldron ice bath, after which each ear would be stripped of its kernels by my sisters, to be put up in quart containers, with a dollop of corn oil, and a tablespoon of sugar. This was an all day affair, and as kids my brothers and I resented a summer day spent shucking and stripping corn off the cob, but come Fall and Winter, that sweet corn was a tasty treat.