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Noted in Passing: “Never Forget” … the bullshit

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  • Kevin in PA September 13, 2021, 10:19 AM

    I f*cking hate these people!

    I don’t need to read their names. I know exactly who and what they are and I know what they have done. Their smirking disingenuous faces are burned into my memory.

    Burn you traitorous bastard. Burn!

  • EX-Californian Pete September 13, 2021, 11:47 AM

    Look at that lineup of soulless slimebags- with their hands over their chests, in the location where their hearts would be- IF they had hearts.

    What a shame that lineup isn’t facing a firing squad.

  • Mike Seyle September 13, 2021, 1:14 PM

    Some of these people are as old as I am. A few years ago, I finally realized I’m mortal, and the implications of that, and I’m working on correcting myself and pray I have quite a bit more time; I have a lot of correcting to do. How can these people ignore the consequences of their actions, such as supporting abortion? Is the glamor too great? Are the bright lights too blinding, the influence too seductive, the money too alluring? Don’t they consider their mortality and the eternal repercussions of their actions? They should look down, see the dust under their feet, and know that’s them in a few years. Then they need to become serious about what really matters.

    • Annie Rose September 14, 2021, 5:49 AM

      When you’ve sold your soul to the devil and worship at his altar by providing child sacrifice in the form of legislating abortion, the only eternity you can envision is the “delight” of hell. These evil crones and b*%tards do not fear death or hell. They are confident that their master will reward them in the afterlife for their evil deeds.

      • Mike Austin September 14, 2021, 7:49 AM

        All true. I’ve long known that God sends no one to Hell. It’s denizens run there laughing and dancing, playing tambourines and singing. They believe, as you noted, that they get to spend Eternity with their master. They are correct.

        They certainly therefore do not fear Hell. Here on earth they spend every waking hour bringing others into their “cause”, while also trying to re-make both and man earth in Lucifer’s image.

  • jwm September 13, 2021, 1:33 PM

    Calling them all POS is an insult to the BM I had this AM.


  • Jewel Atkins September 13, 2021, 1:56 PM

    They don’t care. BS rules for dirt people. They, with the terrorists are Sky people, but without the planes.

  • Casey Klahn September 13, 2021, 3:51 PM

    Someone tell me the legit reason why former Pres. Bush is not there?
    Stinks of Stalinist politics.
    Of course the masks are theater. It’s all theater.

    • Jack September 14, 2021, 7:46 AM

      Casey, that mumbling fuck might just be there with these marxists. The best way to figure that out would be to call for their attention and have them line up, side by side in a row with a nice thick wall behind them. No blindfolds, no masks and certainly no smoking cause it’ll kill ya.

      • Kevin in PA September 14, 2021, 8:06 AM

        Bullets are too good for traitors. Rope!
        Bush ought to be at the top of the list.
        From https://www.revolver.news/2021/09/bush-hillary-hijack-911-push-maga-domestic-terrorism-narrative/

        For most Americans, the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks marked a solemn and sober occasion. It was a day to remember the deadliest foreign attack ever made on American soil, and a day to remember many heroes who gave their lives saving others. It was also a day to consider the many ways America has gone astray in the two decades since.

        But our demented ruling class think differently than the plebs they govern. They used the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to mount a full-court propaganda press to portray their fellow Americans as terrorist threats. They even trotted out two aging, past-their-prime Twin Towers of American politics to push their malevolent narrative.

  • gwbnyc September 13, 2021, 5:47 PM
    • Casey Klahn September 14, 2021, 2:10 PM

      More and more, daily, I see how Leninist our governance has become. It damn sure ain’t American. Every POTUS walked us down this road, but Trump, who was opposed from without and within, almost to a man, by official DC, might be exempt from my allegation. They hated him with a white hot hate and that makes him my guy.
      Imagine what an actual change agent will look like? His Tweets won’t be nice, I guarantee you that one.

      • gwbnyc September 14, 2021, 5:12 PM

        I’ve said it before- this time they ran DJT off the road, next time they’ll kill him.

  • Zaphod September 13, 2021, 11:13 PM

    Chuck needs to go back to Kohen Klass to practice his Priestly Blessing. Or watch more Spock clips. He’s got the fingers all wrong. Other than that, what a filthy #$%^ing Rogues’ Gallery of Utter Scumbags.