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Noted in Passing: God Made Serial Killers, Too

Dear Mr. Briggs,

We at the North American Serial Killer Alliance (NASKA) take great exception to your article “God Did Not Make You That Way”. It’s true, like you said, that we believe in violence. This is why a great many of us thought it best to remove your kidneys with a dull hatchet (a current favorite method among members).

But we also believe in dialogue. Since you are a thought leader in cultural affairs, we wanted to reach out to you and give our side of the story. Maybe after reading this you won’t be so judgmental in the future.

Serial killers are not all “nut jobs”, as you so hatefully put it. People from all walks of life are serial killers. We have in our membership rolls teachers, doctors, mechanics, even preachers. Every type is represented: we have both psychotics and sociopaths. We don’t discriminate, like you do, because we know God made each and every one of us.

— RTWT AT God Made Serial Killers, Too – William M. Briggs

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  • Bearbender April 19, 2021, 2:27 PM

    Like the gay, just born this way.

  • ghostsniper April 19, 2021, 2:34 PM

    Serial killers have been known to run like hell when approached by someone with a hatchet and a sneer.

  • gwbnyc April 20, 2021, 3:05 AM

    got fascinated with Ted Bundy for a couple days, wore out my fact-finding and psyche.

    some points- probably committed his first murder at 14 on his paper route. a neighbor’s child who was never found. in retrospect the premise being he was in the vicinity, she was in the vicinity, she disappeared. there were never any ramifications.

    it was noted he would appear to the viewer, facially, as a different person in an immediate time frame.

    too, he purposely arranged his hair differently, not radically so, with some frequency over periods of time.

    he said after he was incarcerated that killing was like porn- there is never enough of it. he also said as his body count increased he got forgetful, sloppy, “you can’t bat a thousand”.

  • gwbnyc April 20, 2021, 3:09 AM

    lost one to the ether

  • PA Cat April 22, 2021, 7:21 AM

    So why hasn’t the Canadian chapter of NASKA contacted Briggs? Canadian serial killers are proof of the diversity of the breed– like Robert Pickton, who fed his victims to his pigs; Clifford Olson, Jr., who killed 11 kids between the ages of 11 and 18; Gilbert Paul Jordan, who had a unique method of murdering Aboriginal women (he would get them drunk enough to pass out, then he would pour more alcohol into them until they died of alcohol poisoning); and Bruce McArthur, who murdered eight gay men from Toronto’s Gay Village. McArthur worked as a landscaper and buried some of his victims’ body parts in his clients’ planter boxes and back yards.
    So far, though, Canada has yet to produce a serial-killin’ lumberjack or hockey player.