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Noted In Passing: Eric Zemmour announcing his candidacy for President of France (English subtitles)

[NOTE: I first went to France in 1968. Since then I have been back a number of times. I even managed to live there. First in Aix-en-Provance near the Chateau where Picasso is buried and where Cezanne painted his landscapes. Then in Paris near the Luxembourg Gardens and finally up along the Western Front in Villers-Cotteret where my daughter was conceived. Most of what you know about the French is wrong — but not all. This man is from the best of the French. This is Zemmour’s speech announcing his candidacy for President. So many things here echo the things we find in America.]

My dear Countrymen— For years, the same feeling has swept you along, oppressed you, shamed you: a strange and penetrating feeling of dispossession. You walk down the streets in your towns, and you don’t recognize them.

You look at your screens and they speak to you in a language that is strange, and in the end foreign. You turn your eyes and ears to advertisements, TV series, football matches, films, live performances, songs, and the schoolbooks of your children.

You take the subways and trains. You go to train stations and airports. You wait for your sons and your daughters outside their school. You take your mother to the emergency room. You stand in line at the post office or the employment agency. You wait at a police station or a courthouse. And you have the impression that you are no longer in a country that you know.

You remember the country of your childhood. You remember the country that your parents told you about. You remember the country found in films and books. The country of Joan of Arc and Louis XIV. The country of Bonaparte and General de Gaulle.

The country of knights and ladies. The country of Victor Hugo and Chateaubriand. The country of Pascal and Descartes. The country of the fables of La Fontaine, the characters of Molière, and the verses of Racine.

The country of Notre Dame de Paris and of village church towers. The country of Gavroche and Cosette. The country of barricades and Versailles. The country of Pasteur and Lavoisier.

The country of Voltaire and Rousseau,of Clemenceau and the soldiers of ’14, of de Gaulle and Jean Moulin. The country of Gabin and Delon; of Brigitte Bardot and Belmondo and Johnny and d’Aznavour and Brassens and Barbara; the films of Sautet and Verneuil.

This country— at the same time light-hearted and illustrious. This country— at the same time literary and scientific. This country— truly intelligent and one-of-a-kind. The country of the Concorde and nuclear power. The country that invented cinema and the automobile.This country— that you search for everywhere with dismay. No, your children are homesick, without even having known this country that you cherish. And it is disappearing.

You haven’t left, and yet you have the feeling of no longer being at home. You have not left your country. Your country left you.

You feel like foreigners in your own country. You are internal exiles. For a long time, you believed you were the only one to see, to hear, to think, to doubt. You were afraid to say it. You were ashamed of your feelings. For a long time, you dared not say what you are seeing, and above all you dared not see what you were seeing.

And then you said it to your wife. To your husband. To your children. To your father. To your mother. To your friends. To your coworkers. To your neighbors. And then to strangers. And you understood that your feeling of dispossession was shared by everyone.

France is no longer France, and everyone sees it.

Of course, they despised you: the powerful, the élites, the conformists, the journalists, the politicians, the professors, the sociologists, the union bosses, the religious authorities.They told you it’s all a ploy, it’s all fake, it’s all wrong. But you understood in time that it was them who were a ploy, them who had it all wrong, them who did you wrong.

The disappearance of our civilization is not the only question that harasses us, although it towers over everything. Immigration is not the cause of all our problems, although it aggravates everything. The third-worlding of our country and our people impoverishes as much as it disintegrates, ruins as much as it torments.

It’s why you often have a hard time making ends meet. It’s why we must re-industrialize France. It’s why we must equalize the balance of trade. It’s why we must reduce our growing debt, bring back to France our companies that left, give jobs to our unemployed.

It’s why we must protect our technological marvels and stop selling them to foreigners. It’s why we must allow our small businesses to live, and to grow, and to pass from generation to generation.It’s why we must preserve our architectural, cultural, and natural heritage. It’s why we must restore our republican education, its excellence and its belief in merit, and stop surrendering our children to the experiments of egalitarians and pedagogists and the Doctor Strangeloves of gender theory and Islamo-leftism.

It’s why we must take back our sovereignty, abandoned to European technocrats and judges, who rob the French people of the ability to control their destiny in the name of a fantasy – a Europe that will never be a nation. Yes, we must give power to the people, take it back from the minority that unceasingly tyrannizes the majority and from judges who substitute their judicial rulings for government of the people, for the people, by the people.

For decades, our elected officials of the right and the left have led us down this dire path of decline and decadence. Right and left have lied and concealed the gravity of our diminishment. They have hidden from you the reality of our replacement.

You have known me for many years. You know what I say, what I diagnose, what I proclaim. I have long been content with the role of journalist, writer, Cassandra, whistleblower. Back then, I believed that a politician would take up the flame that I had lit. I said to myself, to each his own job, to each his own role, to each his own fight.

I have lost this illusion. Like you, I have lost confidence. Like you, I have decided to take our destiny in hand.

I saw that no politician had the courage to save our country from the tragic fate that awaits it. I saw that all these supposed professionals were, above all, impotent.That President Macron, who had presented himself as an outsider, was in fact the synthesis of his two predecessors, or worse. That all the parties were contenting themselves with reforms, while time passes them by.

There is no more time to reform France – but there is time to save her. That is why I have decided to run for President.

I have decided to ask your votes to become your President of the Republic, so that our children and grandchildren do not know barbarism. So that our daughters are not veiled and our sons are not forced to submit. So that we can bequeath to them the France we have known and that we received from our ancestors. So that we can still preserve our way of life, our traditions, our language, our conversations, our debates about history and fashion, our taste for literature and food.

So that the French remain French, proud of their past and confident in their future. So that the French once again feel at home. So that the newest arrivals assimilate their culture, adapt their history, and are remade as French in France – not foreigners in an unknown land.

We, the French, are a great nation. A great people. Our glorious past pleads for our future. Our soldiers have conquered Europe and the world. Our writers and artists have aroused universal admiration. Our scientific discoveries and industrial production have stamped their epochs. The charm of our art de vivre excites longing and joy in all who taste it.

We have known great victories, and we have overcome cruel defeats. For a thousand years, we have been one of the powers who have written the history of the world. We are worthy of our ancestors. We will not allow ourselves to be mastered, vassalized, conquered, colonized. We will not allow ourselves to be replaced.

In front of us, a cold and determined monster rises up, who seeks to dishonor us. They will say that you are racist. They will say that you are motivated by contemptible passions, when in fact it is the most lovely passion that animates you – passion for France.

They will say the worst about me. But I will keep going amidst the jeers, and I don’t care if they spit on me. I will never bend the head. For we have a mission to accomplish.

The French people have been intimidated, crippled, indoctrinated, blamed— but they lift up their heads, they drop the masks, they clear the air of lies, they hunt down these evil perjuries.

We are going to carry France on. We are going to pursue the beautiful and noble French adventure. We are going to pass the flame to the coming generations. Join with me. Rise up. We, the French, have always triumphed over all.

Long live the Republic, and above all, long live France!

VIA Eric Zemmour, Superstar – The American Conservative

It’s an incredible speech (and not the first time Zemmour has given one). The first American politician who can give an American version of this speech — because France’s problems are not America’s problems — and run a campaign on it, will become president.

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  • Francis W. Porretto December 13, 2021, 1:51 PM

    Count on a massive all-media effort to destroy Zemmour by mischaracterization and baseless innuendo. It’s probably already started. The Powers That Currently Reign cannot allow anyone to speak plainly to the Great Unwashed about what’s being done to them. It might cause talk!

    • Mike Austin December 13, 2021, 3:01 PM

      Or it might cause revolution—though I doubt it.

      • Terry December 13, 2021, 7:20 PM

        If . . . . there comes a revolution in France much of Europe could join the fracas. People have had enough and there is plenty of rope and sharp edged steel throughout Europe. The norm in Europe for eons has been war.

        The islamos better keep their eyes open for a new Vlad The Impaler.

        • Anonymous December 13, 2021, 8:14 PM

          It would make my heart soar like a hawk to destroy every muslim in Europe and in America. But that’s just for revenge. And then we could turn our attention to the real problems in government and in society.

          • Mike Austin December 14, 2021, 2:15 PM

            No Muslim has any business anywhere near a civilized country. They need to depart—taking their pedophile prophet and their false Moon god with them—and forever remain in their dingy little desert kingdoms.

  • Rob De Witt December 13, 2021, 4:14 PM

    The first American politician who can give an American version of this speech — because France’s problems are not America’s problems — and run a campaign on it, will become president.

    Already happened, didn’t it?

    And then came Poretto’s “massive all-media effort to destroy said politician by mischaracterization and baseless innuendo,” which will go on for the rest of our lives.

    Somehow the idiocracy fucked up and let the controls slip sufficiently that Donald Trump briefly got his foot in the door and reality reared its (to them) ugly head for a few precious months. Ain’t gonna happen again.

  • Dirk December 14, 2021, 7:50 AM

    Without term limits, they’re all fucking corrupt,,,,,,accountable to no one. We’ll the party they serve! which is the party of “self-serve”.

    That there left or right, or centralized, matters not. Their slimy stinky greedy politicians. Nuff said.

    Yea, I vote, I’m always amused when I drop my ballot in the ballot box.

    Nothings changed on my mountain except more snow.


  • Casey Klahn December 14, 2021, 8:53 AM

    What the actual FUCK? He gets through all that is great about France and never touches art? I’ll be goddamned to hell. (Breaks his pencil)
    I like that he did softsell immigration a little, but in his context he makes it very clear that non-French culture is replacing French culture, and that it’s a plan. I never ever heard anything from Trump remotely racial and yet the Left and the Statists were able to convincingly manufacture racial shit from his rhetoric and policies.
    He sounds okay, but we are going to be damned by a lack of leadership as nationalists (people who support Western and republican values) by the fact that the leaders we do have fall just that much short. We need great men, not “very good men”. Ronald Reagan. George Washington. Dwight Eisenhower. George S Patton. John Pershing and William Tecumseh Sherman.
    It’s clutch play time. It’s the last minute of the USA-Russia hockey match. Down to the wire. I had a horrible thought this morning. Damn my mind. I saw China attacking taiwan on the same day that Russia attacks Ukraine. On the very same day, the pubes in DC move to lockdown Americans, taking their firearms and seizing the press, the churches and locking down all ng armories. Raids of militia member houses. Arrests of local law enforcement.
    This Frog guy could be just a little bit better. We suck. We fully suck and it’s come to Jesus time in the West.

  • Harry December 14, 2021, 9:12 AM

    “I have decided to ask your votes to become your President of the Republic, so that our children and grandchildren do not know barbarism. So that our daughters are not veiled and our sons are not forced to submit.”
    Therein lies the unmentioned problem. Neither the French nor any Western nation is reproducing at the same rates that the immigrants are reproducing. Many in the West can’t even be bothered to have enough children to replace themselves. Unless wealthy, spoiled, self-indulgent Westerners start cranking out babies and raise them to appreciate and fight for Western values, there will be no one to pass the flame on to. There will only be a slow surrender.

  • Dirk December 14, 2021, 9:50 AM

    I’m amused by many here’s appearing to think it is Trump who is supported. It is actually “AMERICA FIRST,” which is overwhelmingly being supported.

    Trumps a fucking retard…that retard…has this retard’s vote, as long as the policy of America First remains.

    I’ve been bored, so I’m spending time stopping by some of you folks’ blogs. Some dam good stuff, I appreciate your words. However I ‘ve known for a long time words will not be enough, the angry barking, the hollow threats, the louder speak, isn’t enough to rally real America.

    GV’s site is a kinder gentler place, I love it.

    I lay in a slight gully yesterday, deep enough to allow most of the driving snow, blow past me, mine was a four-hour exercise. My wife dropped me off, with instructions to within the next four hours to call me, and tell me which target to shoot 1-2-3 or 4. It was miserable, 20 ish degrees, snow blowing often at 30 mph, sideways, at times I couldn’t make out any of the targets.

    I was freezing, I did have a ground pad under me, and the wind and snow blew over, but zero movements, except for ranging and plugging in my dope, on cards. My pen didn’t work, my spare permanent marker in Purple worked. My cover was a froggtogg poncho, with a woozy liner, over me, after two hours was dry but cold.

    I popped open two-hand warmers, and life got good. I could feel my feet. I was able to read AD on my cell and write.

    My rifle, an 18 pound 300wm topped with a Schmidt and Bender PMII was wrapped in a portion of a sheet I’d, winterized last year. A bit stiff, but a small portion of the suppressor was all that was visible, looking straight down.

    I played Kim games in my head, I continued to monitor the wind for wind shift I knew was coming. The change was modest initially, then extreme, almost a no-shot situation. I’d picked my hide, poorly.

    Anyway, I was mostly freezing, I normally put one of the hand warmers under my beanie, keeping your head warm, assures your feet will stay reasonably warm. Old high mountain training tip.

    At 3.42 hours I get a call from Carole. Hi honey, are you ok, want me to come get you, what do you think about the price of tea in China. When you get home we’re putting more lights up, and what do you want for dinner.

    My patience is wearing on me. Honey, what did I ask you to do?. Call and tell me 1,2,3,4. Carole, you called rather than a number and hang up we have a wonderful conversation about nothing. What’s the fucking number.

    We’ll you don’t have to be like that, “one” and she slams the phone shut. Target one is 378y, wind blowing 28/30: off my port side, I rerun my dope, left to right on 5 clicks, I go relaxed, track my breathing, and press the trigger, and nada! A big ol miss. Well shit. A five-round mag in the rifle, and I missed. I redid my dope, press the trigger, and again nada, another miss. Good lord.

    I finally see a spall pine tree roughly 18 yards left of the target, I’m doing this shot my way, I center my mrad cross on the very tip of the tree, press the trigger, and am rewarded with a wonderful hitting metal ring!…

    Call Carole to ask her to come to fetch me, and I get p, you were rude to me, I’ll come to pick you up when I’m done putting up more lights! Good lord woman! , five-two, blue-eyed blond Norwegian, full of piss and vinegar. I’m cold, I’m hurting, my hips and my back are on fire, my legs froze.

    Ok honey when you can make time is fine. “ there’s a science to this relationship of forty years”.

    I stow my kit, walk out to the air 500 steel target, and was shocked to see my hit was one inch low dead center. So three misses and a hit, I’ve not been shooting, as I’m walking back to the dirt road, six inches of snow have accumulated, the fields at my son in laws ranch, my shot was a slight uphill, not enough to required slope doping, but something worth determining.

    Anyway, I sling my rifle, I use a sling that centers the rifle dead center of my back, biathlon style, as I’m walking out I step in a hole and fall down. It hurt. As I get to the dirt road I again slip and hit the ground hard, right on my ass. Oh dear god that one hurt as well.

    1/2 hour wifeys, not there, I finally crawl into the hay in the barn, which is incredibly warm, keeping the wind off of me. And I wait.

    45 minutes later in fricking on fire, I’m so pissed off. And the wonderful Mrs. Williams pulls in,, as she drives Down the dirt road, she pitching her new truck sideways sliding, recovering the other side. Does a donut in front of the hay barn, and is laughing when I walk out. She’s 62 now and still has the childish fun loving streak in her.

    Hi Honey, sorry I’m late, I went to the hobby store to pick up more garland, hope you don’t mind!

    Don’t mind, as it matters at this point! I drive home, highway 140s solid ice, nobody on the highway. I go to 4×4 high and have no problems. Can feel some unpleasantness in my lower back, and my right leg numb.

    Get home secured my kit, add notes to my logbook, and now my legs just not working. And my back’s trashed again!

    Time for an Epsom salt hot bath. So dam hot, I had to ease in, but after 45 minutes I can feel my leg again, and whatever it is, Epsom salt does, it worked.

    I’ve not been shooting other than .22s, maybe a box of 45 amp, and a couple of 9mm in the past four months. I’ve not shot distance in many months. Shooting, especially long-distance. Shooting’s a very perishable skill set. My day was a great stressed exercise, and a great review of my kit.

    There is nothing like shooting in weather, environmental conditions are a good shooter’s bread and butter. I failed miserably yesterday. Yes, I was in very difficult conditions, but that’s the best time to train. End of the day, the buck stops here, my failures are mine, the good news is a shit day like yesterday is great for rededicating your training. Was going this morning, the sun shining, the winds 0/2 mph from the south. And I can hardly move. Which is exactly why I should be out there.

    When we find our limit, and we push thru it, is progress. That it took four rounds at that distance I’m embarrassed, no excuses. My kit did its job, as advertised, the flaw, the fly in the ointment was me. Only one way to fix that.

    The 300wm is a hard-hitting battle brute. Started life as a cheap rifle. I’ve reworked her with the best of everything, I got away from the barrel nut, had the barrel direct threaded, on a Tom Man era Carbon sniper stock, with retractable cheek rest, straight trigger, 2.5-pound pull. A Krieger #9 31 inch barrel to start with. Now it’s 27oal.

    Topped with a S&B PMII, the rifle has its own dedicated suppressor, thread on, not QD. I use the biathlon slings, like my rifles center of back when moving. Has ten five round mags, and five ten round mags, in its rifle case. Yesterday was shooting 190 Sierra boat tails, home loads. Very accurate. This is my least favorite rifle I own, which is exactly why I chose it. A man’s gotta make the tools in his hands work, period.

    I’m down hard today. At 65, I’m just not capable of humping daily anymore. The best I can hope for is to keep, the young guys safe prom a perch 1000 plus yards away.

    Where I’m going with this is, words have meaning, but our actions are finite. I use to believe we could reason with, find solutions for the good of all think I was like 35 when I realized this is for the whole enchilada baby.

    The left the right has zero intentions of honoring anything they say or do. Yet daily I continue to read wonderful words, descriptions, of “ The Problems”. Hundreds of thousands of blogs, echoing peaceful solutions. Not going to work that way. History tells us so.

    In many ways, our coming fight’s Ireland VS England. Only it’s patriots VS communism. The winners so far are the team filling the streets with foot soldiers, burning shit down, killing those who get in the way.


    • gw December 14, 2021, 11:50 AM

      Well said.

  • Casey Klahn December 14, 2021, 11:36 AM

    Where you on a bipod? Backpack support? Hand?

    Upgrade your clothing.

    I shoot ‘yotes in the winter, on snow. I filled in my punch card for every range, from 550 yrds and then I filled in 400, 350, 300 and, so many 200 yrd kills I’ve lost count. My thing is a spot and stalk, and a hasty firing position. sometimes I’m on skis – quit often, actually. .270 Browning, which is very flat shooting. But, I need to upgrade the Burris scope to get one with knurled dials.

  • Casey Klahn December 14, 2021, 11:37 AM

    No one will ever get your suffering, up to and maybe especially the wife. What kind of nut lays down in the snow and wind?

  • Arty December 14, 2021, 1:26 PM

    Dealing with a troublesome minority will be child’s play compared to removing the socialist boot from our throats.

  • Dirk December 14, 2021, 2:12 PM

    I have a fix bipod on all my long range rifles,,,,but it’s my habit to fill a bag with dirt from my hide, rubber band the opening closed. A simple shake of the bag and the dirt dumps. I like to spread the dirt on an arc, or semi circle not leave a dirt pile. Consider a small dirt pile a tell. The goal is to not leave evidence of you ever being their.

    Yesterday The dip in the ground was a natural ground feature. I wear wool, I have electric socks, didn’t have them yesterday. Three layers of clothing, skin level is silk long John’s and long sleeve silk turtleneck. 20s

    Next is a pullover wool lined canvas pants. “ not real wool, but lined, like short socks, heavy wool socks topped.

    Boots were Danner “Go Devils” tall tops, winter lined. These old friends are in bad shape, wore em for almost my entire LEO tour 25 years. Can no longer re sole em, been great companions in winter.

    Wool gloves with trigger finger cuts, used a wool shemag, of my own making. It’s just a cut down German wool blanket. Two froggtogg ponchos, over my hide hole. I also carry one of the older rubberized ponchos, they cut wind like no other.

    I wear a vest I manufactured thirty years ago. Very similar to a vest available on “ cheaper then dirt” I had every stitch re enforced, it’s literally 30 ish years old. Looks like a beat to shit old rag, which was exactly my intent. I can carry a ground mate, two poncho liners, a spotting scope, a set of legs for it. Cleaning kit, and a snap link holds my water buffalo flat hose over my right shoulder. A folding saw, a plastic toy sand scoop, a carbon fiber knife kinda took, for loosening soil. I have a tiny shovel, I don’t like carrying it. It’s been my observation that I can generally “ hide” at distance in plain view, if needed, I use regular spray paint in the camo range on my rifles, AND my clothing, I’ve dyed stuff, it’s just a pain in the ass. Mrs williams isn’t happy when I do dying. So no more.

    The single most important goal, is a bug route. And I never shot from obvious terrain. I work hard on shooting from a place nobody would even consider.

    On the front the vest has several pockets, I carry a pv14, eyes, spare glasses, lots of ammo, in rifle specific rifle mags. Blowout kit. And a dozen power bars. I have gillies but didn’t have one yesterday. a couple tree spikes, and a piece of triangular rope, the tree spike and the short rope are for rifle holds.

    Honestly I have done 90% of my 30 plus years off the ground. Less moving parts with more body on the ground. I’m effective with the tree spike, and the short rope over a limb.

    I can no longer physically hold the 18 pound rifle and shoot accurately anymore. No I’m most comfortable on a rock, in a bush, some how I’m able to just blockout laying on pointy rocks and other nasty ness.

    The other thing I use to do is spend an equal amount of time shooting left handed. I’m a better right hand shooter, but I seem to be a scoosh more accurate left handed. But then anything sub MOA, who gives a shit.

    My cleaning kit consists of a barrel snake, a double row toothbrush with the handle cut off. My blowout kits extensive, three tie offs, other needed shit. Glue for closing wounds.

    I have a sling pack I carry on multi day stuff, food hand warmers, a pocket water filter, and a very small collapsible stove and maybe six ounces of fuel.

    Face it, I’m not going to war, I’m often amused by thes knuckleheads carrying 100 pounds of kit, helmets, radios. Great, just not for me. Every army that’s beat us, fights in Sandals and what’s on their backs, which isn’t much. What they have that most Americans lack is Disipline.

    God forbid we gotta fight, a small leaderless cell, would move to and from their mission in one way, out a dozen other ways. Here in American We The People are going to be sympathetic to those doing the fighting. Look at sOutheast Asia, or the box, watch how they fight, more importantly watch when they fight, and how they fight.

    Non of this big army nose to nose stuff, fuck that, shoot haul ass, rest. Build your net.

    I’ll end with this. Snipers are scary folk, most snipers are men and women-who choose to engage in units of two, in my case one,,,,,are comfortable living in and off the land. Better understand the regions resources. And never take more then what’s reasonable. Snipers make their targets count and strive for the psychological edge.

    Casey you mention skis, around here skis are like horses and mules, everybody knows how to use em. The shittier the weather the better to operate in.

    O yea, huge tip here. I carry a pistol. I carry it on my belt on my right hip. I’ve seen lots of guys with low rider holster at sniper trainings and others and just laugh. If you’ve spent enough time slithering around on the ground you learn quickly that your pistol is digging a fucking trench while you crawl.

    Na an old Frog shooter taught me to carry my pistol on my right hip, high,,,,out of the dirt, under my smoock, spare mags up high in the chest region or on the left hip, high.

    The trick is to crawl with the vest not buckled in front. That way the left and right side kinda fan out, and the stuff on the pouch’s don’t drag, or dig into your stomach or chest, or legs.

  • Casey Klahn December 14, 2021, 4:12 PM

    Agreed: when carrying a long arm need a pistol as universal defense in case someone tries to strip it from you. Also, when sneaking about, the big predators sometimes don’t like seeing you by surprise.
    Please, for the love of God, get rid of the mother fucking cotton in your kit.

  • Dirk December 15, 2021, 9:29 AM

    Cotton, agree, I’ve live most of my childhood young adult years in the mountains. While I agree, I recognize that many folks have only cotton. If that’s what you have make it work. A can of scotch guard, sprayed liberally on cotton does a pretty decent job, not nearly as good as wet weather clothing.

    Was a time cotton and wool was all that was available.

    Cottons kinda like Down sleeping bags in wet weather. Down gets wet, it’s shit, it’s useless. We have a large selection of high end mountain sleeping bags. Mountain hardware, north face, kealty etc etc, all have their purpose.

    We’ve gotten away from winter camping past couple years, like to start again, CC five miles in, we use both mountain hard wear Trango 2 or 4 tent, or north face four season tents.

    We pull a shell, with our kit, has a canvas cover, which laces closed. Takes a mile to get squared away with two people pulling via leash’s.

    Last time we went, one of the guys had a small battery powered chainsaw! With two extra batteries, the blade was 14/16, we had a pile of dead dry firewood in no time. Roughly 0 degrees at night, using solar flashlights, and we took 6 solar yard lights, the kind ya stick in the ground along one’s driveway, we’ve used em before, they work amazing. Self charging, the other thing we do is everybody wears a glow stick, after dark for safety.

    Double ground mats, for comfort and insulation. Skis poles and rifles are left just outside the door. Condensation on the rifles is a bitch. The tents have storage front and rear, we use a shaped ground cloth keep most of our kit inside the bestiviuls? We keep a small backpacking shovel in each tent, we’ve had to dig out a few times.

    Five miles on skis in deep snow, pulling the sleds, with your personal kit in your packs a bitch. The bon fire, the flow of 100.00 Tequila “ sparingly” is a great team building exercise.

    Sorry rambling again.

    Have a great day, I’ve got Christmas music on watching the snow fall,,, Tis, the season!


    • Casey Klahn December 15, 2021, 1:29 PM

      God bless, and Merry Christmas.

  • Anonymous December 15, 2021, 3:17 PM

    He forgot ALL the French classical composers! I don’t necessarily care for French culture in general, but I adore French music. Do you realize the French invented woodwind instruments as we now know them?

    He also neglected to mention one Frenchman who should receive a great deal of attention. Charles Martel.

  • Anonymous December 15, 2021, 3:23 PM

    He also somehow overlooked this particularly effective French invention of political course correction.