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[UPDATED] Note to Self: When meeting Mike Tyson don’t bug him about his innate awesomeness.

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  • Mike Austin April 23, 2022, 11:23 AM

    Tyson is what he has always been: a vulgar, semi-literate brute—and also the finest boxer in History. That being said, he is no role model for anyone unless someone wants to end up like him.

  • gwbnyc April 23, 2022, 11:51 AM

    I was a production assistant on a Pepsi commercial Tyson did. We shot it on a dairy farm near Lime Rock Ct. He was newly married to a woman, a model or something. She couldn’t be out of his sight let alone reach. He was dense and decidedly frightening.

    However, the more underlyingly lethal was Kevin Rooney, who was also present.

    Not For Nothing Dept: a workmate holds a pro card and sparred with Tyson.

  • Mike Tyson April 23, 2022, 12:13 PM

    Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.

  • ghostsniper April 23, 2022, 12:21 PM

    On that close up you could see the doods eyes, that he ain’t too bright.
    Probably not the first time he deserved a beat down.
    I think he got off light.

    • ThisIsNotNutella April 23, 2022, 4:45 PM

      Maybe so. But Tyson shouldn’t be free range. I’ve got a fair bit of sympathy for him as he’s stuck in a nightmare ecosystem he’s not evolved to handle (hell, at this point it’s not much good for *us* either). Let’s just say that he’d benefit from a considerable degree of Structure in his life.

  • ThisIsNotNutella April 23, 2022, 4:40 PM

    In today’s Open Thread over at the Fiddler on the Roof Rehearsal Room, some MAGA Hat Moron is making an embarrassing wet patch in his Carhartts because he saw a photo of Mike Tyson holding a Thomas Sowell volume the right way up.

    It’s a harbinger of a new Renaissance or something.

    Plenty of straw on the Steppes… Better they’d clutched some of it there rather than in steerage.

    • Mike Austin April 23, 2022, 4:52 PM

      I saw that farce as well. Tyson has not the acumen to make it through the Prologue. He should have been carrying a Superman comic.

      • ThisIsNotNutella April 23, 2022, 5:23 PM

        Flipping Nietzsche’s Unborn/Stillborn into Moses himself just in the nick of time to biff bash Pharaoh was almost as brilliant a sleight of hand as Fiat Currency.

        I fully expect to wake up one morning in a cockroach carapace.

      • gwbnyc April 24, 2022, 2:04 AM

        Lebron is gonna coach him in a few years when he finishes The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

  • Tom Hyland April 24, 2022, 5:15 PM

    Here’s a tale of boxer Tommy Morrison and some of the spookiest unbelievable shit that ever happened. I’m left wondering who wanted him dead. Big Pharma had a lot to do with this. 18 minute video. It get weirder and weirder. Morrison was going to fight Tyson but “they” had other plans.