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New York, New York, what a wonderful town!

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  • John The River August 17, 2020, 8:47 AM

    And Antifa/BLM intrude into the big Biker rally bringing plenty of police to protect them from the wrath of those attending and would like to break their heads. And the police oblige.

    The police in Manhattan couldn’t protect even one store? But the Sturgis police can protect Soros criminal thugs in the middle of a Biker gathering?

  • Jack August 17, 2020, 9:16 AM

    I hope that all of the folks who plan to move from Oregon, Washington State, Washington DC, Chicago, NYC and every other place that has become a liberal shithole will realize that most of them living there are only reaping what they have sown. They’ve likely been democrats, true believers who are now sick of what liberal thought produces but, who are still very likely to still support the leftist, progressive ideology that is rapidly killing their stomping grounds, only maybe not so much.

    And, as with most of these pukes, they would rather move to a new city or state and pollute another not so fucked up area, than stay in what they have helped create and try to fix it.

    Just a couple of pieces of advice if you’re a democrat who is moving from your liberal nest because it’s now so fucked up that you cannot stand it any longer:

    Stay away from the Deep South. Most of us down here, even most democrats, hate the progressive left and if you must move here then use your heads, switch political affiliations and become a Republican. It will do no one any good at all if you show up and are still reeking of the shithole you just left.

    But, if you must move here, don’t ever, in a gathering of people who know you’re from one of those “other places”, mention with any detail where you’re from and if you don’t like things in your new digs, don’t make the tragic mistake of saying or referring to how great things were where you came from.

    Go to church occasionally and tip generously when you go to a restaurant or some other place where you are served. A very large majority of black and white kids in the Deep South work during their school years and they can use the support and if you aren’t waited on by a kid, I can assure you that the man or woman who is waiting on you needs all of the help that he or she can obtain.

    Be polite and learn to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘yes sir’ or ‘yes mam’ to practically everyone. That is just how it’s done ‘down he’ah’ and we hate the rudeness that so often accompanies the air and manner of people who are not from the Deep South.

  • James ONeil August 17, 2020, 9:33 AM

    I liked New York in the early sixties, how about you?

    I think I can live the rest of my life quite comfortably and satisfactorily without ever going back to New York San Francisco Minneapolis Chicago etc. etc. etc. or LA, how about you?

    However someday I’d like to swing back by Chicken, Chicken (Alaska, population was 7 at the time of the 2010 Census, down from 17 in 2000.), what a wonderful town!

  • Casey Klahn August 17, 2020, 9:34 AM

    John, that was fun to watch.

    Jack, 99.99% agree with you. I love the South very much, but the service sux toad partz. Tip for good service. Really. The girls are to die for. The conservatism is the gold layer on top. They treat military like it was still 1943 there. That is enough grace for any human. Love it there. I live in Eastern WA, but I grew up in Western WA. Seattle and Puget Sound are a shitty, smarmy cesspool and I blame commies. The dems…don’t get me started on those sonsabiches. Anyway, a handshake to you.

    NYC. I do business there from a distance, but sometimes go in person. My fingers were hovering over the reservations button a couple of times the day before lockdown. New Yorkers are a mixed bag, but they mostly eatshit because of their stupid politics. Trump is the example of a great New Yorker giving it harder than he gets. After he leaves office, and unfux the US, he’ll do the same for NYC. Watch.

    Gerard, I was a young army guardsman, in the short sleeve khaki uniform, in NYC for the entire summer of 1977. I lived that movie in my own small ways. Oh gaw…the girls. It’s a helluva town.

    I drove downtown Seattle about 3 days ago. I had rented a Camaro and felt reasonably able to gun it out of trouble. Unbusy in August. The boarded mile goes actually up the hill, not along the numbered streets. We parked directly across form THE Starbucks, where I used to go in the 70s. Still have the mug with tits on it. SMH. These are epic days and comparable to the 60s.

  • Kevin in PA August 17, 2020, 9:47 AM

    It is criminal what the leftist politicians have allowed to happen in and to their cities!

    And to John’s point about the idiocy of permitting riots in the cities to go unchecked contrasted to police protection for the little troublemakers when they venture into what is hostile territory for their antics. The cops need to start looking the other way while the righteously pissed off locals teach these cretins a lesson in manners and property rights.

  • PA Cat August 17, 2020, 11:10 AM

    The guy narrating the video of boarded-up Manhattan couldn’t be from anywhere other than NYC; the Noo Yawk accent is unmistakable. Can’t blame the guy for being disgusted. I’ve never lived in NYC, only visited, but there was a time, even in the recent past, when the city retained a sense of humor and zany creativity that could make you smile.

    Here’s some comic relief from just five years ago: the Mets were in the World Series (which they ended up losing in 5 games to Kansas City), and their mascot led a group of folks from the Metropolitan Opera orchestra and chorus in the team’s song:

    Yes, it’s silly, and I’m not even a Mets fan (my team just swept them!), but where else could you hear a melody from Bizet’s Carmen as counterpoint to “Meet the Mets”?

  • OneGuy August 17, 2020, 11:56 AM

    Look at the bright side; the plywood industry is booming.

  • ghostsniper August 17, 2020, 1:33 PM

    Of the thousands of clients I had over the past 40 years the worst were the assholes from New York, with the possible exception of New Jersey. I swear they live to argue. They make up reasons to argue.

    One guy, from Long Island, and I almost got into a fistfight right at the conference table. The first and last time I ever left the room like that. A couple from the Adirondacks, he was about 60 and she was his trophy, but she was spending his money faster than he was earning it on their proposed new home. I could feel the tension rising every time she told me another thing she wanted on this new house and the final straw was a set of $40k hand carved Brazilian mahogany 12″ tall entry doors. The old man said “No.” and she blew up and started swinging at him across the table. She actually scratched me on the mug with her nails as I was breaking them up.

    Another couple, from the city, in their 40’s, got me so frustrated with all the back and forth bickering and making changes all over the place that I finally just gave them their construction documents for free just to get them out of my office. Right. I lost about $4k on that deal. And you know what? They were still arguing as they went out the fucking door.

    It got to the point that when I found out a client was from NFY I bumped my fees up substantially to acommodate all the hand holding they require. They are the worst people.

  • Vanderleun August 17, 2020, 1:58 PM

    Oh yes…. you are just a gleaming beam of sunshine, OneGuy.

  • John the River August 17, 2020, 2:24 PM

    After I got laid off I was looking for a new job for a while (until my wife passed) but everything was out of state. Some more ‘out’ of state then others.
    There was the offer to go to Afghanistan to run the telecom system at the big air base. Lucrative, 150K tax free for one year. But I still had people at home that I had to take care of.
    Then there was the offer to go run the system at Hofstra University on Long Island. Five hour drive back home on the weekends.
    Afghanistan or Long Island? If I was desperate, I might go to Afghanistan. But Long Island? Never!

  • OldFert August 17, 2020, 6:39 PM

    OneGuy and Gerard —
    Any one know if DeBlasio and/or the Cuomos have investments in the plywood bidness?

  • OldVet1950 August 18, 2020, 3:56 AM

    Just curious…if everybody around NYC sold their place and moved, wouldn’t the population of NYC be the same?

  • Vanderleun August 18, 2020, 10:10 AM

    Until they started killing each other wholesale, yes.