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Never Die Easy

He is, and will forever be, a celebrity and a legend.

News articles over the years have dubbed him ‘the Father of Free Ride” and “The Last Ski Bum”. One newspaper article opens with: ‘Dag Aabye is 42 years of age going on 23.’ Another, written when Dag was 59, states: ‘Dag’s probably as fit as he was at 15.’ Through the years, the only thing that seems to change is the actual numbers; Dag continues to defy and ignore his age, constantly pushing the boundaries of what he’s capable of.

He never goes to the doctor, but why would he — he never gets sick. He trains every day for the gruelling, 24-hour-long Death Race, held annually on the August long weekend in Grande Cache, Alberta. He calls it “Doctor Death” and says it’s the only check-up he needs.

“I refuse to become part of the age society where you do things based on your age. I keep pushing to see where my edge is,” he says.  —The free life and lives of Dag Aabye