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Need to Know: The GDPR — Why you just got bombarded with privacy policy updates

Whatever GDPR is, it’s already struck fear into the hearts of companies that we weren’t entirely sure should have existed in the first place. Klout — which can more or less be described as a social media oriented coupon book — is officially dead. CNNMoney reports that Verve, a “mobile marketer,” is shuttering its operations in Europe, thus avoiding getting hit with GDPR requirements at all. Over in the Internet of Things, the Yeelight app now won’t let you control your smart lights, because GDPR. (Wait, why are my lightbulbs “processing data” as subject to the General Data Protection Regulation?) I don’t know why GDPR is so funny, but it is – The Verge

New laws aren’t meant to be exciting – but this one could sedate a buffalo.

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  • Transgender Aisha June 4, 2018, 5:21 PM

    Now you know why “they” needed to replace incandescent light bulbs with those horrible Dutch florescence. The tubes be listening in to your conversations. Don’t even get me started on LEDs.

  • Brother John June 6, 2018, 2:07 PM

    Who knew Wally Cox was still around!