Friday, December 18 (Updated)

How do you always find something fascinating and resonant?

Re: Army's Brain.

My dad worked on (with?) the Cray XMP "back inna day" at Sandia National Labs. He was an ardent opponent of desktop processing. His quotes:

"A 'computer' on your desktop? That will only allow you to make mistakes faster."

and, my favorite:

"Computing power must be brutally massive and at arms length: you don't solve problems on a computer; you solve problems with a pencil and then bring them to the computer to crunch the precise answer."

and on a Friday evening long ago:

"The Cray is running all weekend on a problem of mine. My job got precedence and I have all of its processing this weekend. When I return Monday, there will be a box of printout and I will use a pen to highlight the correct answer to my problem."

Now I work two buildings over from where he worked, for a different 'service'; on a laptop.

I make faster mistakes than he ever did.

Jesus, I miss him. I'd love to show him where I am, what I work on and ask his advice; show him his little grandson....

Posted by Gray at December 18, 2008 9:39 PM

Re: The 40-Year Scam Continues. With all due respect to Mr. Anderson, I wrote about his subject nearly five years ago: "Do you see what's going on here? Folks in politically / socially / culturally significant areas — like NYC and DC — have been experiencing very cold, wet winter weather — so they are inclined to (rightly) laugh out loud at the whole idea that human activity is causing the Earth to heat up and parboil us and/or all our descendants. So, what do The Folks Who Want To Run Our Lives have to do? Why, they have to come up with some way to get around peoples' common sense. And how do they try to do that? Why, they feed the 'right' data into the 'right' software and — voila! even cold weather proves 'global warming'! Neato, keeno, no?"

It's Official: September the Eleventh Has Been Forgotten

Posted by ELC at December 19, 2008 5:58 AM

The tricolor flies over the Elyssee Palace, not the EU flag.

Posted by Mikey NTH at December 19, 2008 1:05 PM

Ha! Thanks for the link, Gerard. I owe it all to my dad, "Da". I owe it all to my dad. Oh, he had such quotes and philosophies that I was smart enough to adopt:

"It's not that hard to express an 8th degree differential equation in FORTRAN. The difficult part is solving it. Fortunately, I'm only looking for integers."

"Of course it's loaded! If your gonna 'treat every gun as though it is loaded', you might as well load it!"

"Sometimes I worry that I won't recognize God is talking to me 'cuz I drink. But, if it's really God, he'll make me sober first."

Upon discovering an angel-shaped piece of broken glass in the desert immediately upon asking for "a sign":

"Is it that easy!? Is it really that easy!? After 40 years of searching, all I have to do is ask and then open my eyes!? Hahahaha! Are you kidding me? This is wonderful!"

I still have that piece of glass right here. It's an Angel, as anyone can clearly see. "Da" loved Christmas, oh how I miss him. My little son looks like him. The last thing he ever told me as he hugged me, at the airport, when I left for the 2nd Infantry Div in S. Korea:

"You've done everything I've ever asked of you and more! You've done it all! I'm so proud of you. I love you. Be careful."

Every man wants to hear that from his dad. "Da" said that to me. He died suddenly that year while I was in Korea. I would have preferred that he live longer, but what do preferences count for?

When I cast his ashes off of a Very Tall nearby mountain the wind blew ashes all over me. I spat out his ashes, well bone-bits really, and had to drink many beer to get the grit out of my teeth. I smiled and laughed as I smile and laugh now thinking about it.

Oh, did I mention he was a Korea Vet? And a "Dharma Bum" nuclear weapons scientist? Zen Beatnik with a head full of Jesus, Jack Daniels, Jack Kerouac and Buddha?

Well I shoulda....

Posted by Gray at December 20, 2008 6:08 PM