Five Found Objects - Hipsters, Tricksters, Mutants, Nymphettes, and the First Hundred Days

Ah, the '100 days'. Always they are there, but it is never 1933.

In Re: Hipster. My advice would be to stop looking into yourself all the time, and look out from yourself. When I was in the Kiwanis Club Dearborn Outer Drive they sponsored a Key Club (Kiwanis for high school) at Dearborn High. The other clubs in the city sponsored clubs at the other public high schools - Fordson and Edsel Ford. Funny thing - you never hear about those kids, and they gave and give to their cities. You just hear about the alienated, and no one ever says that maybe they should stop being alienated, that the alienation is their own fault because they want to be perpetual adolescents.

Ah - too much to say for just a comment on a general thread.

Posted by Mikey NTH at November 10, 2008 2:17 PM