"The Man in the Lavender Automobile" Greatest O-Rant Yet

Wow...after reading the comments on that post...I can tell when the article hit KOS or Huffington!

How long do you think it will be before the Left finally realizes what a huge mistake it has made?

WILL they even realize it?

Posted by MumblixGrumph at October 31, 2008 1:42 AM

Senator Obama is going to have his ass handed to him on Tuesday. This has been obvious to me for months.
Just make sure you go and vote.

Posted by mr jones at October 31, 2008 6:26 AM

I've got my absentee right here. I'm waiting to start the voting, any time.

I love that rant, by the way; The problem with the pundits is that they buy spin and hype too much. The saddest part is that they really aren't that much of cowards. That's how pathetic the whole thing is - it doesn't even take a lot of cowardice to inspire their 'jump-shipping.' Like Jules said, 'Journalism' ain't no honorable profession by default.

These are opinion-men (and women) and they live too close the to the fan by choice. When it starts a spinnin' they need only feel the breeze to be on they knees.

If McCain wins it they'll suddenly be back (or not- depending on how things go with the left.) It might be subconscious - the corruption done flipped their lids, spending too much time in the echo chamber, the tilt-a-whirl of liberal journalism, dropping their centers like a man at a penny-souvenir station. Oh my, when you lose your principles, you have nothing to invisibly anchor you in times of crisis! Gee, could this be why we elect stinkers like Bush over hollow milk duds like Kerry? Because no matter how lame Bush is he's got a center to hold him when the fan starts to suck? All that chocolate moving up to the fan don't faze a chap like him none. And that's better than Slick whose Teflon is so effective he can't get a grip on the Earth when everything starts a rollin' around.

The world is a marriage of style and substance. If you see substance failing and cling to style, you're just afraid of losing. Call the Waaaaaaaaahmbulance for our so-called 'pundits': apparently being conservative really means being a masochist? Not to take a whipping to get what's right, but to find what's right in taking a whipping? I don't know what kind of conservatism that is. But it's a loser's game.

I think we need to bring back public humiliation. No riots, just bad tomatoes. Noonan is going to need to take several baths when we're done.

I grew some tomatoes this year. I'll grow more next year and let 'em rot on the vine, if you get my drift. They're not ready till you see the brown comin' through the edges.

Posted by RiverC at October 31, 2008 8:55 AM