Sunday Supplementals: From Madonna in Isreal to Osama in English

Gotta go with Ann here.

I guess the necessity that Leftists be ignorant (or in informed denial) of history applies to current events, too.

It used to be that movies and novels were the places that depended on the ability to suspend disbelief. Now government is higher on the list than either of those products...

Posted by TmjUtah at September 16, 2007 11:59 AM

For some of us 9/11 was a wake up call, for others it was a hide-from-reality call. The truthers, the peaceniks, the Cindy Sheehans, they have always been around but I had never paid any more attention to them than I had to Islam. I knew about them, of course, but thought they were inconsequential. Now that I know better I notice these otherwise incompatible two groups have something in common: they are seething with hatred. They are certifiably nuts. Psychopaths.
The Muslims seem to have been created in the image of their own god. He is an angry, merciless, god who trains his adherents in hatred.
Leaving aside their ringleaders, the rank and file Western anti war demonstrator is an innocent, a semi educated naif who really wants to do good. He has been brainwashed by the school system into believing that his own country, his own race, his very manhood, is a force for evil. Never having encountered real evil, he is easily misled.
But what about those ringleaders? What about that vile daily kos creep whose name I can never remember? What about Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, Ted Kennedy, Roger Moore? What are their motivations? Because they aren't naifs. They know what they are doing. I don't pretend to understand what drives them, what murky thoughts they brood over as they wait for sleep to arrive, or when they sit down to dinner. Why are they so determined to destroy their country? More and more often, and I think accurately, they are called traitors to their country. However there is another word that seems to me more descriptive: collaborator.
The difference between the two is that a traitor only delivers his country into the hands of its enemies while a collaborator expects a position of power and profit in the new regime. They expect to reap benefits from the carnage.
Americans, far from being imperialistic, tend toward a narcissistic unawareness of other peoples, and so the enormity of an implacable hatred directed toward them is hard to grasp. Given the inevitability of another attack, and given the certainty that it will be facilitated by the actions of said Murthas, Pelosis, etc, when the great mass of American opinion is roused to anger, it will be a sight to see.
All you Muslims yearning for martyrdom? You will get your wish. And if there is a calling to accounts for all the traitors and collaborators in their midst, it will be something the world will never forget.

Posted by Raymond Barry at September 16, 2007 7:13 PM