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Quite frankly I've found this Libby business very complicated, and a bit boring. Thankfully, Stephen Colbert explains it to me in this video:

Posted by Minor Ripper at March 8, 2007 12:44 PM

No good can come of criminalizing political disagreements, a tactic that the left is using with greater regularity.

There are no great truths can only be told through little lies. Our common language is also suffering through torturous times as old, well worn meanings are casually tossed aside and twisted to fit someone's political agenda. When we can no longer speak a common language, with a common understanding, we are lost as a nation.

Posted by Jeff Crump at March 8, 2007 2:53 PM

This whole business started out as a yawner with the marriage of Plame (her second) and Wilson (his third) and continued through her completely lackluster career, their robotic union-mandated couplehood and their utter lack of charisma, class or character.

The appeals system will bring this dog's breakfast to an ignored and ignominious close by throwing out the convictions, the dinosaur media will neglect to cover the reversal, lawyers will buy new luxury cars and life will go on.

~ Snooze ~

Posted by AskMom at March 8, 2007 5:33 PM

"Would it be too much to ask for a smidgen of testicular activity here?", you ask.

Not from those in today's Washington. Hopefully one or two will emerge in our lifetime, but I hate to think what we'll have to endure before then.

Posted by JD at March 8, 2007 6:40 PM

Mistrial!!!! The jury was TAINTED. The jury member who held forth about wanting to get at the real culprits like Rove and Cheney was a neighbor of Tim Russert's, the primary prosecution witness. If other members of the jury had closed minds regarding Libby's guilt like this one did, can anyone say Libby got a fair trial?

This was not about exposing a covert CIA agent. Both Fitzgerald and the judge said they didn't know what Plame's status was and that the trial was NOT about that. In other words there was no there, there.

OJ, Clinton's impeachment, Sandy Berger, and now this, just to mention a few classic examples. Where is the justice in the justice sytem?

Posted by Jimmy J. at March 8, 2007 7:50 PM

"Would it be too much to ask for a smidgen of testicular activity here?", you ask.

Yes. He can only display a set once a decade. The whole bunch in DC are nutless eunuchs.

It is way past time to throw the bums out. Get rid of all incumbents and insist on stringent term limits. The day of the professional politician has to end and soon before they lose the Republic for us.

The Hobo

Posted by robohobo at March 8, 2007 11:58 PM