THE FAMILY PLAN: Part 2 of "Mourning in America"

I'm contacting my (what else in NY) Democrat Congressman and Senators (whun sometimz 'as a awrful il-liter-ate sounding axecent when shez preach'in to 'er futur cons tit u-ants).

I'd really like them to consider this legislation:

I call it the Progress5T.

Tax Them Til They're Toast

It's a progressive tax. 1% gets added to your federal taxes each year that your alive. Everyone would be treated the same.

An add-on bill would of course be added at a later day so that Congresspeople would, of course, have no tax penalty since they are proving to be so capable and care so much for us. Oh yeah, union bosses-exempt. "Progressive" lawyers could claim the "not for profit" exemption. Anyone not legally in the country. They're new to this country. Lets not be heartless. Girlfriends of certain politicians might also claim the "not for profit", but of course everyone would have to give the wink, wink on that one.

Posted by Jim at March 6, 2007 7:30 PM