Snapshot from the Floating World

That was nice. In my younger days, before marriage, kids, responsibility, I lived in one of the apartments at Bergs Marina on the east shore of Queen Anne Hill under the Aurora Bridge. I and a few freinds had aquired the poverty inducing hobby of antique wood boat ownership and we all kept our boats and lived at the marina. We called ourselves the Unemployed Yacht Club, our motto taken off an old plaque on the helm of my boat reading "work is the curse of the drinking yachtsman". We lived that motto enthusiasticly and generally worked just enough to keep the rent payed, the fuel tank full and the bar stocked. We had burgees made and proudly hung them at our favorite dockside watering holes around the lake. Everyone knew us and we felt like Kings.
It is probably for the best that I didn't make a longterm lifestyle out of this time but your post helps me remember that the best times in life are the simple times, whether varnishing a mahoghany rub rail in the afternoon sun or hanging out with a freind on a houseboat.
Thanks for your writing. It inspires me to think twice about what is important in life.

Posted by anybodyinpoulsbo at June 18, 2006 12:23 PM