Reynolds Wrap

May Glenn link to this very important story today:

Billy and the Clintonistas don't want you to know what happened/did not happen during their 8 years in office.

But this may be close to signing a confession that the Clinton Administration has a lot to hide:

GatewayPundit: Mary O MaCarthy's March 2006 donations join other Clintonistas:Sandy Berger/Podesto/Albright/Lake/Hillary to Weldon's Dem opponent - STOP ABLE DANGER HEARINGS

McCarthy, who worked at the National Security Council when Sestak worked there in the 1990s, donated $100 to Sestak on March 1 and $250 on March 11, according to a campaign finance report the Seventh Congressional District candidate filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Weldon, through a campaign spokesman, said he had joined other Republicans in Congress asking for an investigation into what classified information McCarthy may have disclosed to reporters. Agency officials linked her late last week to reports in the Washington Post disclosing the existence of classified CIA prisons in Eastern Europe and elsewhere

Please cover this breaking news on Dana's big mouthed buddy and the gag that the Clintonistas are trying to implement by stopping Weldon's hearings on Able Danger.

Hope someone is going over all the contributions to this DEM candidate with a fine tooth comb.

Hope that they will look for all the VIPS members names on those lists to see how
much Ray McGovern, Lary Johnson and that rogue gang pitched in.

Who else signed this confession that they do not want the public/congress to find out a lot of the truth about those 8 years?????

Click here: Gateway Pundit: Clinton Targets Curt Weldon for Exposing Able Danger Scandal

Posted by LARWYN at May 3, 2006 1:59 PM

There's definitely some vinegar mixed in with that pith.

Posted by ken at May 4, 2006 3:49 PM