Thanks for the Avalon picture, which reminded me of the numerous times I visited there in my various sailboats between 1967-1989. I spent many nights on moorings in Avalon Bay, and at anchor in White Cove, the Isthmus, Cat Harbor and various other anchorages on the Island. One of my most vivid memories was one night in 1986 or so, when by pure chance I had an opportunity to see the 1927 silent movie "Wings" in the Casino movie house. What made this event so unique was that one of the stars of the movie, Charles "Buddy" Rogers was there, and addressed the audience before the movie, describing some of his experiences during the filming of it and told other interesting stories about his career. Also the person who composed the organ music for the film, Gaylord Carter, was there and performed the music on the organ for the movie. Both these gentlemen lived into their nineties, but are now deceased.

Posted by Cap'n Billy at April 3, 2006 7:23 AM