Retro Democratic Impeachment Techniques

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Remember 'Lost in Space'?

Yeah, I know. Sucked.

But there was one episode that has haunted me.

Michael J. Pollard guested on it.

It was called 'The Place Where Lost Things Go' or something to that effect.

Pollard played the keeper of that place.

Will Robinson went through a 'mirror' to get there.

A spaced out 'mirror'.

Behind that 'mirror' was place where everything that was ever lost was found.

All the unwanted children. All those bygone dreams. All the things nobody cared enough about when they had them to keep them and they were lost.

Behind the 'mirror'.

With Michael J. Pollard as the 'curator'.

You can see that in your mind's eye huh?

Will got lost. Penny too.

And one shitload of socks.

As I recall, the robot fixed it.

Will and Penny came back through that 'mirror'.

The socks stayed.

And NOW you know where those socks are.

Go ask Alice. I think she'll know.

Posted by Steel Turman at March 19, 2006 12:49 PM