The Book They Love to Hate

You who are confused,full of hatred and lost of sorts, need to search out wisdom,knowledged, and God's love before makig comments of anger and bitterness. Make no mistake God our Holy Father, Yours and mine, whether yor reget this in innocence or not this is your choice, knows exactly what He is doing. He has followed His plan for humanity to a tea, right from the time of creation.Even evolution only makes God's creations that much more concrete,humans have just changed it to a therory. How we have fallen away, with a horses blinders, stubborn as mules, we want to go down kicking, in actual fact we are kicking ourselves. I will pray for you angry people.All evident and human knowledge can never comprehend the unfailing love and guidance, the plan He has for all His children not in violence but in peace and love that only a Holy Father has done for all who believe in Him,not some, but all. Any person in that flood who loves the Father knows and thirst after His love in the word and right now they are beside themselves, lonely, cold, hungry, lost all earthly things, sad. As much as food, water, and material things, their souls need nutrition also, I know I would be crying out for His word in the situation they are in. And some who don't know God, God willing, might find there way back home. Remember everyone in this world is not perfect, we all have weaknesses it is to recognize them, bring them before Him and leave them at His feet He will help you or you will stay in your own folly(it may be like Job in the Bible a living examlple onto the Lord) trusting in Him in faith and belief will bring you home. Without His knowledge there is anger, bitterness and confusion and hunger. Please allow these people who asked for these Bibles get them in grace, please allow this in dignity and not shame brought upon by selfishness in trying to prove a point. Just learn to get along, enough is enough don't you think Father is sad enough.I prayed for God to direct His message, not mine.My prayer is that Katrina will open peoples eyes to see who is in control, and what saddness people face,if they don't wake up and smell the coffee. God has given us everything! He giveth, and taketh away. According to self and recognition of a relationship with Him. You have Known HIs powers,just look around you, each day is planned by Him, search Him out, He is waiting with His arms open wide. Stop hurting one another and comply to loving each other like He commands. I will stand by this even to my death, because of the great things He has done. In Love of what God does even to this day. I have studied for many years with all religions searching out truth, There is only one truth God's truth, not man's, not woman's or children, follow in HIs way and watch what happens. I am a child of the Father and I give thanks to Him daily for His Son. Because of this He has shown me great things which I wish for all humanity. Questions: whittonclan@adelphia. net, answers only from HIs word Katy

Posted by Katy Whitton at September 7, 2005 10:55 AM

Um...thanks, Gerard. I addes my sentiments to that page.

Posted by growler at September 7, 2005 2:21 PM