Michael Yon: Iraq's Ernie Pyle

Fantastic reporting. I just finished reading over at Yon's website, and I'm floored. You're not exaggerating when you compare him to Pyle.

Having worked in the belly of the news beast a long time ago, I am amazed by the quality of the reportage, once you leave behind the MSM.

Posted by Mike Lief at July 30, 2005 10:28 AM

Synchronicity. I just did a post on Michael Yon on 7/29 and sent it to him...got a nice note back saying that donations had allowed him to get a better camera.

I like your comparison to Ernie Pyle but I sure hope he doesn't meet the same fate. The advantage Yon has over Pyle is that he's such an excellent photographer.

My post is here:

A Small Measure of Good

The title is an allusion to a Wallace Stevens' poem. A very distant allusion at that.

This subject -- two posts on Yon -- reminds me of your contemplations on koinonia. That meme is going to spread...it may spread so far that you'll get blogrolled on what's-his-name. I know, it's rude not be able to recall the title of someone else's fondest wish. Was it Powerline? It's awful when you suffer from CRS...Can't Remember S***.

Anyway, maybe koinonia will take you thru the koinonia process (from hatred to dialogue to community)all the way to the goalpost.

Posted by dymphna at July 31, 2005 12:22 PM

I think Michael Yon is doing some interesting work, however, the "Ernie Pyle" comparisons are fascile at best-- Ernie Pyle never never loaded a weapon and fired it. I.E. he was a JOURNALIST.

Posted by John at October 10, 2005 5:58 PM