"... and a Landslide on the Side, Please."

You hit the nail on the head about insurance companies being clever. I despise Prudential because my mother had her house on Whidbey Island destroyed by "earth movement", which meant that after torrential rains and widespread flooding on the island, the earth deep under her house decided to migrate into Puget Sound. She had flood insurance, slide insurance and earthquake insurance. She had to sue to get anything and settled (a mistake in my opinion) for less than a fifth of the value of the property. Of course she had to default on her mortgage, and move out in a hurry when the lot became irrevocably unstable.

And guess what? This had happened many years before, and yet the county allowed the land to be developed. Of course they took no responsibility for any of the subsequent disaster.

This whole incident was also a lesson in what happens to people when they move 2000 miles away from any family to pursue their personal dreams. When bad things happen, they find out they are isolated and alone, unable to tap into the natural familial support network that has functioned for thousands of years.

Posted by Chris at June 5, 2005 4:14 PM

Great story , really enjoyed. It's great to see someone in that Hill and water hell of a place has some sense. I'm glad no one was hurt, other then that screw those rich assholes.

Posted by George at July 21, 2005 4:38 PM