The Nothing-But-Net Results of the Antoine Walker Deals

I'm curious about what you think it will take for the Sacto Kings to step into the Finals. There was a period of two years when they were, arguably, the best team in the NBA but one round of bad officiating, and the year a crippling injury kept them out.

Since then, they've been at the cusp between top tier and second tier. The trades this year are good for the team, but I doubt it will get them over the hump. Without much improvement in defense (rebounding is really the key, their defense if pretty good when it needs to be, but you need rebounding all game, every game), how can they claim the top?

Teams without a Shaq are basically lucky (more breaks for them), uninjured at the right times, great defenders if they win a title. You don't usually see them there the next year, either.

I just think the KIngs are going to have to get all their players back and playing well (Jackson, Peja) and get very lucky to even get close to a title.

Posted by mark butterworth at February 28, 2005 12:30 PM