Time's Up for Slate's "Bushisms"

As a liberal Democrat, I can assure you, George
Bush's verbal abilities are still as funny as
ever to Democrats.

It's his policies that scare the hell out
of anybody sane.

Posted by John Heckenlively at August 20, 2003 8:07 PM

So many out of work writers... We'll just have to put up with reading the Queen's English being butchered by Bush.

Maybe if he had something to say, he'd say it better theory? Its not an attack on the man's intelligence or his lack of it. Its a comment on people judging other people, especially political figures, and the source of both negative and positive opinion.

Makes as much sense as selling fresh chestnuts but not walnuts.

If Dan Quayle had said these things versus Bill Clinton versus the Pope...

Posted by Mike Parker at October 16, 2003 9:18 AM