Really? Who?

Saudi largess encouraged U.S. officials to look the other way, some veteran intelligence officers say.
Well Mark Steyn makes the point in this column
"and that spreading around a few more millions in Washington might breathe another couple years' life into the old the-Saudis-are-our-friends routine so many retired American diplomats like to do on Nightline and CNN.""
So why leave it to the pensioners?
As Mr. Baker, his firm, is a lobbyist for the Saudis it is not far out imagining that that he will use his previous contacts in Foggy Bottom to pull strings to the detriment of others.
It seems that the 21st Century is opening with the exposure not only of big media shenanigans but also the hypocrisy of the "Patriots".
Only several weeks ago the intel spat State Dept/CIA v Defense Dept., made itself known so "if only for historic purposes." is not sufficient one's "peace" of mind.

Posted by Barry at December 8, 2003 8:09 AM