Reading Assignment: Ol' Remus on Kristallnacht A little rhyme of history

On a related note,the State Dept has doubled,yes,doubled the number of "refugees" from those 7 ME countries that were the "ban". We're getting another influx of mostly military age males,mostly practitioners of the ROP. Maybe Pelosi will welcome a few hundred to her Napa digs to work the vineyards?

Posted by Nori at February 11, 2017 6:10 AM

Posted by pbird at February 11, 2017 9:23 AM

Well, if some of these anarchist dudes are former military from the early 1990s onward, then there's a whole lot of biometric info available on them in DoD files. We all had to submit DNA samples, plus fingerprints and dental records, so even those who were in Reserve or Guard units would have identifying information on file. Just sayin'...

Posted by waltj at February 11, 2017 6:32 PM